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In Honor, Mr. President

Today, marks what would’ve been our nations’ leader’s 283 Birthday.

In 1968, congress did away with recognizing President Washington’s birthday on February, 22, to provide government bureaucrats and their staff to get their 3-day weekends, which has become commercially known as Presidents Day Sales for the retail industry.

Sometimes, I wonder what all of our Founding Fathers would think if they saw their gift to us today.

My thoughts are that they would be repulsed at what we’ve allowed their dream to become. I wouldn’t blame them.

At least there is record of what General Washington, thought of this.

Slippery slopes

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$200,000? That’s Chump Change!

This makes one wonder, under what rock has this sap been living?

An ArtPrize finalist has vowed to give away any prize money he might win because of his opposition to the conservative politics of the DeVos family, who fund the competition.

Steve Lambert of Beacon, N.Y., in line to possibly win the $200,000 grand prize, has vowed to give away any potential award to a gay-and-lesbian organization, the LGBT Fund of Grand Rapids, as a political statement.


Steve has not a clue, and the fool and his money soon part. Whatever. Besides, we’ve known all along who already has the unofficial “Art Prize” trophy.


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My Devos “Art Prize” Entry

Opening with Grieg’s “Morning,” in Act I, the story reveals the man entrusted to carry out the ‘conservative’ designs of La Famalia over the last several years.

Act II reveals the design of such efforts, a little truth, and ultimate twist in the next phase of dilution of values and moral turpitude.

Raise the curtain.

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