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We’ll show you!

You’d better not mess with Detroit! Or, you’ll get what’s coming to you!

The latest shakedown of Taxpayers in Southeastern Michigan took an interesting turn this morning.

Not because of its inaccessible meeting location at Waterworks Park in Detroit.

But, because of something that wasn’t expected during the meeting.

{Oh, you’re gonna love this…}

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Four Options

A toilet at Highland Park Community High School. Photo by Audrey Spalding. (courtesy of Capitol Confidential)

More examples of enlightened utopian planning.

Not surprisingly, Highland Park has found itself as one of the latest symptoms of leftism. The city that boasted a 3712 to 43 win of Marxist Barack Obama over Moderate Mitt Romney in 2012 has achieved its natural evolutionary state. The canker sores of progressive policy have found a new (and old)  host.  From a Snyder admin release yesterday:

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