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My Brother George

The guy you didn't know, but should have.

Rarely, I post on the passing of someone on the blog.

But it isn’t often that someone who has impacted me in a way that warrants it.  In 2010, it was my mother, and in 2019 it was Norm Hughes.  Other honorable mentions have happened, though direct impact was not the reason for sharing my thoughts.

If you have ever used a video disc, you could thank George.  Bought cheap CDs or DVDs?  It was a pretty cool development that brother George developed in his optical plastics career, speeding up times and making the CD revolution happen.  Your eyeglasses?  It was his garage chemistry which made it so that you probably aren’t carrying around heavy glass any longer.

OK, he wasn’t my brother  ..brother.  But was a warrior.  He was my brother in arms, and pushed me to get involved in areas I never had considered, and with positive results.  He read this blog, and loved to read all of the authors, and had a few favorites.

George started with nothing.  In fact if it is possible, he started with less than nothing.  His childhood would have earned urgent visits from CPS if it were to exist today.  While a roof over one’s head is good, going to bed with a glass of water next to the bed that would have a film of ice in the morning is not.

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