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Whitmer: You Are Un-American.

From a few months ago ..

Gretchen Whitmer declares her top un-American list

Back in April (how did we miss this), the BEE (yes that Bee) revealed how Whitmer feels about ..Americans.  Including ..

Governor Whitmer then rattled off a long list of things that she also believes to be un-American:

  • Declaring independence from tyrants
  • Having a list of protected rights
  • Separation of powers
  • Democratically elected leaders
  • Freedom of religion, assembly, the press, protests, and speech.
  • Federalism
  • Apple pie
  • Baseball
  • America

“If you’re really Americans, you’ll stop with this dangerous revolutionary activity,” she concluded.

Seems about right, ..even if it is satire.  Or  ..?

Happy New Year!

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Progressive Bloomberg Promises Cash For Progressive Snyder

How do jokers like this move their east coast leftist ideology into flyover country?

bloomberg-jokerThe far left Michael Bloomberg has not only endorsed, but now promises to spend $2.3 Million to help elect fellow lefty Rick Snyder.

One might ask why he wouldn’t simply endorse Mark Schauer?  One might miss the point on his pick of Gary Peters, but not selecting the Democrat nominee for Michigan governor. One might also not realize, that to properly destroy conservatives, a well funded progressive ought to destroy from within their institutions.

Hence the Snyder assistance.  From The Detroit News:

“Bloomberg’s Independence USA political action committee this week launched a $2.3 million TV ad buy on behalf of Snyder, said Stu Loeser, a spokesman for Bloomberg — a Democrat turned Republican turned independent.”

What does it take to register as a write-in again?

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