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The Veto Does It

car-repairHB4344 is dead.

We scoffed at the consumer protections aspect of this ‘aftermarket’ legislation.  How is raising the cost of repairs and limiting choices in a market environment seen as ‘protection?’

Rick Snyder, often criticized on these pages did one right.  The veto of HB4344 assures that a strong aftermarket industry remains in Michigan. He opines:

I support much of the modernization of the Act that HB 4344 includes, as well as limiting structural parts that are proven to impact safety. However, I am unable to sign this bill because it overreaches in the limitation of aftermarket parts negatively impacting consumers and creating the potential for negative consequences for Michigan’s automotive industry. Accordingly, I am returning HB 4344 to you without signature.

Well done.

Now perhaps we start looking at other protectionist legislation?

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