Mission Accomplished!

Miracle upon all miracles hath blessed Boobus Michiganderus. It is announced by our malevolent Democratic-socialist overlords that Mission Accomplished thus,…



Who’s there? Summer. Summer who? Summer is cancelled. Trump won by A LOT. . . we all know it. You…


Blue Pilled Amash

So stunning! So brave! One libertarian, at least, will be spared in the culling! Congrats Justin, you're the winner! https://t.co/Grmzs977XH…


Hi Dana

Methinks, sometime after 12 noon on January 20, 2021, Nasty Nessel, along with any of the 276+ “just following orders” minions who are accomplices to The Steal are going to have a VERY bad day.

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January 6, 2020 – updated

You don’t know what is happening?

This might help if you have a seat or need one for the trip to DC.


President Trump is calling you!

He has asked all Patriots to assemble in Washington DC on Wednesday, January 6th.

We understand not everyone can go to DC, so there will be a peaceful protest on the Capitol steps in Lansing.

Events are planned from 10am to 2pm.

Bring your signs, flags and dress warm!

Demand that Congress restore integrity to our election process and that they not accept the Electoral College “results” until ALL fraud has been fully investigated.

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Getting It Backward

AG Dana Nessel is not working for Michigan.  At least not for the people of Michigan.

Instead, Dana Nessel is actively combating those who take action against an out-of-control government. Her efforts include threats to those who would DARE to challenge the outcome of the elections or who would challenge the activities that occurred during the election itself.

Our “chief law enforcement officer” (her claim – not ours) failed to address the credible and direct threats to a member of a certification board, resulting in a coerced and wrongful sanction of Wayne County’s election disaster. Our “chief law enforcement officer” not only did not follow up on the real law breaking, the state then revealed that the canvassers who had only voted to certify only under duress and promises of an audit, that there would be no take-backs!

Real Law Enforcement had to step in and do the job a malfeasant AG could not meaningfully manage.

She suggests loss of license to practice law, monetary damages, and other punitive reprisals for anyone having the gall to attempt to challenge or correct the clearly tampered with election of Nov 3rd. She does so in a way that is designed to chill any further actions or voices that question the increasingly inept manner in which the ‘constitutional’ figureheads of Michigan operate.

Perhaps she does so because she is feeling particularly invulnerable, and stronger by democrat nominated Supreme court wins, and thinks she can throw her weight around with impunity. …Perhaps she can.

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