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You Gotta Give The Lady Props

passportFor getting out into the water already.

Its cold, and even in the river around Belle Isle, a slip into the water might make one want to hit the chicken soup for about a week straight.  Secretary of State Ruth Johnson is a pretty tough player however.  After visiting two local SOS offices, she continued on in a promotional trip to talk about the benefits of the state of Michigan’s ‘recreation passport’ and ‘Express SOS,’ joining Tiffany VanDeHey, to take the opportunity to kayak in the Detroit River around Belle Isle Park. VanDeHey is owner of Riverside Kayak Connection in Wyandotte, a small business offering kayaking tours in and around the area.

Johnson says “The Recreation Passport is only $11 and is available at our branch offices or online at ExpressSOS.com when renewing your tabs.” Johnson uses these excursions to promote the new efficiencies brought about at the SOS.

Next up is a ride on a Harley-Davidson to promote Motorcycle Safety Month in Farmington Hills on May 1. Johnson will likely buck the recent trend to go capless as many do with Michigan’s mandate off the books, and actually wear a helmet.

What a rebel.

Oh, and the title of this piece?  Pun fully intended.

Johnson is an avid kayaker and owns the kayak she used for the trip. The boat is powered by pedals (see what I did there?) or paddles and is also outfitted with a sail. The sail features advertising for ExpressSOS.com and the boat has decals promoting the Pure Michigan license plate, Michigan’s Recreation Passport, organ donation and Johnson’s OPERATION: OUR TROOPS COUNT initiative.



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Sunday RightMi Reader

Some Michigan blogging folks on state and national issues.

Watchdog Wire – Emmet County Watchdog Calls Out Commissioners Over Bond Vote Some shady backroom dealing going on, and a $15 million dollar taxpayer headache.

The Voice Of One Crying Out In Suburbia –  A Tale Of Two Baskets A decidely different take on the tithe.

The Western Right – Terrence Moore on Common Core A couple of video presentations of Terrence Moore of Hillsdsale College

The Other Club – An Analysis of Reasons for the Disparity in Wages Between Men and Women Given the claim of wars on women and such ..

Motor City Times – Left claims Hillary’s age is no big deal, forgets brutally attacking President Reagan for being the same age He DOES have a point.

Jen Kuznicki – Guys With Guns Dictate Policy Noting that the left likes guns as long as they are pointed in our direction.

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Arcand for Congress Event

Arcand for Congress



For Immediate Release–
April 27th
Arcand kicks off campaign tour


Iron River, MI–Alan Arcand (R-Iron River) challenging Republican incumbent Dan Benishek in the August primary, will begin his first campaign tour in the northwestern Lower Peninsula with stops in Cheboygan, Boyne City, Harbor Springs, East Jordan and Onaway. The six day tour is intended to introduce Alan to the district voters west of I-75. He will be speaking at Northern Lights Recreation, 8865 Michigan 119, in Harbor Springs on Monday, May 5th at 7 p.m.

Arcand, a 37 year old Air Force veteran and father of three young boys, is a firm believer in Constitutional government. “When I joined the United States Air Force I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and I did not forget it when I changed my uniform.” His “Arcand for Congress” Facebook page is open for questions from voters, and he answers as many as possible directly on the site. Other event details will be posted there also as they are confirmed.

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Ruffling Republican Feathers…

Angst among the ‘faithful’…

Many of you may know that I have been actively assisting the Alan Arcand D1 primary campaign. Depending on your personal view of today’s Republican party, your reaction to these reactions from some of the establishment ‘unity’ pumpers will be immediate, and vehement. Someone on one side of the GOP fence or the other, had a very bad day yesterday. Mostly, Jesse Osmer…

There are two incidents of note here; one virtual, the other in face-to-face real time. The virtual incident was an exchange on FaceBook between me and Mr. Osmer. Osmer, if you’re following closely, is the Chair of the D1 Executive Committee; and a self proclaimed shill for Representative Benishek, as he proudly proclaims on his FaceBook page, a “life event”…His shared ‘timeline’ post yesterday morning of Dr. Dan’s PR on Right to Life’s endorsement of the good doctor came as no surprise to me; but, being who I am, I simply HAD to respond.

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2014 Michigan Congressional Races

2014 Michigan Congressional Races

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Michigan will see several interesting congressional races in 2014, with four open seats and several competitive primary challenges.  Michigan now has 14 congressional seats.

There are several articles that analyze the general political leanings of the districts.

Michigan Redistricting: Congressional Map Passed
Republican Michigander Congressional District Profiles (Sidebar at right)

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Michigan Citizens Targeted By CAIR Lawsuit

Hamas front group CAIR abuses Pittsfield TWP residents with legal thuggery.

Silence!  I Keel you!

Or at least I shut your infidel trap up!

No this isn’t a Jeff Dunham Comedy hour, and its not Achmed the dead terrorist.  Yet for some folks in Pittsfield Township Michigan, it is the silencing terrorism of lawsuits being used to prevent vocal opposition to a new islamic center.  The not-so-funny efforts of [Hamas front group] CAIR, to shush neighbors of a proposed speaker laden madrassa and prayer center comes as no surprise as efforts to use Michigan courts against local residents continue.

The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) explains:

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A Conservative Political Party Test: Which would you cast your vote for? A Moderate Republican or a Conservative Democrat?

Continue reading below the picture 1 John F Kennedy Discrediting Liberal Values

Once again we’re being lied to. The mainstream media wants us to believe that only “moderation, cooperation and compromise” can save the GOP…and America. This is one of the greatest lies ever told.
First of all, moderation won’t save the GOP. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is the GOP has had a long list of moderate “saviors:”

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Michigan Governor: State tax surplus could be used to limit cuts to pensions in Detroit bankruptcy proceedings

Michigan taxpayers have been overcharged by the state of Michigan to the tune of $350 million. That is what Michigan’s budget surplus really is, the state taxed its citizens an extra $350 million that they had no plan to spend. So, rather than sending the money back to the taxpayers, spending the money to fix our literally crumbling roads or simply hang on to the money for a rainy day, what does our nerd Governor propose?

Gov. Rick Snyder said Thursday he’s open to using one-time surplus tax dollars for the state’s contribution toward a fund to bolster Detroit pensions and settle the city’s bankruptcy.

Snyder has pledged $350 million over 20 years toward a $816 million fund designed to limit cuts to pensions and shield city-bought art at the Detroit Institute of Arts from being sold to satisfy creditors.

While private sector citizens in Michigan have had to go round after round of belt-tightening  (job losses, furloughs, pay cuts) during the reign of economic terror during the Granholm era. Now we have to punch additional holes in our belts for even more belt-tightening during the ongoing Obama disaster. Why should Michigan taxpayers take it in the shorts, again, protecting city worker pensions? Let them tighten their belts, or sell the DIA art and other city assets like other bankruptcies require.

BTW, you know after Snyder uses our tax ‘surplus’ protecting city pensions, he will come hat in hand looking for additional ‘revenues’ (i.e. taxes) to fix our roads.

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