The Tea Party, Dave Agema, and their Radical Agenda!

The Tea Party, Dave Agema, and their Radical Agenda!


2008 was a dismal year for the MIGOP. Election wins were far and few between. Another 2 years of Granholm and Democrat rule were what we had to look forward to. Many remember the GOP offices manned (if at all) by skeleton crews, with very few volunteers showing up.

Then came 2010 and the rise of the Tea Party. Offices were Packed with excited volunteers. (I can remember tables of volunteers being asked to use their own cell phone for calls, as all the other phones were in use.) A constant flow of people streamed in for Literature and signs to distribute. Tea parties sponsored rallies, forums, and debates, statewide, inviting all the republican candidates to attend. Some of these events attracted tens of thousands of people.

Media attention was at an all time high. The result was a Grand slam in MI, SUPER majorities in both houses, and a new republican Governor Rick Snyder. The pattern was repeated nationwide.

    We constantly hear about party unity, working together, and moving forward.
Most of us have heard Dave Agema’s message of Party UNITY based on the following Basic Party PRINCIPLES.

Agema calls them the “Core values Principles”(or as I have coined them The LGBMB Agenda:)
LIFE-Protection of the Unborn
GUNS-Support for the 2nd amendment
BORDERS-Legal Immigration
MARRIAGE-Real Marriage is between a Man and a Woman
BIBLE-Our Rights come from GOD, and our Great Nation was Founded on Biblical PRINCIPLES.

Dave Agema, (and sadly, most social Conservatives) has become almost a persona non grata in his own party. He was not allowed to speak at the last 2 state committee meetings. He also has not spoken at his hometown Kent County GOP meetings since the calls by Party leadership (bought by Betsy Devos, IMO) to resign months ago.

Now tonight he attended The Ionia GOP Tent Dinner along with his wife Barb, as special guests of Angela Rigas for State Representative, whom Dave has endorsed. Dave was not on the agenda, However the Rigas campaign had been informed that Angela Rigas, would be given time for a short speech, as would all candidates. (Lisa Lyins gave the invocation, she reads a good prayer). Dave was informed that apparently Angela would not be allowed to speak, and asked me to talk with the local chairman.

When I asked about the apparent misunderstanding, I was told I had received bad information from someone else, they were short on time, and besides, NO ONE WAS GOING TO SHOW UP AND CO-OPT OUR EVENT WITH THEIR OWN AGENDA.

This statement (accusation?) struck me as odd, and I asked “What agenda? are we not all republicans here?” No response was forthcoming, so I inquired, “Could National Committeeman Dave Agema, at least be Given a few minutes to speak on party unity?” (I knew at this time that Ruth Johnson’s representative, who was on the agenda, had cancelled out, so there was an opening as per time, and he was then by default, the highest ranking party official present, at least until Lt Governor Calley arrived at the very end).   This time I was informed by “The woman who controls the agenda” (Only know her as a friend of denniss lennox) and the “NO ONE IS GOING TO SHOW UP AND CO-OPT OUR EVENT WITH THEIR OWN AGENDA THEME” WAS REITERATED.
I responded with a mumbled knee jerk response of “this is why the party is falling apart” and went back to my dinner.

dcrallyimage-3541dd36ec718ecb7211b0abfce3790e599bf0f6-s6-c30WHAT HAPPENED? How did we go from “Restoring Honor” attracting an estimated 600,000 people, Sarah Palin speaking to 60,000 seniors in “The Villages”, Lansing rallies of thousands, Local Tea Party rallies held in the DeltaPlex arena, to the animosity we have now??

Why are those who:
Being portrayed as the extremists???The Tea Party “Extremists” are being blamed by many, but who is leading that charge???
The real fault lies in those opposed to most of the moral and Fiscal planks in the RNC platform. The real Radicals are the FAKE FREEDOM FUND, GLEP, LOBBYING GROUPS, and others who see adherence to Principles as dangerous to their agendas (and bank/campaign accounts).

Now we have the same GOP that rode the wave of a New Era of Liberty and Freedom, ABANDONING the PRINCIPLES they ran on, and alienating the people who delivered them from obscurity. Apparently, a message of actually standing on the PRINCIPLES in the party platform is now seen as an ULTERIOR AGENDA by many in party leadership.

November 2014 and 2016, may remind many of 2008.

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  1. Tim Bos
    July 24, 2014 at 7:40 am

    Principles are kind of a funny thing that, like special talents or abilities, if you don't have em, you'll never really be able to do what those that do have them do.

    For people who truly promote, protect, and indeed conserve our Founding Principles, and our belief that our rights are actually birthrights, we are unyielding in our marriage to these unassailable facts. The results enjoyed by a nation given these gifts of freedom, as well as the expectations that go along with them, far surpass any and all others, and untold millions around the world have prospered as a result of our singular freedom as Americans.

    Unfortunately, belief in, and the allegiance to, our Founding Principles WAS the price of admission into the Grand Old Party. The principle of a Limited Government, and the burden of financial support that any government has attached to it, was honored, used as guidance, and rallied around by all who cherish their freedom- as members of a party that has this principle inherent in it's foundation.

    Not so today.

    There are still millions of Americans who value these principles, but they are opposed by the rest of our countrymen the same way they have been since the very first day of the Republican Party. The big difference today is that many who ignore those principles are now members of said party, and that will never change.

    Therefore, I suggest that those who do strongly support and promote the principles and ideals of our Founders, support and grow a party that shares those same principles, goals, and values.

    Those Founding Principles are the foundation for greatness, the framework for freedom, and the roadmap for success and prosperity. They don't need the GOP to survive, merely a political party for the believers to use as a navigator in the American political system, and IMO, we're quickly approaching the critical mass required to see the GOP pull a Hindenburg in the face of it's popular replacement gaining prominence.

    You Betcha! (6)Nuh Uh.(1)
  2. Corinthian Scales
    July 24, 2014 at 12:11 pm

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