Crony Capitalism Keeps Rolling along as Michigan Taxpayers Take the Hit

The new Red Wings Arena has been approved to be stolen from the taxpayers and I mean “all” taxpayers of Michigan not just Detroit because first off Detroit doesn’t have any taxpayers to speak of. Remember Governor Snyder has pledged 350 Million of Michigan taxpayers money to “Bailout” Detroit and the DIA.

The construction of the arena itself would be about 60% publicly funded. No Detroit general fund dollars would be spent; the state (taxpayers) is contributing the bulk of the public investment. Through the “failed” MEDC and Governor Rick Snyder who is an advocate for the deal, which will use “bonds” from the Michigan Strategic Fund one of numerous subsidiaries of the quasi government entity the un-elected MEDC.Arena New Red Wings

A quick refresher course on the definition of “Bonds” where the taxpayers are concerned. The seller of these “Bonds”, in this case the state of Michigan (we taxpayers) are the borrowers, the buyers of these bonds are essentially the lenders. Sounds a lot like a Bank doesn’t it?

It just so happens that about the same time this was announced so was another announcement made of a new business that would go into operation within walking distance of this new Arena. The headlines read HopCat to open Detroit Bar in August.

HopCat Bar expanding to Detroit

That sounds like great news to the common citizen of Michigan but the only problem is, it’s being subsidized with Michigan citizens tax dollars through, you guessed it the “failed” MEDC that quasi government entity that continues to launder taxpayer money to businesses.

This my fellow taxpaying citizens is one hell of a scheme perpetrated on we taxpayers by those we elect to serve us. This is nothing more than a criminal enterprise scam being run out of Lansing consisting of elected politicians, their business buddies in what I like to refer to as “The Political Friends and Family Program” and “The Business Buddy Fund” that involves a “pay to play” racket that enhances campaign coffers and personal gain of business buddies.

This type of corruption scheme would make Bernie Made-Off proud. It makes Kawme Kilpatrick’s scandal “theft” look like small potatoes or a needle in a haystack in comparison. My question is where is the FBI wouldn’t you think U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade who busted Kawme and company be all over this? Wouldn’t you think some of that investigative trail would have lead them to some of the same players involved in Lansing?

Remember all those businessmen who “teamed” up as to get Kawme out of town before the shit hit the fan? Why did they want him gone? Did they have something to hide? Were they involved and afraid they might be implicated?

I would love to have been a gnat on a fly’s ass in those private meetings to hear what was really going on with those businessmen! Let’s hope the good guy’s are on the case for we taxpayers sake looks like this scam is getting out of control.

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  7 comments for “Crony Capitalism Keeps Rolling along as Michigan Taxpayers Take the Hit

  1. steve
    February 9, 2014 at 7:57 am

    Nice post R-13...

    Building stadiums using public funds is always a losing proposition for the city and taxpayers in general. From a couple of years ago:


    Stadium building has been a vanity project for politicians since Roman times. We simply get to pay for it.

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  2. KG One
    February 9, 2014 at 10:18 am

    You think that is bad?

    Illitch's little operation, Olympia Entertainment doesn't believe in paying its bills.

    Don't take my word on it.

    He owes Detroit, which last time I checked has money problems of its own, $2.1 million in back taxes and about $70-million in cable fees.

    Still waiting for word from our non-representing representatives in Lansing on why they feel it is appropriate so give money to someone who is in arrears themselves.

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  3. Corinthian Scales
    February 10, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    Great post. Welcome aboard!

    Remember their wealth redistributing names.

    Senate Roll Call 822, December 5, 2012


    Gleason (gone now, though was good on RTKABA), Hood, Hunter, Johnson, Smith


    Booher (Disappointing: he has worked against crony government overreach in the past), Brandenburg (Disappointing), Casperson, Emmons, Green (Disappointing. Really, Mike? "Funny money". What changed?), Hansen, Hildenbrand, Jansen, Jones (Disappointing), Kahn (No surprise here), Kowall (votes like his wife in the House), Marleau, Meekhof (rescued Snydercaid too), Moolenaar (Disappointing), Nofs (SEIU's best friend along with Kahn, Jansen, and Modus OpeRandy), Pappageorge (Gary Peters-lite), Pavlov, Proos, Richardville (ZERO surprise here. And really, an out of shape old fart using his position to feel up the young, local pageant girls? What a pathetic Beta male tool.), Robertson, Schuitmaker (I guess ALEC told her how to vote), Walker (another one of his "Screw You, Dude" votes. Good riddance to the assclown.)

    House Roll Call 807, December 13, 2012.


    Howze, Jackson, LeBlanc, Liss, Olumba (the Dems mock him? Why? He votes along with their moocher and looter Party mandate), Stapleton


    Bolger (the poster child of what is wrong with the MI-GOP. "I think our taxpayers are the last place we should look"? What happened here, Jase? A few seats with the jock sniffer at The Joe change your mind? Say "cheese" with Christopher Ilitch, Modus OpeRandy), Callton, Cotter, Daley, Damrow, Denby (explain that one, Dan), Farrington, Forlini, Foster, Genetski (dumb enough to make .08 permanent. All hail the shakedown racket for overspending munis and public union thug LEO parasites), Gilbert, Glardon, Goike, Graves, Haines, Haveman (as if this state needs more nepotism name recognition with a law degree), Heise, Horn, Hughes (not missed), Huuki, Jacobsen, Jenkins, Johnson, Knollenberg (at least he's gone: idiot like his father), Kowall (hasn't met any tax hiking schemes that she doesn't fall in love with), Kurtz, Lori (big nanny government thug LEO mentality douche bag), Lund (disappointing), Lyons (Posthumus: 'nuff said), MacGregor, MacMaster, McBroom, Moss (Thank God for term limits), Muxlow, O'Brien, Olson (fence hopping Progressive much like the stealth Democrat Nerd), Opsommer, Ouimet, Outman, Poleski, Potvin, Price, Pscholka, Rendon, Schmidt, R. (Bolger, Lyon, and Schostak's Democrat "convert"), Schmidt, W. (Bolger's show pony crony graft artist), Shaughnessy, Shirkey (TEA Party fraud who loves him some Obamacare Snydercaid expansion), Stamas, Walsh (good example why Livonia, and Wayne County Romney fellating Republicans suck), Yonker, Zorn

    What's even more disgusting? All these despicable Republicans above helped pay for Denise's "pizza party" for Obama at her palace in Oakland County.

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