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    Tag: State House

    2012-2013 ACU Michigan Legislature Ratings

    By Conservative First, Section News
    Posted on Sun Oct 06, 2013 at 12:22:58 AM EST
    Tags: American Conservative Union, ACU, state senate, state house (all tags)

    The American Conservative Union has long been the premier organization rating members of Congress on how conservative their voting records are.  Recently, ACU began rating state legislators on their voting records, and it just released its second ratings of the Michigan state legislature.

    ACU State Ratings 2013--MI

    Their PDF is hard to read, so I will summarize the relevant information here.

    ACU rated 20 house votes and 16 senate votes from 2012 and 2013.  Their timing is curious, since this overlaps distinct legislative sessions.  This isn't a big deal for the state senate, which wasn't up for election in 2012, but the composition of the state house changed significantly.  Thus some state reps are rated only for 2012 (12 votes) or 2013 (8 votes)  Fourteen of the bills are the same for both halves of the legislature. The most common topics for the state house votes were taxes (4 votes), gun rights and hunting (4), and education (3).  The most common topic for the state senate votes was gun rights and hunting (5 votes).

    ACU Michigan state senate ratings 2012/2013:

    100%: Brandenberg, Hune
    93-94%: Colbeck, Green, Robertson
    88%: Meekhof, Moolenaar, Pavlov, Schuitmaker
    81%: Booher, Hildenbrand, Jansen, Pappageorge, Proos, Rocca
    75-77%: Caswell, Emmons, Jones, Kowall, Marleau, Richardville, Walker
    69%: Hansen, Kahn, Nofs
    56%: Casperson
    30%: Gleason
    13%: Andersen, Bieda, Hunter
    6%: Gregory, Hood, Hopgood, Johnson, Smith, Whitmer, Young
    0%: Warren

    (2 comments, 1058 words in story) Full Story

    Chemo In Progress

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Fri Sep 13, 2013 at 03:23:46 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Republican Party, State Senate, State House, Rick Snyder, Disease, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Bad Cells, Necessary Pain (all tags)

    Don't feel too bad, pain is a part of the treatment.

    The patient will likely experience nausea, loss of bowel control, and episodes of depression, and screaming fits should not disconcert concerned caregivers.  Exhaustion should be expected as well, but remember the process is supposed to be harder on the cancerous cells, so its best not to give up before it is done. Another reason to continue the treatment is to prevent a re-occurrence of the disease before it is completely eliminated.

    True, some forms of cancer can be fatal.  

    The bad cells burrow away in areas sometimes hard to identify. And sometimes seemingly good cells turn bad in an instant. And unfortunately, we've seen it recently.  New cancer cells appeared before our very eyes, from as far away as the UP in fact.  The threshold has been met and now many think the patient is terminal, but perhaps its possible our treatment will have an effect to buy some time.  It may even help if we can get the patient to stop smoking. Perhaps even if we can re-instill the will to live.

    We're not ready to give up yet.

    However, there is the possibility that the bad cells will cling on long enough that the treatment hurts many of the good cells. We are sorry in advance for what needs to be done.

    Its an inexact science unfortunately, and there can be a cost to heal properly, but we'll do our damnedest to see it through to the end.

    (1 comment) Comments >>

    A Message To Our Legislators - Beware False Choices

    House Amendment Kills Common Core

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 05:29:09 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, State House, Budget, Tom McMillin, Home Schooling, Common Core, Education, Standards (all tags)

    Lansing still has a few good men.

    Tom McMillin is one of them

    The Michigan House today approved the Department of Education budget with an amendment which does not allow them to implement Common Core State Standards or "Smarter Balanced Assessments". Sponsored by State Rep. Tom McMillin, the amendment is similar to House Bill 4276 which is currently before the House Education Committee.

    The amendment addresses the Common Core State Standards that were never approved by a Michigan Legislature. Concerns had been raised about the State Board of Education exceeding its authority as it attempts to implement standards in Michigan schools, created by a private, national organization, the National Governor's Association. The National Governor's Association controls the content of the Common Core State Standards, and the privately-owned "Smarter Balanced Assessments" align with those standards.

    Think copyrighted 'Fire-Codes'.

    Continued below the fold

    (4 comments, 436 words in story) Full Story

    2012 Michigan August Primary Preview

    By Conservative First, Section News
    Posted on Mon Aug 06, 2012 at 06:58:44 AM EST
    Tags: 2012 August Primary, state house, redistricting (all tags)

    Cross-posted at The Western Right,  Right Michigan, and Red Racing Horses.

    This is a guide to the key races in Michigan's August primary.

    US Senate The biggest race is the battle for the Republican nomination for US Senate to take on democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow, who is seeking a third term. The favorite is Pete Hoekstra, former congressman who represented the 2nd district in West Michigan 1992-2010. He lost the Republican primary for governor in 2010.  His main competitor is Clark Durant, businessman and former member of the state board of education (1994-98), who has significant Tea Party support.  Social conservative Randy Hekman, former Kent county judge, is also running.  Gary Glenn, a conservative activist who had some Tea Party support, dropped out several weeks before the primary and endorsed Durant. Hoekstra is the favorite, leading in the polls and in fundraising, but Durant has been gaining momentum.

    (5 comments, 1076 words in story) Full Story

    What A Waste

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed Jun 20, 2012 at 12:47:44 PM EST
    Tags: Wayne Schmidt, Traverse City, Grand Traverse, Republican, State House, Oops., Rick Snyder, Questions (all tags)

    I realize we hit the Governor on policy pretty hard here at RightMichigan.com.

    There is no shortage of material to do so with, and the concerns we address are open and frank.  We agreed that the Michigan Business Tax was a job killer, and it was handled with the legislature and governor eliminating it with a restructuring.  The restructuring, perhaps not utilizing sufficient cost savings that would have prevented a tax increase on seniors however has made for some interesting conversation.

    Sometimes high strung, but still interesting.

    At the very least, if anyone here was communicating (at least if it were me) directly with the governor on policy, and providing a communications forum for a little back and forth, we would at least be paying attention.  Agree with him or not, when you have the governor's ear, you talk to it.

    Unless perhaps, you are Wayne Schmidt?

    (1 comment, 610 words in story) Full Story

    Conservative State House Candidates

    By Conservative First, Section News
    Posted on Mon Jun 04, 2012 at 09:47:26 PM EST
    Tags: state house, Deb DeBacker, Tom Leonard, Jason Gillman (all tags)

    Republicans hold the majority in the state house of representatives.  Many of the members are conservatives, but few are leaders who actively work to advance conservatism.  There are Tom McMillin, Dave Agema, Bob Genetski, and maybe a few others.  We need candidates for state house are like them.

    There are a few people running who are strong candidates to continue that tradition.

    District 41. (Troy, Clawson) I have heard good things about Deb Debacker, a longtime member of the state committee.  She is one of three Republicans seeking this seat, replacing the term-limited Marty Knollenberg.

    District 93. (Clinton, Gratiot) Staunch conservative Tom Leonard is one of four Republicans vying to replace term-limited rep. Paul Opsommer.

    District 104. (Grand Traverse) Tea Party leader and Grand Traverse county commissioner Jason Gillman is running in the primary against Republican rep. Wayne Schmidt.  Jason needs no introduction on RightMichigan.com, of course.

    Are there similar candidates in other parts of the state?

    (4 comments) Comments >>

    2012 Michigan State House Races

    By Conservative First, Section News
    Posted on Sat Jun 02, 2012 at 11:50:23 PM EST
    Tags: state house, redistricting (all tags)

    Cross-posted at The Western Right, Right Michigan, and  Red Racing Horses.

    All 110 seats in the Michigan House of Representatives will be up for election in November.  Republicans currently hold a 63-47 majority, following a 67-43 democrat majority before 2010.  There are "only" 22 open seats following many members being term-limited, defeated, or seeking other office in 2010.

    (1 comment, 1508 words in story) Full Story

    Its Almost 4PM

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Mon May 14, 2012 at 11:22:26 PM EST
    Tags: Elections, Michigan, $100, Primary, State House, Republicans (all tags)

    For those of you who haven't already figured it out, I have thrown my hat in the ring for the Michigan state house 104th district.

    And yes I did the 'project' thing.

    There are a number of reasons I am doing it. Apparently however, leadership is trying to hit on a couple of local conservatives and pressure me out of the contest. Yes, there are different ways to do things, and one of those is to cut off support to someone who might be seen as sympathetic to this type of primary campaign.  they would punish those in races where state help might be needed in the general. Hold money back and use it like a knife held to the throat of a friend.  Throw a tantrum and threaten losses in multiple races based on a misplaced sense of loyalty to a guy who "does everything we want."

    And then pretend its somehow my fault.  Sad. But it's on them.

    You guys can do as you please.  I have been a team player. But I know which team I am on. I have been involved in the local, state, and national Republican scene, and helped to ensure that in 2010 we took the majorities in the places that mattered.  Our team was composed of a great number of grassroots concerned citizens.  I was a member and only one of those great many patriots that returned Michigan to a level of sanity that was impossible under the prior administration.  Each of us worked in the manner we each saw fit, and some of us quite effective.

    But none of it was done to see additional picking of winners, or to see the continued stealing from Michigan HOME HEALTH CARE AIDES, or continuing oppression on business owners or small farmers, or the negligence in the failure to pass Right To Work in Michigan.  And at least one more independent voice of reason is needed.

    And I need neither permission, nor a place in line to provide a very different vision of how the job should be done, or whom should represent our district.  We can work together after I win the seat, but it will be a whole lot easier if leadership doesn't shoot itself in the foot by throwing accusations (you know who you are) to friends whom I have purposefully left out of the discussions prior to making the decision to run.

    An apology is in order to those whom have been accused of recruiting me by those who fail to understand what I represent.

    And tomorrow by 4pm, perhaps they will have a few others to worry about?

    (4 comments) Comments >>

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