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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    How To Replace Party Leadership

    By Kevin Rex Heine, Section News
    Posted on Wed Jun 27, 2012 at 12:52:34 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan Banana Republican Party, Michigan "Dele-Gate" Fiasco, MIGOP Credentials Committee, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, MIGOP May 2012 State Convention, Anuzis Amendment to MIGOP Convention Rule # 9, Saul Anuzis, Dave Agema, Michigan's 11th Congressional District, Kerry Bentivolio, Nancy Cassis, write-in campaign, Michigan Tea Party Patriot Network, integrity argument, patronage system, equality of merit, cleaning out closets (all tags)

    I have more than once on this site cited a paraphrase of John F. Kennedy's warning:  Those who insist on making a peaceful takeover impossible will ultimately make a takeover by revolt inevitable, and perhaps even necessary.  Since we cannot seem to trust the blueblood elites in the establishment to get the message, let's go below the fold and discuss an idea to "grease the skids" for their removal from power.

    Given the events already this year (such as the Michigan "Dele-Gate" Fiasco, the Anuzis Amendment, and the Nancy Cassis Write-In Candidacy), it's beginning to look like the blueblood elites in the MIGOP establishment don't want the tea party network rookies messing with their well-oiled patronage system.  Either they're rewriting the rules ex post facto so that their predetermined narrative can be preserved (Michigan "Dele-Gate" Fisaco), or they're amending the rules to make it harder for new people to get involved (the Anuzis Amendment), or they're wasting party resources on a write-in candidate who couldn't be bothered to go through the normal ballot-access process (Nancy Cassis) because the guy legitimately on the ballot is "too extreme" for their liking.  (Apparently, strict adherence to the constitution is now too extreme for mainstream American politics.)

    What we accomplished at the Michigan Republican Party May 2012 State Convention, while impressive, was merely the first skirmish of a much longer campaign that we will need to complete in order to remove the corrupted party elements at every level (right down to the county executive committees in some cases).  Our overarching purpose needs to be that of holding the state party establishment accountable for unacceptable practices in the pursuit of maintaining their grip on power by any means necessary.  Attached at this link is a general strategy document outlining what the tea party movement needs to accomplish between now and February 2013 in order to clean out Michigan's republican closet.  Please take the time to review this document, pass it on to everyone you can think of who might be interested, and then consider getting involved.

    Also, please feel free to periodically keep us updated as to your progress toward the initial goal of recruiting write-ins for every vacant precinct delegate slot in your area.

    < Bentivolio Ad Takes A Shot At Cassis' Granholm Connection | More props for Amash - This time for wanting to end the Fed >

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    IMHO (none / 0) (#1)
    by LookingforReagan on Fri Jun 29, 2012 at 02:16:23 PM EST
    We have wasted to damned much time screwing around with the GOP. It is apparent they haven't learned a thing over the last thirty years. The leadership in the GOP both at the national and state levels are to stupid or arrogant or both to understand they can't win squat without Conservatives. The time has come to stop beating a dead horse and start a new party that reflects the values and ideals of Conservative preferrence. Limited government, lower taxes and minimal regulation on business. Embracing a Capitalist economic system that favors wealth creation rather then re-distribution. I am heartily sick of being sold out by RINO"S. They don't listen and they can't seem to learn from mistakes as they make them over and over again. The time is now to create an American Conservative Party. For many of the same reasons that saw the creation of the Republican Party in the mid-1850's we have a party leadership that is out of touch and out of their collective minds. We would be better off creating a new political organization that would attract the best Conservatives in the country. Then and only then can set about restoring the vision of the founders into the framework of this country. Where the Constitution is adhered to and is the defining document as well as the owners manual for the Republic.If we don't move now there won't be anything left to save. Our government is corrupt. Our party leaders are corrupt and self-serving. We must end this and start anew building on the correct and original foundations passed to us from the founders. Respect for the rule of law, belief in the Almighty and a belief in our own abilities without having to worry about interference from government because our beliefs differ from someone elses. If not now, when?

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