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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Sometimes you gotta wonder WTF

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Mon Mar 07, 2011 at 09:39:17 PM EST
    Tags: HB4363, Michigan, Switalski, Lesia Liss, Vicki Barnett, Rashida H. Tlaib, Kate Segal, Stacy Erwin Oakes, Andrew J. Kandrevas, Woodrow Stanley, Brandon Dillon, Fred Durhal, Jr., Jim Ananich, Maureen Stapleton, Ellen Cogen Lipton, Mark Meadows, Lisa Brown, FAIL, Business (all tags)

    you know ... Why They FAIL?

    In yet another attempt to bend the business owner to government's will, Democrats in the state house have introduced what I will call the Credit Reporting Absolutely Prohibited act.

    Michigan's House Bill 4363 (2011) has the following lawmakers bending employers over and gives them the busines..  umm gives them a LESSON on business. Jon Switalski - (primary) Lesia Liss, Vicki Barnett, Rashida H. Tlaib, Kate Segal, Stacy Erwin Oakes, Andrew J. Kandrevas, Woodrow Stanley, Brandon Dillon, Fred Durhal, Jr., Jim Ananich, Maureen Stapleton, Ellen Cogen Lipton, Mark Meadows, Lisa Brown all have jumped on board the 'C.R.A.P.' act bandwagon, and eagerly seek the  no responsibility route.

    "A bill to prohibit employers from making certain recruiting or hiring decisions based upon an individual's credit history; to prohibit employers from making certain inquiries; to prohibit certain waivers; to prohibit retaliation; and to provide remedies."

    Certainly, those folks could get their credit back up if they could get that job they don't deserve, right?  Oh my, those poor put upon people who just cannot catch a break!  Wow! If I may borrow a cartoon character's exclamation of disgust mixed with a little frustration and eye rolling, AYE CARAMBA!  It seems our out of touch cousins of the liberal persuasion have again forgotten that their form of governance has consequence.

    More below.

    Forget it chumps.

    You can't tell me whom to hire.  Its not enough that the government in its present form assumes (quite inappropriately IMO) to tell us we cannot smoke on OUR business premises, that we MUST pay a particular rate of pay, or that hours worked cannot exceed a particular amount sans a premium of that forced wage rate, and ultimately that certain types of discrimination are not allowed.  (oh.. I'll hear about THAT comment I am sure) But NOW we would be told (by those who LOST) that we should not be able to take into consideration good financial habits?

    Get lost.. or more of us will.

    Someone who mismanages their own finances to a point where it is noticeable, might well mismanage an employer's.

    Its common sense.

    But of course, brought about by the ideals of such bought and paid for stalwarts of leftist integrity, being a bank or insurance company, or maybe even a casino type employer gets you a golden ticket type pass:

    "(2) The prohibition in subsection (1) does not apply to prevent an inquiry or employment action if a good credit history is an established bona fide occupational requirement of the particular position or employment classification. Good credit history is presumed to be a bona fide job qualification for any of the following:

    (a) An employee of a state or nationally chartered bank, bank holding company, or its affiliate or subsidiary.
    (b) An employee of a state or federally chartered savings and  loan, savings bank, or credit union or credit union affiliate or subsidiary.
    (c) An employee of an individual or firm licensed or registered under article 7 of the occupational code, 1980 PA 299, MCL 339.720 to 339.736.
    (d) An employee of a casino.
    (e) An employee of an insurer that is required to operate under a certificate of authority under section 402 of the insurance code of 1956, 1956 PA 218, MCL 500.402, if the employee's duties include either of the following:
        (i) Working in a fiduciary capacity and engaging in life insurance transactions.
        (ii) A requirement to be licensed under federal securities law or under the uniform securities act (2002), 2008 PA 551, MCL 451.2101 to 451.2703.

    You know the places..  the ones with proper credentials, like cash, election money, bailout recipients, legislative beneficiaries, and did I say cash?  And heck, the only reason the credit unions are in that list is because it would be an all too obvious service to 'select' groups of constituents, were they to be excluded.

    But what the heck? For the corporate giant of 20 or thirty people with a need for a bookkeeper, checking their fiscal credibility is off limits. Indeed, why bother having interviews at all?  Why try to determine even the slightest flaw that would make an employee unpalatable? In fact why not simply establish the Forced Equity Arrangement Regulatory Unit Specialists right now?  Frankly, there is no question a F.E.A.R.U.S. division of state government would provide each business owner with an adequate lump of meat who would be quite willing to occupy a position of employment.

    Perhaps this is a way to make all of those folks who have followed the Democrat dogma to the point of losing all employment skills whatsoever, just a little more umm.. ..employable.  So logically there must another step to keep them there after they have been posited on the unsuspecting Michigan business willing to stay here.

    Next would be expanded reasons that are allowable for dismissal.  Stealing wouldn't cut it any longer.  The AMOUNT stolen might..  and I say that loosely.

    Its not like you really OWN your business.  Maybe not in this lifetime. And sure as heck not in this state.

    Big deal.. right?

    < Government Union Collective Bargaining 101 | Nolan Finley crosses over to the dark side. >

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    Jason, Jason, Jason... (none / 0) (#1)
    by KG One on Tue Mar 08, 2011 at 08:28:01 AM EST
    ...don't you know that it is the proper role of government to make businesses hire people so that we can have full-employment here in the glorious workers paradise?

    Aside from the thoughtful and well-meaning democratic sponsors of this compassionate and progressive legislation, democratic leaders in the P.R.o.D. have proposed forward-thinking legislation instructing employers that questions pertaining to past history are also off-limits.

    All of these powers are specifically designated in the good and welfare clause of our constitution!

    I'm shocked that you're even unaware of it.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Koch Brothers! Koch Brothers! Koch Brothers!

    Yah, WTF!?!? (none / 0) (#2)
    by Corinthian Scales on Tue Mar 08, 2011 at 11:00:53 AM EST
    Here's another WTF:

    Why are Michigan taxpayers paying money to an unindicted co-conspirator in the Al-Qaeda 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center?  And why did they pay money to a well-compensated Detroit television news anchor, who has reported on and anchored news shows regarding the Michigan Film Tax Credit and Islam, topics for which he has admitted to taking money?

    DebbieSchlussel.com can exclusively report that Michigan taxpayers subsidized the salaries of Imam Siraj Wahhaj, designated by the Justice Department as an unindicted co-conspirator in Al-Qaeda's 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and Devin Scillian, primary news anchor of Detroit's NBC affiliate, WDIV Local 4.  Both of them had acting roles in "Mooz-lum," a Muslim propaganda movie which received a 42% subsidy from the State of Michigan.  "Mooz-lum" received about $617,400 from the State of Michigan.

    Yesterday, Scillian-the NBC affiliate anchor-confirmed in an e-mail response that he was paid for a day's work in the movie, and we have already confirmed that Wahhaj was paid, ironically, for his acting role as a "peaceful" imam preaching the "tolerance" of Islam.  That's despite the fact that Wahhaj, in addition to being a co-conspirator in a Muslim terrorist attack on America, is openly anti-Semitic, anti-American, and a supporter and promoter of HAMAS, Hezbollah, and other Islamic terrorist groups, none of which was reflected in his role as a "peaceful" imam in "Mooz-lum."  Wahhaj is a frequent fundraising speaker for the CAIR Action Network, which the Justice Department says is an unindicted co-conspirator in HAMAS terrorism.

    Nothing like sh!tting in your own hat then putting it on your head, is there?

    This is just (none / 0) (#5)
    by grannynanny on Tue Mar 08, 2011 at 12:32:22 PM EST
    more hooey to add to the already existing hooey that pretends it is our government.  Go to any Michigan unit of government that regulates or issues a license and try to figure out just what they exist for?  

    A little shop keeper in our community applied for a liquor license back in 2005.  It took him over a year and half to obtain that license.  He showed me the paper work and it was astounding to see the absolute stupidity of our government. The requests that were made were so over the top regarding their site application it was comical.  Proof that the building was not at one time a gas station, proof that the building was on a county road (WTF), proof that what he reported as sq. footage was actual (WTF), proof that buildings on either side of him actually existed and on an on. On top of that - the person handling their application went on maternity leave for 4 months and his license sat on her desk that entire time with no action.  Shop keep was told that is the way things "flow".  Now tell me that these "public servants" are hard working and deserve the bloated salaries they receive?  

    We need a part time legislature as the longer they spend time in Lansing the more time they have to dream up crap.  Let them stay in their districts and have voters biting at their arse to get real problems solved instead of dreaming up solutions to non-existent problems.

    If JJ Jr took an oath (none / 0) (#6)
    by maidintheus on Tue Mar 08, 2011 at 01:13:50 PM EST
    to uphold the US Constitution, he has just given recorded evidence for reason to impeach.

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