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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Stupidity should be painful.

    By KG One, Section News
    Posted on Sun Feb 26, 2012 at 08:29:59 AM EST
    Tags: PA 72, PA 4, PA 4.1?, Gov. Blanchard, Gov. Granholm, Gov. Snyder, Robert Davis, Highland Park Public Schools, Fraud, AG Schuette where are you?, Ecorse, Pontiac, Benton Harbor, DPS, Detroit?, So what is YOUR solution? (all tags)

    This very important lesson was imparted to me when I had began driving for a living several decades ago by a wise trucker.

    Maybe because I had more co-workers who had more conscience about training me at that time, or they were just superior to the people turning out the "young guns" nowadays, but I understood this axiom very clearly even back then, and over the years, have gained a greater appreciation for it.

    It is also a lesson that I found is easily and very applicable outside of trucking.

    Am I trying to change the focus over from politics to Trucking?

    Not exactly.

    {Details below the fold}

    In 1990, Democratic Governor Jim Blanchard signed into law P.A. 72, which gave the State of Michigan the authority to take over local units of government experiencing financial emergencies and make decisions to correct the underlying problems.

    The Act has been used by democratic and republican governors, including previously by Democratic Gov. Granholm when she appointed Emergency Financial Managers to fix problems in the cities of Ecorse, Pontiac and Benton Harbor along with the Detroit Public Schools.

    Because P.A. 72 unfortunately lacked the authority to actually implement several of the changes recommended by the Emergency Financial Managers, the law was re-written and strengthened under P.A. 4 of 2011.

    After that happened: Katie, bar the door!

    What was perfectly acceptable under a democratic governor, suddenly became taboo when someone with a "-r" after his name (even though we all know perfectly well that he isn't) began calling the shots.

    "This bill is
    (now) undemocratic!" shouts the progressive protestor.

    "Who appointed the dictator?" kvetches the divisive democrat.

    "You are suppressing the right of the people to vote!" opines the liberal layabout.

    "We have the right to choose our own leadership!"
    cries the community <strike>agitator</strike> organizer.

    Apparently, it's perfectly acceptable to choose, often repeatedly, people who are totally incapable of leading (or counting or reading). Unfortunately, that same group feels that it's also acceptable to expect the rest of the state to cover their poor choices and pick up the tab.

    Living in fantasyland was preferable to living in the real world and making tough choices, so they decided to maintain their status quo and fight against the people who were sent in to those failed government to make them work again.

    Surprisingly, they won.

    Or did they?

    Several days ago, Ingham County Circuit Judge William Collette ruled in favor of Highland Park Public School Board Secretary Robert Davis' case that the Emergency Manager appointment to Highland Park Public School District was improper because it violated the Michigan Open Meetings Act. What this decision means state wide is anyone's guess. But for right now, as a result of Judge Collette's ruling, the former Emergency Manager of Highland Park, Jack Martin, is no longer running the district and all decision made by him have been nullified.


    Let's take it to the streets!

    We showed the man!



    Whutduhyahmean, we can't pay our bills?!?

    In getting the EM appointment nullified, Secretary Davis also succeeded in exasperating Highland Park's financial troubles. Even though the Highland Park Public School Board is doing everything it can in order to get an Emergency manager re-assigned to the district, including waving the right to a now public hearing on the matter, the district effectively ran out of money last week and couldn't make payroll.

    Way to go, Rob!!! You really showed them now, didn't you.

    Not to fear, State Rep. (and handyman wannabe) Chuck Moss has got your back. Sort of.

    HB-4445 (from The Michigan Legislature Website)

    Or, more easily explained from MichiganVotes!:

    "To appropriate $4 million to pay school districts and charter schools near the effectively-bankrupt Highland Park school district to provide classes this year to the children in that district. Highland Park reportedly spent $16,000 per student, on revenues of $14,000 per student, and can no longer meet payroll."

    To give you an idea on where this is going, Highland Park has about 1,278 students enrolled in it according to the latest figures. So you'll have $3,300 to go to districts to pay for half a year's worth of education, providing districts accept those students.

    Wait, what's that sound I'm hearing again?

    Oh, yeah.

    How our tax dollars are actually used by republicans who think that they know better.

    Great plan, republicans!

    Look, between the lawsuit and the petition drive (which we'll know how successful it'll be on Wednesday), the situation in Highland Park is what I would refer to as a "teachable moment". Yes, there is a backup plan at the ready when(/if?) this momentum continues. But what good is it when you have people who are fighting you on it and too stupid to offer up an alternative?

    This is where that sage advice from that trucker I told you about earlier comes into play.

    The best thing that Gov. Snyder and the rest of Lansing should have done in Highland Park is: Nothing.

    Let me repeat this so that there is absolutely no mistaking what I have written: Lansing should let Highland Park run out of money and let the situation unfold from there.

    The locals think that they are capable of electing people who can solve their problems?

    The locals can then mull over their poor decision when little Johnny & Suzie's teacher is at home calling MARVIN rather than teaching class at the local school. And the few teachers who may show up won't be very effecting at teaching because those same schools won't have heat or lights because they didn't bother to pay Consumers and DTE.

    This hard, but necessary, lesson will also have a multiplier effect as well.

    There are numerous cities and school districts that have been grossly mismanaged over the years. Not paying any attention to the overall economy here in Michigan and nationally. Making poor financial decisions and expecting someone to come riding in at the last minute and bailing them out of their predicament. Those local governments will become readily apparent in the coming months when they begin to fail one after another.

    If you want to teach those unconvinced troublemakers that their solution is in fact really no solution at all, doing nothing in Highland Park is the best lesson that you can provide them.

    Let people like Brandon Jessup come up with the answer.

    Let people like Herb Cleaves offer solutions.

    And when you-know-what hits the fan after State Treasurer Dillon finally releases his report on Detroit, maybe Rep. John Conyers can grace us with his presence and while he's at it, also provide a resolution.

    Lansing doesn't have to sit around for very long and do absolutely nothing. Pursuant to the Michigan Constitution Art VII § 33, you can start teaching another lesson by doing this:

    Art VII § 33 Removal of elected officers.

    Sec. 33. Any elected officer of a political subdivision may be removed from office in the
    manner and for the causes provided by law.

    Bu, bu, bu, but, you can't remove people for making mistakes?

    Oh, they can't?

    Art I § 21 Imprisonment for debt.

    Sec. 21. No person shall be imprisoned for debt arising out of or founded on contract, express or implied, except in cases of fraud or breach of trust.

    Trying to get away with budgeting $16,000/per student when your are only capably of paying $14,000/student. I may not be an accounting genius, but even I can use a calculator and Excel. I'm pretty sure those poor math skills demonstrated in Highland Park constitutes fraud.

    I would recommend that AG Schuette take an active role as well and look at criminal proceedings for the principles involved, but we all know about the lack of intestinal fortitude he has about actually doing his job and getting involved when it comes to other politicians.

    So to bottom line it, here are your choices: Let people act stupidly and live with the results so that they can learn the hard way not to ever do it again, or take money from people who have made responsible decisions and give it to those who cannot?

    The clock is ticking.

    < NO Reservation needed to see Rick Santorum at the Streeter's Reserved Room in Traverse City. | You can thank Mitt Romney for killing coal plants. >

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    AG Schuette? (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Sun Feb 26, 2012 at 10:36:58 AM EST




    Surely you jest, KG

    to do nothing (none / 0) (#2)
    by Tom McMillin on Sun Feb 26, 2012 at 01:52:51 PM EST
    would have meant up to 1,000 kids roaming the streets (literally) tomorrow.
    our state constitution requires that we, the taxpayers, educate them.

    Did I miss the part where it said that... (none / 0) (#4)
    by KG One on Sun Feb 26, 2012 at 05:00:13 PM EST
    ...the taxpayers shall be continually fleeced to make up for the gross incompetence of local districts?

    The state did it's part under Art VIII § 2: It took money from the productive class (read: Michigan Taxpayers) and transferred it into Highland Park where through the magic of, well, whatever system they thought might worked, tried to pay for $16,000 worth of education per student with only $14,000/student actually coming in.

    The Michigan Constitution also requires holding elected officials responsible and removing them from office when necessary. So if you are going to cite the Constitution, when can we see that happen?

    Look, it is not only time to make an example out of them before Wednesday's Rally (AG Schuette showing up in person that morning to personally subpoena records would be a great start...make sure you call in the TV stations), but you've apparently forgotten this is only one school district; how many other Michigan school districts are ready to go tango uniform?

    Will you give each and every one of them a "loan" to cover their obvious mismanagement?

    You'll burn through any state surplus before you know it, if you do that. You might even go in the red.

    And what about cities?

    We all know that Detroit is next. The question is exactly when?

    Is a "loan" in their future, too?

    What about any other cities who is in a similar situation?

    In for a penny, in for a pound. They'll be no avoiding the problem then. Hello red ink!

    To illustrate how much serious the underlying problem is, I shot this question out to some friends and got one response back this afternoon regarding one of the cities in Macomb County.

    Eastpointe Budget Projections

    According to the information on the home page of the Eastpointe website (if anyone is curious, the source is here), for some time now they have been, and are projected to continually spend, more money than they are taking in...just like in Highland Park.

    PA 4 takes a reactive approach to the problem. It waits for requests from local governments, disgruntled vendors, or citizens to collect signatures...all of which takes time while the problem gets continually worse.

    This information I posted is public record, so why isn't Lansing taking a more proactive approach to minimize the trouble in this city and others like it before we're talking about some real money here?

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