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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    You can thank Mitt Romney for killing coal plants.

    By JenKuznicki, Section News
    Posted on Sun Feb 26, 2012 at 10:21:21 AM EST
    Tags: romney, Michigan, epa, coal plants (all tags)

    I have spent a good amount of time researching modern environmentalism, its rabid enthusiasts and its choke-hold on the economy.  I didn't ever plan to until a coal plant was proposed in my town, and I watched as government and environmental groups worked shoulder to shoulder to stop it from happening, no matter what accommodations the energy company proposed.  

    So, this video of Mitt Romney means so much to me, and when accidentally finding it a few weeks ago, I dug a little deeper until I realized what a pickle Romney would be in if he becomes President.

    "I will not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people, and that plant, that plant kills people, and PG&A has been given a notice, to have it cleaned up by 2004, and they have thumbed their nose at the people of Massachusetts and Salem Harbor by not cleaning it up on time..."

    Environmentalists kill jobs, lower our standard of living, crush industry, and strangle the economy.  They sue the government on your behalf, using bogus information, claiming to act with self-righteous vigor for your safety.  They muck up every permit sought by industrial companies by using a global network of letter-writers and emailers, prolonging every decision, while moving in to each town where an energy plant is proposed, and work to muck up local government actions.  Feeding off of fears, they cause paralysis in a process described as "death by a thousand paper cuts."  While claiming they know what is best for the environment and your health, they cash in on speculation as your tax dollars fund whatever new green initiative is making a very short term profit.  All the while, receiving grants that your federal government gives them to stay in business.

    And it's all based on lies and fear.

    Putting aside the robust, incredulous way that Mitt Romney describes the energy company in the clip, what he is saying is simply repeated lies from the hackery of modern environmentalism.  He perhaps may be able to explain this clip to the satisfaction of those only paying superficial attention to the issue, but he will not be able to distance himself from his actions in Massachusetts.  Romney's top advisors from Massachusetts are now directing the EPA and science policy in the Obama administration, acting on a Supreme Court decision that Romney's Attorney General brought that, incredibly, assumes regulatory control over carbon dioxide, a component of the atmosphere without which, there would be no life on earth.

    The final nail in the coffin for my town's proposed coal plant is an edict issued by the EPA, written by Gina McCarthy, Romney's top environmental advisor who was tasked by Romney to develop and implement the state's first global warming action plan.  Ironically, Romney's shifting position on global warming has led him to applaud the very types of plants that his former appointee has deemed unacceptable.  So, if Romney disliked the PG&A coal plant because it was old, just know that new coal plants with the latest technology and best emissions standards are no longer feasible, because of McCarthy and the EPA.  Even if your state regulates emissions, it no longer has the right to determine those standards on it's own.  Now, Romney's standards in Massachusetts are being implemented at the federal level.

    On the campaign trail, Romney has shifted away from his Massachusetts policies, and has toned down his rhetoric to explain that liquified coal plants are the right way to keep our nation energy efficient and independent.  He agrees with Al Gore's carbon capture program that is nothing but an idea that makes the energy company responsible for developing the idea, increasing costs immeasurably. However those coal plants, like the one proposed in my town, are now impossible because his own policies in Massachusetts are being used nationwide.  To be sure, the goals and action plan of McCarthy's work in Massachusetts are about three years ahead of where the nation is right now.

    But perhaps the most damning revelation in Mitt Romney's record in his progressive laboratory of Massachusetts, is seeking the advice from Obama's science czar, John Holdren.  Holdren is so far left on environmental issues, that his public suggestions have included putting sterilants in public drinking water, forced abortions, population control and confiscation of babies.  In the end, the modern radical environmentalist works to decrease the human population to save Mother Earth.  

    So we are being asked to believe that the man who was a smart-growther 7 years ago, put in place the toughest CO2 caps in the nation, created building initiatives that stack people in big cities to somehow save the environment from urban sprawl, and did it all on the advice of some of the most radical and authoritarian control freaks in the rabid environmental movement, is going to completely change his attitude.  He won't be able to, and I'll tell you why.

    Mitt Romney made Gina McCarthy a very powerful person, able to write law, legislating through regulation.  It would be dangerous politically for him to fire her from the EPA, because the Supreme Court says she can do what she is doing, through a landmark case that his own AG brought during his administration in Massachusetts.

    Not Mitt, not anyone would be a smooth-enough flip-flopper to be able to purge the EPA and the rest of the administration from those who find humans expendable in the grand cause of saving the Earth.

    Not when you were the guy who made them so powerful.

    < Stupidity should be painful. | Michigan Redistricting: Court of Appeals >

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