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    Tag: Mike Rogers (page 2)

    Freedom Index

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Fri Jul 05, 2013 at 12:46:00 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Freedom Index, Constitution, Sen. Carl Levin, 13%, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, 18%, CD-1, Dan Benishek, 70%, CD-2, Bill Huizenga, 76%, CD-3, Justin Amash, 93%, CD-4, Dave Camp, 53%, CD-5, Daniel Kildee, 30%, CD-6, Fred Upton, 48%, CD-7, Tim Walberg, 71%, CD-8, Mike Rogers, 51%, CD-9, Sander Levin, 16%, CD-10, Candice Miller, CD-11, Kerry Bentivolio, 80%, CD-12, John Dingell, 21%, CD-13, John Conyers, 28%, CD-14, Gary Peters, 15% (all tags)

    The 2013 Update of the Freedom Index is out.

    The Freedom Index: A Congressional Scorecard Based on the U.S. Constitution rates congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements. The percentages below are cumulative scores are based on key votes from 1999 through 2013. Click on a senator's or representative's name to get a detailed breakdown of his or her voting record.


    Sen. Carl Levin - 13%
    Sen. Debbie Stabenow - 18%
    Dist.1: Dan Benishek - 70%
    Dist.2: Bill Huizenga - 76%
    Dist.3: Justin Amash - 93%
    Dist.4: Dave Camp - 53%
    Dist.5: Daniel Kildee - 30%
    Dist.6: Fred Upton - 48%
    Dist.7: Tim Walberg - 71%
    Dist.8: Mike Rogers - 51%
    Dist.9: Sander Levin - 16%
    Dist.10: Candice Miller - 51%
    Dist.11: Kerry Bentivolio - 80%
    Dist.12: John Dingell - 21%
    Dist.13: John Conyers - 28%
    Dist.14: Gary Peters - 15%

    48? 51? 53 percent constitutionally competent?  We KNOW the Democrats have abandoned any allegiance to the constitution, but its truly disturbing how 'our side' has characters that would so willingly disregard the TRUE rule of law.

    (4 comments) Comments >>

    The critical need for a Select Committee on Benghazi *Action Item*

    By jenkuz, Section News
    Posted on Wed May 15, 2013 at 09:57:15 AM EST
    Tags: Mike Rogers, MI, Benghazi, whistleblowers, select committee (all tags)

    I don't know about you, but I kind of resent that I have to repeatedly beg a few men in a far off city to do the right thing.  

    Representative Frank Wolf has 146 Co-Sponsors to House Resolution 36, which calls for a Select Committee to investigate the attack on Benghazi.

    According to The Hill, while many of the members of the committees that oversee this issue have signed on to HR 36, the chairmen of those committees and Speaker Boehner stand against a select committee.

    The Chairmen in question are:

    Chairman of the Intelligence Committee: Mike Rogers R-MI
    Chairman of the Judiciary Committee: Bob Goodlatte R-VA
    Chairman of Oversight and Government Reform: Darrell Issa R-CA
    Chairman of Armed Services: Howard "Buck" McKeon R-CA
    Chairman of Foreign Affairs: Ed Royce R-CA

    More below..

    (2 comments, 635 words in story) Full Story

    A Message To Our Legislators - Beware False Choices

    And How Are Michigan Legislators Weighing In?

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Thu Apr 25, 2013 at 02:21:32 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Health Care, Purse Strings, Constitution, Section VIII #1, The Power Of Congress, Congress, Candace Miller, Dave Camp, Bill Huizinga, Justin Amash, Mike Rogers, Dan Benishek, Tim Walberg, Fred Upton, Kerry Bentivolio (all tags)

     Bozell: GOP Talks to Exempt Lawmakers and Staff From ObamaCare "Ultimate Hypocrisy"

    Today 'ForAmerica' Chairman L. Brent Bozell III released a statement regarding reports that Republican leadership in Congress is in secret negotiations to exempt themselves and their staffs from ObamaCare.

    "Recent news reports reveal that the Republican leadership in Congress is participating in the ultimate hypocrisy: months of secret meetings with Democrats to betray the most important promise they made to their supporters in 2010. Rather than forcing repeal of ObamaCare, they are discussing exempting themselves and their staffs from it. This is what Third World dictators and tyrannical kings do - they create mandates for the supposed `good' of the peasants, while exempting themselves from the burdens of their whims. Our message is clear: stop these secret meetings immediately and get to work defunding and repealing ObamaCare so everyone, not just you and your staff, can be freed from its burdens."
    Been on THIS before.

    Back in 2010 Dave Camp PROMISED to defund as a mission of last resort, the Obamacare act that inappropriately bears the name "affordable". If I am not mistaken, we are at the last resort stage now.

    Hello, is this thing on?

    We should remind our legislators that their words of promise have become meaningless, and the line between those whom we would call 'Republican' to the evil that is progressivism, is truly blurred.

    Know which side you are on or get the hell out of the way.

    (1 comment) Comments >>

    Carl Levin Out, Many Interested

    By Conservative First, Section News
    Posted on Mon Mar 11, 2013 at 01:08:09 AM EST
    Tags: Senate, Carl Levin, Gary Peters, Mike Rogers, Terri Land, Justin Amash, Roger Khan (all tags)

    After 36 years in the Senate, 87-year-old democrat senator Carl Levin is finally retiring.  Levin has amassed a long and terrible record that this I only partially chronicled back in 2008.

    The Carl Levin Record

    Michigan is pretty democrat in Presidential years, but leans Republican in midterms.  Still, the last time Michigan Republicans defeated an incumbent democrat senator was 1952.  While we had essentially no chance of beating Levin, this open seat is a prime opportunity.

    (10 comments, 675 words in story) Full Story

    A Method To The Madness

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed Feb 20, 2013 at 09:00:48 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, The Power Of Congress, Congress, Candace Miller, Dave Camp, Bill Huizinga, Justin Amash, Mike Rogers, Dan Benishek, Tim Walberg, Fred Upton, Kerry Bentivolio (all tags)

    There is a reason I publish the press releases.

    It opens a dialogue to Michigan's representatives. Our folks who travel to that distant land to make the rules and spend our monies. They presumably speak and act for us, so its an opportunity to remind them of their mission, and the things they CAN do. They can subpoena, they can investigate, they can IMPEACH! But one thing that is as relevant as anything is in the financial end, and affects our prosperity.  So a question should be asked and answered.

    With Congress having the power of the purse, why on earth is the EPA, the NLRB, the BIA, HHS, DOE, DOE-2 (ed), and HUD still funded?

    I would argue that simply eliminating these agencies, we not only reduce or eliminate the deficits, but we also spark a new round of economic prosperity.  Each agency is a block in some way to innovation, individual rights, and the ability for the little guy to get ahead.

    • De-fund the EPA, and the producers can catch up to the overzealous regulatory controls.  Congress itself should have such power.
    • De-fund the NLRB, and the Job creators can stop worrying about the feds up their butt when staffing changes are necessary.  There is no constitutional allowance for the existence for the NLRB anyhow.
    • The BIA?  Why do we still have nations within our nation?  And why do we allow their citizens to participate in OUR election process when there is no way we could do the same. As an FYI, there are things that can be done on the RES that are not constitutional.
    • HHS holds the key to Obamacare.  If it is gone, so is Obamacare.  Why is it still operating? Could Candace Miller check that for us?  How about it Dave Camp? (Who said it was on the table when I asked in 2010)  DR. Dan? Mike? Justin? Fred? Kerry? Tim?!
    • The DOE has been around long enough to see to it that no nuclear power facilities are developed in decades, Coal resources are allowed to be blocked by the EPA, Natural resources are closed off to energy production, solar power is presented as a viable alternative and is mandated, and our technology is exported to competing world powers.  Higher energy cost due to its existence kill job creation. Whats not to love?
    • The DOE-2 (dept of education) offers no advantage over state directed curriculum.  It burdens our schools with dumbing-down CORE mandates, and funnels precious tax dollars to non performing institutions. It has no mandate under the constitution.  Schools are not a federal concern.
    • Finally, there is HUD. Under this monstrosity, the milking of America is complete. There is nothing that compares to a new subsidized housing project in a community that is once thriving, but then is overwhelmed by the type of people who occupy them.  Festering hives of poverty develop where HUD sets up shop. I have spoken to more than a few emergency workers who have experienced the urbanization of HUD.  Their towns and cites are in shambles.  The calls to these places of government largess are far in excess of those in suburbia or rural non planned environments.

    HUD is a cornerstone of A21 as well.  The leveling of America to the lowered European standards that the entire world should enjoy.  Communities are promised grant moneys through HUD to install their honeycombed urban dwellings in areas that have no need for the moneys. Naive local governments find these things hard to resist. Free Money, though ignored is the ongoing cost of inviting a permanent welfare settlement.

    We de-fund and eliminate HUD, and people have to actually WORK to pay for their housing once more. Working builds wealth. Wealth is a nation's strength.

    And frankly, its perfectly alright if the United States of America were to actually try to be the best again.

    (2 comments) Comments >>

    So You Know Whom They are

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed Jan 02, 2013 at 12:09:49 AM EST
    Tags: Fiscal Cliff, Debt Ceiling, Michigan, Congressmen, HR 8, Dan Benishek, Bill Huizenga, Dave Camp, Fred Upton, Congressman Tim Walberg, Mike Rogers, Candice Miller, Thaddeus McCotter (all tags)

    Once upon a time we had a wall of shame.

    We placed the names of those who supposedly stand for responsible government, and would have presumably known their power, upon these pages.  We pointed out how they buckled to the deceiver in the white house, and perpetuated the burden on our children ad finitum.  The faces and names have only been slightly changed,but here we go again, seeing the inability to recognize where the lines must be drawn. It was Congressman Dan Benishek, Congressman Bill Huizenga, Congressman Dave Camp, Congressman Fred Upton, Congressman Tim Walberg, Congressman Mike Rogers, Congresswoman Candice Miller, and the notorious Congressman Thaddeus McCotter who allowed the debt ceiling to increase.

    No line in the sand was drawn, no ultimatum, just a stupid deal that we have understood for the last several months to be a "fiscal cliff" of automatic cuts, punishments, reductions, tax increases, etc. The obvious toilet bowl baby of massive proportion, baked up by the usual suspects. And rubber stamped on the foreheads of the dummies who call themselves Republican from the list above.

    Redemption requires a real change of heart.  

    Amash played it right the first time.  He understood that the Marxists in the other chamber, and specifically the thug holding the executive office could not be trusted without limits being placed on them.  The debt, the spending, the taxation, and all the graft accompanying this most recent development changed nothing, but in fact buys the urn in which the ashes of our constitution will reside.  The good representative needs no remorse, for he has served his office well.

    He was joined in resisting the less than acceptable bludgeon to common sense and morality that Congress has dealt tonight.

    Justim Amash, Tim Walberg, and Bill Huizinga, were alone out of our Michigan contingent to vote against being steam rolled. They voted against a package that raises taxes, spends MORE and does NOTHING to solve the debt or the deficit that we will likely never see an end to; at least until the collapse of our currency. Walberg and Huizinga have recognized the stakes in allowing the future of our country to be defined by the other side.

    Dave Camp, Fred Upton, Candace Miller, and Dan Benishek? Just plain pathetic, weak, and merely useless.


    Perhaps deserving of another spot on the wall.

    Update [2013-1-2 6:42:10 by JGillman]: And how this one slipped I don't know. Mike Rogers as well. (Thanks C1)

    (44 comments) Comments >>

    Really, Rep. Rogers?

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 06:33:47 PM EST
    Tags: Mike Rogers, FBI, Eric Cantor, House Republicans, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Jill Kelley, Lieawatha Warren, Holly Petraeus, Massive Election Fraud, the Obama Putsch (all tags)

    via The Detroit News

    Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, suggested on Sunday that the White House may not have been completely forthcoming with Congress about the Petraeus affair.

    "I'm not sure the president wasn't told before the election," Rogers said on the NBC news show "Meet the Press." Rogers didn't elaborate.


    GMAFB.  Did this guy lose his 5 year career with the FBI because they switched to mechanical pencils so they didn't need him around to sharpen #2 yellows, or what?  No, Rep. Rogers.  The better question is, Eric Cantor.

    But when he was given the David Petraeus scandal on a silver platter by an FBI whistleblower, more than a week before the election, Cantor turned the information over to the FBI, the same agency which had been conducting the cover-up on Obama's behalf. Indeed, this cover-up is why the whistleblower came to Cantor. The predictable result of going to the FBI, headed by Robert Mueller, who was re-appointed by Obama, is that nothing was done and Obama won the election.

    This wouldn't be a first.  Cantor also went out of his way to protect Obama friendly "establishment" players, too.  To kick swamp slime up one more notch, there's also the Lieawatha Warren, and Holly Petraeus, connection too.  Why, this whole damn election, with all the voter fraud that went on, is beginning to look like the biggest charade ever perpetrated on the American public by the alleged "Two Party" system.

    Comments >>

    Tell it to the Nerd Voters, Rep. Rogers

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Tue Oct 09, 2012 at 09:40:31 AM EST
    Tags: Mike Rogers, Rick Snyder, U of M, ChiComs, DRIC-NITC, Sino-Michigan Properties LLC, Obamacare Health Exchange, Anti-Right To Work, Public-Private Partnerships, Crony Capitalism, MEDC, Light Rail boondoggles, Massive Federal debt is not a factor, Epic FAIL, Tax Hiker, One Term Nerd, Agema start scouting, 2014 (all tags)

    Noticed an interesting post discussing our infrastructure, and communications over at Hall of Record

    Huawei, a global Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer already doing limited business in the U.S., poses a threat to national and corporate security say members of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Those congressmen speak to Steve Kroft for a 60 Minutes investigation to be broadcast Sunday, Oct. 7 at 7:30 p.m. ET and 7:00 p.m. PT.

    The world's largest maker of telecommunications equipment has been under investigation for the past year by the committee, which will issue its report on the Chinese company on Monday. The committee's chair, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), tells Kroft, "If I were an American company today...and you are looking at Huawei, I would find another vendor if you care about your intellectual property, if you care about your consumers' privacy, and you care about the national security of the United States of America."


    No kidding, Mike.  Good thing the Canadians had Snyder file a Buy American waiver on their DRIC, too.

    Sure poses a quagmire for the MI-GOP loyalists, and the ChiCom loving Governerd, doesn't it?

    Comments >>

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