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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Wrong Again

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sun Dec 15, 2013 at 12:49:36 PM EST
    Tags: Dave Agema, Conservative, Principles, Political Correctness, Jen Gratz, Saul Anuzis, Dennis Lennox, Progressives, Relativism, Rick Snyder, Michigan, editorials, MIGOP, RNC, Unapologetically Right, Chosen Behaviors, Self Destruction (all tags)

    He picked the wrong side of the argument once again.

    Saul Anuzis former RNC committeeman still has it in for the man who replaced him, OR he really does like promotion of homosexuality, and that which it carries in its side car.  Either way, he has made his bed with Dennis Lennox, and other young progressives in the party who wish to pander to the baser instincts of the forbidden fruits.

    But ignoring the results of such pandering and adjustment of social conscience to the legal protections we afford our youth is some bad Juju.  Just ask prosecutors in Florida:

    "The case involves Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt, an 18-year-old in Sebastian, Florida, who was arrested in February after admitting that she had a lesbian affair with a 14-year high-school freshman. .. It is a felony in Florida to have sex with 14-year-olds. Hunt was expelled from Sebastian High School -- where she and the younger girl had sex in a restroom stall -- and charged with two counts of "felony lewd and lascivious battery on a child." The charges could put Hunt in prison for up to 15 years.  ..

    Using the slogan "Stop the Hate, Free Kate" ..

    Portraying Hunt as the victim of prejudice, her supporters claim she was only prosecuted because she is homosexual and because the parents of the unnamed 14-year-old are "bigoted religious zealots," as Hunt's mother said in a poorly written Facebook post. The apparent public-relations strategy was described by Matthew Philbin of Newsbusters: "If you can play the gay card, you immediately trigger knee-jerk support from the liberal media and homosexual activists anxious to topple any and all rules regarding sex."

    Rules, right?

    Rules mean NOTHING when reason is toppled. In the above case, we see the natural progress of 'political correctness.'

    And Saul's effort to vilify his esteemed replacement relies on just that method.  By contextually abusing comments of Ronald Reagan, and confusing actual bigotry with a conscious  disassociation to unhealthy lifestyles, he is solidifying his support for unhealthy, and nontraditional physical relationships.

    Go below the fold.

    His reference to Reagan was to confront what he infers is bigotry. From ThatsSaulFolks.com:"
    "We must never remain silent in the face of bigotry. We must condemn those who seek to divide us. In all quarters and at all times, we must teach tolerance and denounce racism, anti-Semitism, and all ethnic or religious bigotry wherever they exist as unacceptable evils. We have no place for haters in America -- none, whatsoever."

    Ronald Reagan's Remarks to Members of the Congregation of Temple Hillel and Jewish Community Leaders in Valley Stream, New York October 26, 1984

    A common theme, unlikely to be disavowed directly, as the man has clearly assumed ground temperature.

    But Reagan's words did NOT include promotion of sex based identities.  And the part surely meant to infer tolerance for such destructive lifestyle choices; "We have no place for haters in America," was meant to reflect an attitude toward those who hate Jews. (at the time "hymietown" commenter Jesse Jackson could be counted as one of those) Using statements out of context is probably not a great way to craft an argument, but is a good way to propagandize.

    Another such abused quote

    "And let me say there is no place in the Republican Party for those who would exhibit prejudice against anyone. There's no place in our party for the kind of bigotry and ugly rhetoric that we've been hearing outside our party recently. We have no room for hate here, and we have no place for the haters."

    Ronald Reagan's Remarks at a Question-and-Answer Session with Elected Republican Women Officials, June 29, 1984

    is completely about Women's equality issues.

    Saul also refers to an article by Jen Gratz.  In her commentary "Divisive politics only hurt GOP," in the Detroit News, she writes:

    "Gov. Rick Snyder's recent rebuke of Michigan National Committeeman Dave Agema's outlandish statements about gay people being diseased health care cheats is a welcome relief from the poisonous group identity politics that infect both the Democratic and Republican parties."
    A paragraph which actually caused me to skip reading the article in its entirety for a while.

    Frankly, the poison has been misidentified.

    While we can wholeheartedly agree with her protest of racial pandering (African-American Empowerment Office in Detroit. Not a "Detroit Office" that outreaches to any and all residents ..) in the piece, she destroys the same protest by doing her own pandering to a sexual-activity/identity based group. She furthers her own discrediting by speaking of principle over pandering, yet fails to recognize her own words betray the principles of a party that believes in the sanctity of traditional families; something endangered by promotion of dangerous and socially damaging behavior.  

    She was wrong on that.

    And Saul's "principles" have perhaps been adjusted as well?

    In 2005, Anuzis was furious with Congressman McCotter for promoting hate crimes legislation that included Homosexuals, 'blasting' McCotter as:"

    "one of only thirty Republican congressmen nationwide to join Democrats in supporting an amendment to establish special enhanced prison sentences for crimes allegedly motivated by disapproval of homosexual behavior."
    I wonder how one's principles are so easily adjusted?

    The community of those who identify based on their carnal desires has other relativistic effect as well.  Schools already in the midst of an anti-bullying fervor that akin to the spiritual orchiectomy of the male students, now has promotion of bestiality as a pleasant side effect. By Golly, who wouldn't want to go see the Christmas play; The Goat?

    "CAREFREE, Ariz. - Some parents of students at Cactus Shadows High School are outraged over a play that has students acting out sexual encounters with a goat, and using vulgar sexual expressions.

    Other parents of students in teacher Andrew Cupo's advanced drama class believe the concerns are overblown, and resent parents who questioned their children about the sexually explicit play without their permission.

    Parents attended the governing board meeting for the Cave Creek Unified School District Tuesday and shared about two hours of public comment on the play "The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?" by Edward Albee, which revolves around a character who falls in love with a goat and has sex with it, AZCentral.com reports."

    Ahh, feel for the poor man who has to decide between a fading normalcy and his lust for the heretofore forbidden fruit.

    Which never would have happened in our schools only a generation ago.

    Which is one of the reasons there is a platform that calls unnatural acts "Unnatural."

    Tolerance for differing opinions, appearances, and even lifestyles is one thing.  But promoting the 'principles' of the progressive left within the Republican party is quite yet another.

    As evidenced by the support of the Michigan Republican State Committee, which met yesterday, the majority of Republicans still hold true to the principles of faith and family.  Committeeman Agema spoke of the political correctness run amuck, and drew ONLY applause for his comments. All of the divisiveness being witnessed is from a marginal element (Bolger, Anuzus, Lennox, etc.. ) within the party who have abandoned their principles in order to appeal to those who will never support their cause and will only encourage the internal divide anyhow.

    How funny is it, where the original context originated:

    "Actually, that quote was taken by a reporter who was at a holiday reception for the Berrien County GOP.  That reporter, according to her facebook page, is a fan of Barack and Michele Obama, "likes" the facebook pages Americans Against the Tea Party; Telling Dick Cheney to Shut the Hell Up; Telling Rush Limbaugh he is full of crap; Healthcare Reform; Healthcare for America Now; People who support the Health Care law; give obama a break, it takes 8 years to clean this crap up; Michelle Obama; ObamaCare; and Health Equity.  News reporters never come to these events, but a GOPer that was there said that neither did the delegates at large who are elected to State positions and are friends with the man Agema defeated for Committeeman."

    Anuzis stops short of attacking Mr Agema directly as his minions are wont to do, but the tenor of his weekly update makes it clear he is willing to engage in the destruction of a fellow Republican for his own gain, OR he is using a new found "Prerogative to change his mind."

    How progressive.

    And wrong.

    < The Arcane Voice of Kerry '04 Granholm '06 and Obama '08 Doth Saith | Soon We Will Know >

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