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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    To the Livingston County Democrats - those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

    By Republican Michigander, Section News
    Posted on Fri Sep 03, 2010 at 01:52:45 PM EST
    Tags: crime, Livingston County, Kevin Shopshire, Judy Daubenmier, Democrats, campaign finance (all tags)

    Awhile back, Judy Daubenmier, Kevin Shopshire, (both former reporters part of the media) and the local democrats were going crazy about one of our county commissioners who was unopposed for election, from clicking the waiver wire. It was a mistake, a blunder, since corrected, but wasn't front page material.

    The post primaries were due yesterday. After this broad shot fired across the board, I'm here to show in spades that those in glass houses should not throw stones. Whether it was due to malfeasance or just incompetence, Judy Daubenmier's crew screwed up. If you are going to fire off, you better be clean, because I can find where the skeletons are buried.

    First, disclaimers. This violates the spirit of the law, and also the letter if internet websites are considered "print" or "broadcast" ads. Who paid for the dem commissioner websites? I'll get to that in a minute.

    Disclaimer requirements are found here with the Secretary of State - http://www.michigan.gov/documents/APPENDIX_J__157779_7.pdf

    The democrat commissioner candidates (almost all of them) have copyrights, but their website ads have no "Paid for by Committee" and no "Committee's Address." listed. Copyrights aren't the same as "paid for" disclaimers. I have them here printed off as well in case they change things quickly and then say it didn't happen.

    Who paid for their sites? The Livingston County Democrats, which did not report that in their campaign finance reports. How do we know that. First, all their sites are based on the Kelly Raskauskas site, which has no disclaimer. They look the same for the most part, some doing a better job updating than others. That means the same people are likely behind all of the websites. There's nothing wrong with that on its face. That's legal, if it is disclosed.

    I checked Network Solutions to see who the site contacts were. For all of them except Kelly's site which used a proxy. Jon Jenkins (livcodems@xxxxx.com) XXXXX Grand River, Brighton MI 48116. That the democrat party HQ. Registrant, and most important - Billing contact. I caught this around July 23rd or so around pre-primary time. County democrats paid for this, and need to report it as an in-kind expenditure or as a direct expenditure. Those websites were not reported. I was waiting till September 2nd to see what was covered in the required post-primary if they spend money on the primary elections.

    Those sites need to say "Paid for by Democrats Destroyed Detroit, Address, city, MI," or at least their party name.

    Secondly, corporate money was used to fund the democrats county party. That's bigtime illegal. Anyone that knows anything about campaign finance laws know that corporations can not donate money directly to campaigns. The Culprits are Maverick Projects Limited. PO Box 484, Howell. 48844. Corporate number 040227. Eds Sports Equipment Sales. ** Culver (home address, so it is withheld). Brighton 48116. Corporate number 146068. Not every business account is a corporation, and non corporate business donations ARE legal, as long as it is reported by the owner or partner making the contribution. I can donate from my business account, which is not a corporation. It would have to be reported as my name, not the company's. These are illegal donations that must be returned, or they are guilty of a criminal offense. It does not take long to find out whether a business is a corporation, LLC, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship. The State has listing of all business licenses. If it's not listed with the state, it means it isn't a corporation.

    Other interesting things I noticed are as follows.

    Amir Baghdadchi, Candidate for County Commissioner in Hamburg Township. On his May 14th (after filing deadline), 2010 donation to county party, he listed his address city as Northville, Michigan. Northville is mostly in Wayne County, with a small part in Oakland County. None of it is in Hamburg. Where does his live? Hamburg or Northville?

    David Berry's employer is Solidarity House. UAW. Berry is a candidate for county commissioner. I don't think we need the UAW's politics on the county board. The UAW's knee jerk democrat politics is as much of the problem with jobs as management. They even sold out on outsourcing with the GM strike negotiations in the 1990's.

    Mike McGuinness is also a supporter. Right Michigan has the story on him. He was until recently the chair for Oakland County Democrats. His employee and roommate, Jason Bauer, was the guy who notorized ineligible candidates for the BSTP. Dogs and fleas come to mind.

    With all the wailing, press releases, and yapping coming from Judy Daubenmier and Kevin Shopshire, you would think that the county democrats would make sure their bases  are covered, that they dotted their i's, crossed their t's, and make sure everything is legitimate. Instead, they try to pass this junk off as acceptable. It's unacceptable. We have a well run county here thanks to the Republicans. Democrats on the other hand destroyed Detroit. Now the democrats want us to pass the best county in southeast Michigan to the same people that take illegal donations and do not tell us who paid for their stuff.

    I don't think so. Let's keep our AAA bond rating here, low taxes, and yes, low debt.

    < FINALITEA - NO FAKE TEA | Alton Davis Should Not Appear On The Nov 02 Ballot >

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    Shopshire (none / 0) (#1)
    by Philo on Sun Sep 05, 2010 at 07:34:55 PM EST
    Why am I not surprised that THAT guy is throwing stones in his own glass house?
    "It would seem that in a democracy, the people get the kind of government they deserve..."
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