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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Who's your daddy?

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Fri Jun 04, 2010 at 01:48:08 PM EST
    Tags: Santa Claus, Phil Power, Center For Michigan, Truth, Lies, Truth squad, Leftist, Elitists (all tags)

    Lets talk about wolves pretending to be sheep..

    If Santa Claus dressed himself as Batman would he be Batman?  He may fool some, but his bulbous reality would reveal at the very least he wouldn't very likely LOOK the part.  And unless some of that magic Santa dust can perform some miraculous effect, a fat man doing the dark knight's work might end in disaster.  Besides, apart from a "girth" issue, there would also be the small problem of his entourage, be they smelly little elves, reindeer, or a bunch of little kids (who are smarter than the average bad guy) following him around and KNOW that its really Santa Claus, that would blow the fat man's cover.

    Well.. the entourage is REALLY the secret in the sauce for the Truth Squad, a new "service" that suggests it is there to help voters determine who is taking creative license in their political advertising.

    Let talk about it..  below the fold.

    To start with, the "analysts" in charge are Rick Haglund, and  Susan Demas.  Both of them would be considered "accredited" journalists with years of experience.  In Fact, they might even be able to have permission to write under Bruce Patterson's new proposal.  Of course the years of experience are in writing, and my sources in the news circles suggest Haglund is a pretty straight shooter while Demas is radical enough of a lefty, to have earned her own magnetic pole.

    A fair and balanced committee?  Perhaps.. Except it is being run by the "Center For Michigan", an outfit presumably trying to present itself as a "think tank", and is according to some recent reporting, considered centrist.  That reporting however is akin to the fake-out being perpetrated by the Fat Batman in the opening paragraph of this story.  The reality is that the Center For Michigan appears to be more of a progressive front group for some heavy hitting lefties, who have been trying to crawl under the skin of Michiganders even more permanently, as parasites most often will.

    Who runs the Center For Michigan?

    It was "founded " by Phil Power a former publisher, was also a Blanchard appointee to his Democrat Activist wife Sarah Goddard Power's seat (she jumped out of a tall building, and committed suicide in 1987) on the board of Regents for the University of Michigan and served until his defeat in 1998.  Power has been a strong advocate for affirmative action, and the following statement from his reflections of his time as Regent demonstrates this:

        "Another distressing finding is how frightfully emotional people get about the university's affirmative action policy in admissions. The new book, "The Shape of the River," makes the case (compellingly, at least to me) that affirmative action in elite universities around the country has been a considerable social success."

    Distressing indeed, when emotions attached seem to be from the writer suggesting that the policy under attack is a problem.  What wemust realize is, Power has a left based perspective to start.  A centrist he is not. But for the record, lets look at the entourage as I suggested earlier that gives more information on who is really under the mask of this"think-and-do tank", and what drives them, shall we?

    The following is a list of those simply on the "Steering committee"  for the Center for Michigan.

    • Richard T. Cole, Chair, Department of Advertising, Public Relations and Retailing, Michigan State University  - HEAVY Leftist Democrat hitter.  Thousands of political donations to the folks who have wrecked this state.  I have previously pointed out several of those gifts, and the fact it was merely a sampling.

    • Paul Courant, former Provost and Professor, Ford School of Public Policy and Department of Economics, University of Michigan - Another big lefty donor samples provided as well

    • Paul Dimond, Of Counsel, Miller Canfield - Who also boasts Obama, Schauer and.. lookie there.. Joe Schwarz contributions (see below)

    • Elisabeth Gerber, Director, Center for Local, State and Urban Policy, and Professor, Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan - And who has studied ethnic populations as well as "Measuring Gay Population Density and the Incidence of Anti-Gay Hate Crime"  Quite obviously important subjects  ..for a particular ideology.

    • Larry Good, Chairman, Corporation for a Skilled Workforce - Democrat Donor and Jeffords supporter when Lieberman went "rogue".

    • Paul Hillegonds, Senior Vice President, DTE Energy; former President, Detroit Renaissance, and former Speaker, Michigan House of Representatives - Who Butters his bread on both sides, eesentially guaranteeing a drop of that bread makes a mess.  Supported such great conservatives as McCain, GW Bush and John Dingell.  Also a director of the center

    • Mike Jandernoa, managing partner of Bridge Street Capitol. - Big Republican supporter..  Whatcha doing Mikey? Associating with confirmed leftists? Of there is the Upton, Ehlers connection too.. ok nuff said. Token Center left Republican.

    • Jack Lessenberry, Professor of Journalism, Wayne State University, and Senior Political Analyst, radio station WUOM - And supports Stabenow and The big O

    • William G. Milliken, Former Governor of Michigan - I have previously commented on this guy.  RINO.. Supported Obama,

    • Mark Murray, President, CEO, Meijer Stores, Inc. and former president of Grand Valley State University.  Another double butterer.  Hey mark Stupak doesn't need your cash any more.. you can go straight now.

    • Milt Rohwer, President, The Frey Foundation.  - Supported Engler Once, but the decidedly "progressive" wife has been in control of the bank account for years, helping our current governor get, and retain, her miserable position as Michigan's executive destroyer.  Milt?  Are you really alive?

    • Doug Ross, former State Senator and Director of the Michigan Department of Commerce.- Another Big O supporter

    • Doug Rothwell, President, Detroit Renaissance, and former CEO, Michigan Economic Development Corporation  - It DOES say MEDC right?

    • Craig Ruff, Senior Policy Fellow, Public Sector Consultants - Nuther Butterer..  Is this what you have to do to have a successful consultant business? Kinda like "I really Like you, and oh yeah.. here is some cash, go wreck the economy.."

    • John A. ("Joe") Schwarz, Former member of Congress and former Michigan State Senator - Self infatuated, and RINO.. Supported Schauer over Walberg

    • Jan Urban-Lurain, President, Spectra Data and Research, Inc., and Senior Advisor, Corporation for a Skilled Workforce - 15 years of government with a BA in Social work. Ok Dokey

    • Cynthia Wilbanks, Vice President for State Relations, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Republican  Supported Snowe in Maine..  of ALL the outside Senate Republican campaigns.. picked THAT one.

    OK..  The entourage ..a decidedly MOTLEY crew.

    But lets look at Phil Powers himself, and some of his recently published concerns:


    "As members of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Executive Committee, we are deeply concerned that the recent surge of unwarranted criticism leveled against the MEDC will undermine Michigan's efforts and ability to attract business investment. All states are in fierce competition for stable, well-paying jobs-across all sectors and industries. Political in-fighting is a clear warning to business that a state lacks a cohesiveclimate for economic development and a clear signal to invest elsewhere."

    Wait... where have I seen that before?  Oh yeah... HERE:  MEDC Begs the Press to cut em some slack...

    Which also has besides Phil Power as executive committeeman and signatory,  Paul Hillegonds.

    The MEDC, that wonderful Cooperative force that couples Government with business in a decidedly progressive manner, has on its executive committee a couple guys who run an independent 503c3 advocacy organization that has leftist ties.  SURPRISE!!

    You can look at the Center For Michigan's website and find many wonderful problems to agree with them on, but pay close attention to the hints of disguise on more socially progressive solutions to the very problems created by the last set of ..socially progressive solutions.  Smoke, Mirrors, and little white half truths unfortunately will draw in those who are otherwise good people to support those who are decidedly NOT.

    Tigers have a hard time changing their stripes I am told. By its very make up, The Center For Michigan, which presents itself as a Center Right Think Tank, is hardly "center" much less.. Right.

    So what is the REAL parent of the Truth Squad?


    < Buyer Beware | What Is the Overton Window? >

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    These people started the con-con push too (none / 0) (#1)
    by Republican Michigander on Fri Jun 04, 2010 at 09:12:40 PM EST

    It's a real elitist crew who wants to keep control of power in government.

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