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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    High-Profile Opposition To The GoverNerd's Pain At The Pump

    By Kevin Rex Heine, Section News
    Posted on Fri Feb 15, 2013 at 11:55:29 PM EST
    Tags: Schostak Must Go, Courser 4 Chair, RNC 2012 Platform, Michigan Tax Limitation Amendment, Proposal 12-5, Saul Anuzis, Dave Agema, Terri Lynn Land (all tags)

    As I've mentioned more than once, most recently a little under three weeks ago, back when Saul Anuzis was defending his seat against Dave Agema, he cited a perfect example from his own tenure as state party chair of how the party can and should hold our elected officials accountable to the party's principles.  I find that example enlightening specifically because of it's similarity to the situation that Michigan Republicans find themselves in now.

    Between gas tax hikes, various fee increases, and getting our next fix of federal money (via signing onto the ObamaCare Exchange), it's starting to become really obvious why Governor Snyder opposed Proposal 12-5 (aka, the Michigan Tax Limitation Amendment), which, had it passed, would have provided the Michigan taxpayers with some insurance against this crap.  As Jason pointed out in his Michigan Republican September Convention Round-up (and as KG observed in the commentary), had TPTB within the MIGOP bothered to put a resolution supporting Prop 5 before the convention delegation, passage should have been no more than a housekeeping vote, especially given that the 2012 RNC Platform actually called for something like this.  But it wasn't brought up.  And even though initial public support for the proposal was high enough for passage, the lack of political support that the party could have provided coupled with the open assault by the GoverNerd was enough to kill it at the polls on Election Day.

    So now we have a chief executive who has some political capital to spend (as a result of being fortunate enough to be the one in office when a four-year, all-grassroots effort actually paid off), and who doesn't need to negotiate for a supermajority vote, apparently a little too eager to jump into the taxpayers' pocket instead of actually cutting the waste out of a ~$51 billion budget.  A reasonable question to ask might be, why is the silence from the leadership of the Michigan Republican Party, who by principle are required to oppose the governor's policies, so deafening?

    The only high-profile republican opposition to the governor right now isn't coming from within the hallowed halls of the Secchia-Weiser headquarters building, but rather from the challenger to the incumbent chairman.  I've been seeing links to Todd Courser's "Pain at the Pump" press release in my news feeds this week, and I've been wondering why the incumbent doesn't have the stones to do this.

    The Todd Courser press release, in its entirety:

    Lapeer, Michigan - Michigan Republican Party Chairman Candidate Todd Courser has come out against the gas tax increase proposed by Republican Governor Rick Snyder.  The Governor has proposed increasing the tax on regular and diesel fuel to 33 cents per gallon, an increase of 19 cents and 15 cents per gallon respectively.  In addition to increasing the cost at the pump, Governor Snyder's proposal calls for a 60% increase in registration fees, which averages out to an increase of $120 per year per vehicle.

    "As Republicans we have a platform that calls for lower taxes and limited government and the Governor's proposal contradicts these principles." said Courser.  "We need to offer a contrast to the failed policies of Granholm and the Democrat Party.  We should look at reducing spending and becoming more efficient rather than increasing the tax burden on already hurting families," said Courser.

    According to Mark Griffin of the Michigan Petroleum Association, the proposed plan would give Michigan "the worst gasoline tax in the country and the highest gas prices in the country."

    Courser responded, "As Chairman I will be an advocate for bold conservative leadership and principles.  We should not accept policies that go against our core beliefs and the gas tax proposal is one of those issues," continued Courser.  "Two options to consider are streamlining government agencies and equalizing labor costs with the private sector.  We also need to stop picking winners and losers by subsidizing one industry or business over another.  There are many alternatives to raising the gas tax and we should make every effort to be a fiscally responsible government, rather than over-burdening our constituents," said Courser.

    And there you go.

    < Bill Johnson on Ben Carson | Wayne County Taxpayers Assessment Program Returns >

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    Principles Are Like Clockweights- (5.00 / 1) (#1)
    by TiredIronTim on Sat Feb 16, 2013 at 02:33:06 AM EST
    Either you've got em or you don't.

    And when you've contributed 26 grand to radical left wing Dems, so thoroughly ignored the Constitution that you work a deal to backdate a law to save your kid brother a couple million bucks, and then act like a dictator to delegates in Lansing and Tampa, it's rather unlikely that you'd stand on principle when talking to a Lone Ranger governor who was never a pillar of the party before he bought his key to the office.
    But then, that's not all that unusual for an MRP chairman in the last 50+ years.
    In fact, there has never been a Constitutional Conservative leading the state party in over half a century- so is it any wonder we find ourselves continually grabbing our wallets back from GOP lawmakers while they're throwing cash at movie producers,speedways and prehistoric pension plans?

    • Aye. by JGillman, 02/16/2013 09:34:35 AM EST (none / 0)
    Mmhmm, $4.16 a gallon... (none / 0) (#3)
    by Corinthian Scales on Mon Jun 03, 2013 at 10:07:07 PM EST

    Wait til the stealth Democrat CEO and his merry band of tax addicted Nerdpublicans "reform" the gas tax.

    Chair Schostak?  Crickets chirping, again.


    And, it'll be deserved.  52 - 48, baby!

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