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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth

    By TiredIronTim, Section News
    Posted on Tue Sep 10, 2013 at 03:43:48 PM EST
    Tags: Medicaid expansion, GOP, Snyder, prevailing wage, Liberty Amendments, term limits (all tags)

    It's time to score some points of our own

    Most of the time, this phrase speaks to the basic concept of revenge. It never brings back the dead, or completely heals the wounded, but it does enable one to feel a bit of justice has been done.

    In the battle to stop further expansion of Medicaid, and more importantly- the implementation of Obamacare and all of it's devastating effects in Michigan and on America, GOP Senator Arlan Meekhof snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the GOP super majority-controlled state Senate. How? By allowing the losers another swing- after they struck out, mind you, at passing the failed bill- which they did successfully. The bill went to the GOP-controlled state House, where one week ago today, GOP Speaker Jase Bolger ignored the desires of the majority of his GOP caucus and gave the Democrat minority our collective heads, lives, and liberty on a silver platter.

    Which is of course, exactly what the closet-Democrat Governor of Michigan had asked for.

    A week ago, while Isabelle Terry and I were in Lansing, expressing our opposition to this with Senators and Representatives, we were informed that after the guillotine of oppression had dropped and lopped off our heads- to the satisfaction of all of the Democrats and their Republican co-conspirators, Obama's head of the Michigan division of Central Planning was ready to open the doors of appreciation and allow the GOP traitors to pick and choose their rewards for ignoring their constituents and supporters.

    I offer this information as not only a word of warning, but also as recognition of the opportunity to make your cases- while standing in line with those looking for their piece of the action.

    As we all know, having a job is critically important, and every single person involved in this travesty- on both sides of the issue in Lansing, will be looking to remain employed after next year's November elections.

    And for those seeking re-election after defying the wishes of their constituents, ignoring the platform of the RNC, and proving that the old fashioned tenets of limited government and low taxation are no longer honored by the mainstream GOP, they now need votes more than cash and friendship from the special interests who will profit from our loss of freedom and well-being.

    That's a given.

    So as one-eyed combatants, I suggest we all visit our legislators- eye to eye, and present them with a bill for the damages done. We lost a major chunk of our freedom, a huge dose of respect for the concept of representative govt, and a valid reason for remaining active members of the Republican club.

    In-depth discussion with them- not required.

    While it's nearly impossible to be made whole after this, we can demand- and receive, various additions to our economic and regulatory freedom that will at least prevent this tragic event from being a complete and total loss.

    For starters, I suggest that the $500 million annual additional costs we endure on all state construction projects through prevailing wage add-ons become null and void.

    You're familiar with Mark Levin's Liberty Amendments? It's time that our legislature approve joining a Convention of States to visit which- if any, of those Amendments, should be incorporated into our US Constitution.

    I'm pretty comfortable with the concept of term limits for US legislators and Supreme Court Justices, aren't you? Or maybe a Balanced Budget Amendment? There's others of course, and they're all designed to enable us to regain control of a rogue and malevolent federal govt. How does the thought of limiting the reign of terror of Stabenow, Upton, Rogers, Dingell, Conyers, Miller, Ried, and Pelosi grab ya?

    Or how about the govt-mandated child shooting galleries commonly referred to as "Gun Free Zones"? Gun free zones are a pretty good idea until someone decides to ignore that law and go shoot up a school full of defenseless kids and adults.

    And then of course, there's that $12 BILLION Medicaid black hole, the largest portion of our entire state budget, that's sucking the life out of taxpayers and recipients alike in Michigan- and America as well.

    Senator Colbeck's Medicaid Reform Package will not only cut that in half, but give similar defense against the cost increases of healthcare to the entire private sector in Michigan in the beginning, and will be the catalyst for decapitating that monster nationwide after we reap the benefits of free market competition and healthcare entrepreneurship.

    While we can't un-ring the Medicaid expansion bell that tolled, we can demand and receive a lot in return for that offense- if we simply demand it.

    Ask, and you shall receive.

    And remember, the whole concept of justice is equating the seriousness of the crime to the price to be paid for it. IMO, there is a monumental price to be paid, and it's time to present the bill.

    Tim Bos

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