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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    I Hope You Lose

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Mon Jun 25, 2012 at 11:18:20 PM EST
    Tags: DRIC, NICT, Snyder, Joe H., Elections, Bridges, Directness, Have A Little More Wine (all tags)

    Thanks Joe H., for that concise sentiment the other day.

    That's just fine, because even though you are lucky enough to have made a few of the right votes along the way, there is one issue you openly advocated that puts you square in the not such a big thinker zone. (I'll get to that in a minute) Understood, you have a bud who might lose to such an unsophisticated scoundrel as myself, so I grant a little understanding for a little directness.  Out of nowhere you declared how our relationship will start, after I prevail in this election.

    OK no problem. I have a great deal of respect for your positions on a number of issues other than a sense that you don't much like guns in the hands of young hunters.  You don't seem to mess around much, and that's great.  Even with some of the PAC donation's I am impressed even that you are willing to buck the hands that feed you.

    Cool stuff mister.

    And in fact, aside from your liquor induced honesty on Sunday, I like you.

    But I really have to ask you about that one issue (below the fold)

    You said you support the new bridge.

    Yeah, a lot of folks seem to have some of the same problems with math that you and the governor do.  A lot of folks have a misunderstanding of what it takes to go forward with this boondoggle that nothing in it for Michigan. And a lot of folks, just like you, think the solution is a product of the 'infrastructure argument.'

    I believe you said "I believe infrastructure is the proper role of government."  and then added the "international crossing should be a government endeavor". (very possibly paraphrased.)

    I get you.  You like all that get-government-off-our-back stuff, but heaven forbid if anyone ever owns anything so big as a bridge.  Because bridges should be owned by government.  


    What difference does it make?

    Mr H.  Ask yourself how does private ownership of the bridge make you less secure?  How does it cost you anything?  Has it ever prevented you from going into Canada? Has it caused your car to fall into the river?  Has private ownership of the existing bridge hurt trade?

    What advantage comes from a government owned bridge that is unique and identifiable?

    This is something that has yet to be answered by the Snyder administration in its quest to end the Ambassador bridge company.  It would be interesting to hear a logical answer. ANY logical answer.

    What is it we are gaining by such an arrangement?

    Nothing Joe.  Its an argument the governor has carried forward from the last failed administration.  Unfortunately, the insipid hatred of true private enterprise is contagious in the executive office.  Were it not for the courage of the smarter Republicans on this issue to not just say NO to the governor, but HELL NO!, we would be adding another business to the list of Michigan's lost industries already.

    This argument is not one you should ever win.

    And in a little payback.  And on a real issue basis, this one being your stand on the new international crossing, I can return the favor of directness.

    I hope you lose too.

    < Most Arrogant Man in the World | McCotter to Donate Funds to Charity >

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    I wonder... (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Tue Jun 26, 2012 at 01:14:50 PM EST
    How does one even begin to have a thoughtful conversation about Granholm's DRIC with a Representative taking to airwaves four days ago, who was completely deceitful about what happened in the legislature concerning the DRIC, and then says to his constituents in one breath, "I would have supported the bridge even if tax dollars would've .. uh .. been spent on it," and upon his next breath says, "well, when I say no tax dollars, certainly it will have Federal funds in it.  Federal funds are our tax dollars too. Uh but it is not .. according to our agreement..." then frilliantly rips out with the motherload of all doozies, "I think there is always an element of risk, I think there is always .. uh .. I .. uh .. a possibility that down the road .. um, er, uh .. things change, and .. uh .. am I guaranteeing beyond a shadow of doubt that Michigan will never pay tax dollars for this bridge?  No.  Uh .. others are more confident..."

    Like pregnancy, Rep Joe H.: either you is, or you isn't.  Just because you, Rep Joe H., think it's wise to behave in haste ignoring everyone around you because you just gotta pork that deal you've been drooling over ever since the Nerd flashed you with Granholm's loins, while knowing full damn well that rubber the Nerd gave you has holes in it... is "beyond a shadow of doubt," stupid.

    Frankly J-man, I wouldn't blame any wine being involved for what Rep Joe H. said to you.  The man has an agenda, and he knows he's wrapped it in something which he also knows will leak everywhere while the Nerd walks around saying there is no pulling out: you're f#@%ed.

    Primary the Decepticons: it's the only way to stop having these reoccurring Incumbent Republican embarrassments expanding Big Government Lansing.

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