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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.


    By pauldpeterson, Section News
    Posted on Thu Dec 13, 2012 at 09:13:01 AM EST
    Tags: capitalism, taxes, unions, crony, democrats, RINOs, socialism, communism (all tags)


    We all know now; it's indisuptable fact. The masks have come off. It's true. The Democrats and RINO's are Socialists. Even Jeffery Immelt (CEO for GE, the tax dodger) has been praising the communism of China. Lenin himself said the point to Socialism is Communism, which manifests itself as a god-like loyalty to party out of fear or desire for power in which the average citizen spies on his/her neighbor for beni-points since the state controls all means of production, and therefore, the acquisition of wealth, or in the case of fully mature communism, the acquisition of your next meal. But notice how they get a foothold on power: Criticize things, like capitalism, as being what they are not, and criticize their opponents for being who they are. This means there is not a "vast right wing conspiracy" as Hillary Clinton asserted just out of the blue; rather, there is, in fact, a Left Wing conspiracy that's been going on for 100 years the results of which we are seeing today. But I digress...

    With true unbridled capitalism, there is self-regulation...

    You don't like what a business is doing, serving, or how they treat their customers? Don't go there anymore. It's very democratic. It's called "voting with your feet" or your dollars. There is no one who can take your money from you unfairly. You have to give it to get the product or service. Simple. But notice the Democrats and all their Leftist allies claim otherwise, and then get the government involved to mess it up so it becomes true. Crony capitalism manifests itself in the confiscation of income and wealth by the government to give it to entities like Solyndra, GE, Unions, the overpaid (and growing-for-no-reason) federal workforce, and on down to the welfare state, and even the traitorous act of international banks and governments. They take it from you unfairly and give it to those they deem worthy of success. Since when has America been about picking winners and losers?

    And to get to the dimension I did not address yesterday about how the Democrats are the party of the immoral rich, there are crushing regulations. Notice here that there aren't any regulations on things that serve these Leftists, like the media; rather, on most other honest businesses. They write laws that include repeatedly "as the Administrator will determine." Obamacare is rife with these statements. This means that bureaucrats have carte blanche to write whatever rules they want to, so long as the Administrator of that cabinet department signs off on it, which will have the force of law. And they can continue to do more and more each year under the same laws, which do not have to change, be rewritten, etc. They can effectively change the rules of doing business at any time. This makes the middle-class's ability to start or grow businesses impossible.

    Between the payoffs, redistribution of wealth, and the employment of federal workers at 6-figures a year to sharpen pencils, AND the regulatory powers of the Administration ALONE, they've set up a strangled version of capitalism we'll call, crapitalism. To my mind, crapitalism is a post-modern feudalism that gives the Administrator the power of a monarch, like a Corleone Mob Boss. Why? Because everyone who's on the take is controlled by it, and the productive become the slaves to the system because they hope to save a li'l somethin' for themselves while being slaves to both the powerful and welfare recipient alike. Crapitalism makes capitalism appear to not work. That isn't true, but it "looks like" it is. Nevermind it is the government that has gotten involved to break it, and then stand back and claim, "See, see!! It doesn't work." This kind of Devil's Lie makes me sick. People need to be able to evaluate actions and behaviors, and ignore what these Leftists say.

    So what to do? We know what they're doing, yet they keep doing it, and we keep paying taxes and letting them borrow money. We count on Washington to recognize this and do something, but most of Congress is on the take. Why do you think Republicans spanking TEA Party conservatives? Because they're really with Democrats and giving us the APPEARANCE of being 'the alternative'. Most everyone in and around Washington are federal workers. They don't want smaller government or less spending. They're getting rich, making an average wage now of over $80,000. The "I got mine, so screw you" attitude, I believe, must be very pervasive there. They don't want the gravy train to stop. People have been made materialists because they were convinced to give up God and His morality, and told they were gods unto themselves. "Do as THOU willst" I believe is what Allister Crowley wrote.

    This socialist government is a beast that must be killed. How? Cut off the money. What if everyone just stopped paying taxes? What? Can't go there? Ahhhh, I see. The people let the government build, load, and cock a gun called the IRS and put it to their heads. Coercion... That's' how taxes are collected in this country; through threat of destroying your life and jailing you. How did you let that happen, when the tax code says it's VOLUNTARY. Meanwhile, the Feds hire thousands more IRS workers, and buy thousands of guns for an 'administrative' department. Wow! That wasn't very smart, was it?

    Meanwhile again, every minute you go to work or run your business, you are supporting the power-gathering of people who want to enslave you in communism. In this way, we are all supporting communism. They mean to bring it about by breaking the system. Perhaps the people ought to break the system they're building first, take power back, and rebuild it according to the Constitution. You're gonna have to prosecute all the traitors, including Obama; more than that, you're gonna have to battle the Unions for it, after seeing what happened in Lansing. And the police aren't going to help you. You got the guts to do that, or does everyone want to just get along and be lead into slavery? These are questions I can't help you with.

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