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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    MiGOP Report On The Mackinac Conference

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Mon Sep 26, 2011 at 08:29:45 AM EST
    Tags: Dave Camp, Candice Miller, Dan Benishek, Fred Upton, Tim Walberg, Bill Huizenga, Justin Amash, Randy Richardville, Rick Snyder, Brian Calley, Jase Bolger, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Nikki Haley, Michigan, Bobby Schostak, Mackinac, Republican, Leadership Conference (all tags)

    MACKINAC ISLAND - Nearly 2,000 Republicans attended the 29th Biennial Mackinac , Leadership Conference, participating in dozens of events that energized activists from across the state.

    "It's been an amazing conference," said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak. "The enthusiasm from our grassroots and from our elected officials is outstanding, and our attendees experienced it first-hand."

    "This conference will pay huge dividends for our state and our country," Schostak said. "We will work with our leaders and our grassroots to continue to reinvent Michigan."

    This year's conference incorporated numerous events, including addresses and appearances by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Texas Governor Rick Perry, Congressmen Thad McCotter, and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

    Besides Snyder, Michigan's Republican leadership on the island included Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, Attorney General Bill Schuette, House Speaker Jase Bolger, Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, and Congressmen Dave Camp, Candice Miller, Dan Benishek, Fred Upton, Tim Walberg, Bill Huizenga, and Justin Amash.

    Many elected officials participated in panel discussions focused on making Michigan a job-growth engine.

    "Republican activists had an outstanding conversation and we will continue the discussion throughout the upcoming year.  Our relentless positive action continues to drive success for all Michigan families."

    In other news: Herman Cain won the Straw Poll In Florida.

    < What Happened In Florida? | Wastin away again in Pete Hoekstraville >

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    Okay, I gotta ask this... (none / 0) (#1)
    by KG One on Mon Sep 26, 2011 at 09:34:59 AM EST
    ...does anyone know anything regarding this Mackinac Declaration?

    Exactly, what brought this about?

    Looking at the majority of the signers, is this an attempt to make nice with the Tea Party?

    Even though the actual document itself contains nothing more than vague generalities, I've about had enough of the "Let's all get along" group-think.

    How difficult is it to actually adhere to the constitution and not covet the earnings of others?

    If the GOP actually followed those concepts and policed itself by dealing with those who did not adhere to it, it might be surprised at the level of support generated by this very simple act.

    Cain, or more of the same (none / 0) (#8)
    by Corinthian Scales on Mon Sep 26, 2011 at 03:31:07 PM EST
    Ya, pretty damn hard to try to paint a smiley face on the 'gimme a harrumph' Fest on the island this year, isn't it.

    Starting with the GoverNerd:

    Column: Making Snyder an elephant

    Mackinac Island -- Rick Snyder has said it so often the phrase ought to be tattooed on his forehead: "I'm not a politician."


    The governor won office by barely mentioning the word "Republican."

    Well duh, Nolan.  Republicans weren't the Nerds base.  RTLM backing for the Nerd?  MCoC backing for the Nerd?  Nope.  Not for the Nerd or TARPstra.  Joe Schwarz RINOs, err, Democrats and the always useless fence sitting Independents were the Nerds base.

    The party is doing its part to help. Read between the lines of the state Chamber's endorsement of the new Detroit River bridge and you see an attempt to spare the governor from an embarrassing defeat, to keep his credibility high ahead of the 2012 campaign.

    Yep ...and for the Party, that Big Government 'help ploy' by the till now neutral MCoC being for a Federal taxpayer money funded and goonion labor built central planned bridge will prove to be One Big Ass Mistake Again.  No reason to have Democrat-lite when ya can vote for the real thing.

    GOP activists challenge Snyder on bridge, right-to-work positions

    The audience seemed especially skeptical of the governor's opposition to legislation that would prohibit labor agreements that require employees to join a union or pay a fee for union representation in lieu of dues.

    Snyder said of right-to-work, "there are higher priorities."

    His answer was greeted by silence.

    Yep, nothing but crickets.  The Nerd is still stuck-on-stupid with pandering to Democrat goonion loving labor.  Hell, even the Nerds flip-flopping friend that he just endorsed makes pretend to have seen the light.  Good luck with your Nerd friend TARPstra.  Birds of a feather buddy.

    But Snyder defended his proposal, saying it was not a government mandate but important information that physicians, consulting with their patients and their patients' parents, could volunteer. It is much like, he said, when the state began to develop a database of childhood immunization decades ago.

    "How many of you have ever complained about the immunization registry?" he asked. "It's not mandating anything. So it's a good thing."

    That answer, too, was greeted with dead silence.

    Geeze GoverNerd, crickets again?  Go figure.

    Somewhere, there will always be a linkage between the names and the data. More importantly, the plan will put into a place a system that would be easily exploitable should we ever find ourselves contemplating the frightening notion of "taxes based on health." Once unthinkable, with Obamacare in the national pipeline, it's easy to imagine a state where physician participation is mandatory, and your child's weight could impact your income tax bracket. Even ABC News admits the plan is only a first step, calling it "an entry point for further discussion and intervention in cases of obesity."

    Ya damn straight.  The GoverNerd is either relentlessly unaware or in cahoots with engineered society.  Either way, he's dangerous.

    OK, let's finish up the freep-wrap:

    The governor said he thought he had made progress when given the chance to "explain the facts." On the Detroit-Windsor bridge and the child body mass index, "a lot of people had jumped to conclusions."

    Calley dismissed the interchange.

    "That's how Republicans are," he said. "It's not a top-down organization."

    At dinner, Snyder again defended his approach. "The only thing that matters is solving the problem," he said.

    Partisanship, Snyder told the ardent Republicans, is an unproductive distraction.

    TEA Party movement, you have been dismissed.  This Big Government Snyder administration is not going to listen to you.  Three words.  Primary the Nerd.  On top of that, putting the squeeze on any legislator that backs the GoverNerds agenda is completely necessary.

    Now, to the Party itself... Oy!

    Mich. GOP chair: Romney 'one to beat' in Michigan

    Mackinac Island-- State Republican Chairman Bobby Schostak said Saturday Michigan native and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is "the one to be beat in Michigan."

    Schostak is remaining neutral in the contest...[Stop]

    Excuse me for a moment... BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    OK, much better, pfweeeeeew!  My sides ache...  Neutral?  Really?  Please, someone please show me where the MI-GOP leadership or its sycophants has remained "neutral" and not completely in the tank for Willard or his buddy TARPstra this election.

    Schostak also clarified remarks he made in a speech Friday night in which he called Gov. Rick Snyder the greatest governor in Michigan's history.

    He noted his written remarks, as opposed to his spoken remarks, called Snyder the best governor in America, not in state history.

    OMG!  This is the kind of twaddle that is peddled at the 'gimme a harrumph' Fest on the island?  I'd have to take several, long, hot showers just to get that stench off of me.  Best?  Greatest?  Puh-lease.  Cowardly on RTW/FTW.  Gifting $900+M/year to illegal aliens while nailing pensions with taxes.  State funded expedited Work Visas for Foreigners.  A shrinking labor force and higher unemployment since taking Office.

    C'mon Mr. Schostak, your touted Best Evah Snyderholm is already on the national debate stage, and to my delight, tanking.  Miserably.  The Nerd will be one term; no matter how hard one polishes the figurative turd, it's still a turd.

    Now, the {gasp} moment...

    But, asked if he thinks Snyder is a greater governor than former Republican Gov. John Engler, Schostak said Saturday: "I think it's premature to say that."

    Ruh-roh!  S o m e o n e  stepped on Fat Johns' toes ...and he's a middle aged guy that still goes by Bobby.


    I really can't wait for the Cain thrashing to finally begin.

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