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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.


    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sat Feb 26, 2011 at 09:20:03 PM EST
    Tags: Lansing, Michigan, Rally, Counter protest, Tea party, Capitol (all tags)

    There were perhaps 500, not 2000 as the FREEP would like to present.  As these things go, its pretty easy to see from their photo. A friend I traveled down with didn't think there were even that (500) many.  I felt 500 was about dead on, and the police officer who stood near us to [protect] us from the encroaching types, seemed to think that was the number as well as some of the union supporters passing by.

    Interesting time however.  About 18-20 of tea partiers vs 500.  All I had to do was chant "SUPPORT WORKERS RIGHTS!" holding up my sign to get a "YEAH" in response. "SUPPORT WORKERS RIGHTS!" "YEAH!!" "SUPPORT WORKERS RIGHTS!" "YEAH!!!!"  Then I held the sign out so they could see the bottom, and chanted "SUPPORT WORKERS RIGHTS!" and then "SUPPORT RIGHT TO WORK!"  "YE... umm what??"

    Oh you had to be there.. it was delicious.

    Then I finally was able to meet a young MTTM contributor, her siblings and her mom who showed up to counter protest.


    What we have here, is a group of great young patriots sporting a right to work sign.

    The three between myself and their mom are merely three of thirteen siblings.  Given the good sense I have seen through Anna's writing and opinion, added to their willingness to make a showing into 'hostile territory' (500 union supporters to our maybe 20) I would say we have a chance to survive in this country folks.

    The temperature was right around freezing but the wind was slight, so it was a pretty good day to be outside  holding signs for "right to work" legislation, and the end of the parts of union structure that threatens our ongoing financial state.

    the "No MESSA" sign I was carrying drew intense attention from some folks who tried to argue for the benefits of MESSA.  The inability  for them to come up with a good reason to keep it resulted in their default shouting out condemnations of the Koch Brothers.

    As if that explains why the thousands per teacher MESSA added costs are legit.

    ONE teacher attempted to explain that the added costs of MESSA was not borne by the tax payers. He tried to say that the teachers bore the cost, and went ape when I asked who pays the teachers' salary and benefits.

    I'll try to have more, and some video of my TV interview available  later tonight or tomorrow.

    Update [2011-2-26 21:34:13 by JGillman]: The news story.. Watch for my comments near the end.

    < Michigan Redistricting 2011-2012 (and a close look at Center For Michigan/Argus claims) | Feeling the Love >

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    Kudos to you and the few. (none / 0) (#1)
    by RushLake on Sun Feb 27, 2011 at 05:02:24 AM EST
    I was enroute home from Louisiana and could't drive fast enough to be there in solidarity with what is right. I fear that had there been 10,000 people like you few and proud, the outcome will be the same in the short term.

    I heard an interesting commentary from Mike Church on Syrius while enroute home. He pointed out that the Wisconsin governor is not calling for reducing the public sector unionized workforce which is probably what he should be doing. We know from our friends at the Mackinac Center that Michigan public sector employment and their wages have grown in the last eight or so years while people have fled Michigan. Mr. Rick Snyder has not proposed reducing public sector employment--not directly anyway. He has some overseer or something probably looking at it, but no hard proposals. He has also repeatedly stated that, in essence, he isn't really interested in taking on the unions in any serious manner.

    It would come as no surprise if Maobama rides in as the savior with piles of Federal cash at the end of the day to pull Wisconsin, Michigan, and other states back from the edge. Since Snyder has already taken Federal money to fight the evil capitalist moneybags Matty Maroun over the DRIP bridge, or whatever it's called, it's a pretty safe bet he'd be glad to steal some more of our tax dollars (TARP, ARRA, THEFT, MAOBAMAMONEY?) with lots of strings attached. He is a friend of Milliken and Joe Schwartz. We'll see how the other governor's spines react to the dollars if I'm right.

    I think our efforts need to be focused on '12 and assuring that non-democrap legislators do what they're supposed to do, and on '14 to make sure we have a good pick from the farm team to replace Snyder. We also need to work at the grassroots to root out the Not Taxed Enough Already Party members that have infiltrated the TEA Party and support increased taxes for anybody to make it FAIR and because that's the easy way out in their feeble little minds.

    I'll add to those kudos. (none / 0) (#2)
    by KG One on Sun Feb 27, 2011 at 08:33:14 AM EST
    I got called away on an emergency at the last minute and was unable to attend.

    The Free Press has been known for talking out of their backsides when it comes to labor.

    On the public-front, they are a stalwart supporter of labor and the working class.

    For fun, remind them about The Free Press' actions during a very nasty strike in Detroit about 15-years ago: the very public hiring of replacement workers, the hiring of local police departments for security, dispatching of outside agitators into the crowd to stir up trouble, advertisements on the local TV and radio stations regarding said trouble.

    When this is brought up, their reporters get angry and leave in a huff. Try it on one of them sometime, it's fun.

    Another thing I noticed about The Free Press' coverage, click on the photo gallery link in their article. They intermixed the rallies from all around the country with the rally from Lansing.

    Now why would anyone do that in an article that supposedly focused on a rally in Lansing???

    thanks (none / 0) (#3)
    by Tom McMillin on Sun Feb 27, 2011 at 08:59:30 AM EST
    Thank you Jason and the others who attended.  The Dems are counting on us being intimidated by their union gatherings.

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