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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    GOP vs. Conservatives

    By retvet242, Section News
    Posted on Thu Aug 29, 2013 at 09:34:32 AM EST
    Tags: establishment Tea Party Republic Socialism (all tags)

    Never has it been made more obvious...the divide between the establishment and the grassroots is now the size of the Grand Canyon...

    Continued below the fold

    Representative government has died...It died in DC long ago, and in Michigan Tuesday...

    I am a fairly simple man, I break things down into their basic components, as I did for 25 years in the service fixing aircraft...The truth is buried in accessories below the obvious visual symptoms, but the basic facts are there, and remain unchanged regardless of the layers piled atop them...

    The Republican Party in Michigan, and across the nation, have abandoned their own principles and platform...they are part and parcel of the accelerating rush to Socialism in America...The basic truth is obvious; by abandoning their grassroots conservative base, and engaging yet again in the political gamesmanship that brought us here over decades of 'compromise';...they have chosen sides against the people...

    Here, therefore, is the one simple truth that glares at me through the news each day:

    The Republican Party has one mission; to save the Republican Party...the grassroots conservatives have another...to save the Republic!!!

    This is the difference in a nutshell...and there will be only one outcome...2014 will be the crossroads, conservatives need to show up in massive force, get out from behind our keyboards and take the alarm to the streets...We are out of time, the 'time' was yesterday...

    True grassroots candidates are popping up all over the State, and a challenge to Governor Snyder is in the works, via primary or defeat by boycott...We need to support the people of courage standing up in these races to openly challenge the establishment party hacks, and become much more visible in the process...

    There ARE many Americans out there concerned about what is happening to our State and nation before their very eyes, we need to show them openly that they are NOT alone; that there are many more of us out there willing to help and provide information and communications platforms to get message out...America is dying on our watch!!!

    To those of you out there that are in the "high information" voter category...Show it!!!..My Gadsden Flag flies at the foot of my drive, next to my empty "Obama Chair", and my car sports the Tea Party sticker on the rear windshield...We need much, much more of this; and presence at Town Halls conducted by our elected officials and Tea Parties...We have precious little time left, DO SOMETHING!!!...Anything...to get the word out to the silent majority despairing for the fate of the America we all grew up in...

    The Republic depends on us...

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    Should Gov. Snyder be:
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