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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Wayne Schmidts Red Light Cameras

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Mon Jun 03, 2013 at 02:28:15 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Red Light Cameras, Graft, 6th Amendment, Due Process, C4L, Big Government, Wayne Schmidt, (RINO-104), Constitution, Bad Law (all tags)

    Aside from the fact that the lobbyists were contacting local sheriffs BEFORE any legislation was released, there are plenty enough reasons to dislike, or 'hate' the idea of Red Light cameras being used in Michigan.

    Some of them glaringly obvious, some perhaps not-so-much.  Michigan Campaign For Liberty did a pretty good job of banging out 17 reasons why to hate the red light snitch devices, and perhaps adding to why folks like Wayne Schmidt ought not EVER seek political office EVER again.

    From constitutionality to poor allocation of resources, to outright graft, you have seen our other commentary on this issue.  

    C4L's list below the fold provides a more complete bullet point list.

    From mi4CL.com:

    17 Reasons to hate Wayne Schmidts Red Light Cameras

    On May 22, Representative Wayne Schmidt introduced HB 4763, a bill to legalize red light cameras.  Below are 17 reasons to hate this bill.

    1. Burden on the innocent: Misidentification

    According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the registered owner is the driver only 72% of the time. Without consideration for any other shortcomings, over 1 in 4 tickets are issued to the wrong person!

    2. Burden on the Innocent: Equipment Malfunctions

    Sensitive photo enforcement electronics are often left unattended and vulnerable in harsh and extreme weather conditions 24/7. No one knows if all of the components of a photo system are working properly at any given moment, or if equipment has started to malfunction intermittently. Equipment vendors refuse to publish their equipment reliability and error rates!

    3. Even when you win, you lose!

    Every time a driver receives a citation from a traffic camera, they are faced with the decision to take time off work to fight the ticket, or to just pay the fine. So either way, the driver loses.

    4. Leaves Motorists Defenseless

    Motorists who receive photo tickets are at a severe disadvantage to make a defense due to the weeks or months that may lapse before a driver is served with a citation. Weeks or months after a "violation," a driver is unlikely to be able to recall the details of the"violation." Furthermore, drivers are unable to collect evidence to defend themselves because it is unlikely that signs and road conditions are the same as they were when the alleged violation occurred.

    5. Less Safe

    Multiple studies show an INCREASE of accidents with red light and speed cameras.

    Driving conditions on roads and freeways are made more dangerous by interrupting the free flow of traffic as people respond to the presence of cameras. The same goes at red light camera intersections where drivers slam on their brakes to avoid tickets.

    6. Lack of Audit and Oversight

    There is no stated maintenance or audit program by any government authority of the private camera vendors and their equipment and processes to ensure reliability and accuracy.

    7. Uses our money to feed out of state Corporations

    The two camera vendors that operate in Washington, Redflex (from Australia) and American Traffic Solutions (from Arizona), receive an average of 50% of the money that is generated by the cameras.

    8. Solutions to problems that don't exist

    According to the Tacoma News Tribune, there"hasn't been a serious pedestrian-vehicle accident in a school zone in Lakewood's 13-year history." Yet, Lakewood has speed cameras in school zones to keep children safe? Sounds like the kids were already safe.

    9. Conflict of Interest

    • Traffic cameras provide lawmakers with a personal financial incentive to protect controversial traffic camera programs.

    • Camera vendors provide court administration modules for judges, attorneys, and witnesses that present and assess common dispute tactics and appropriate sound counter- measures required for successful prosecution.

    • Camera vendors develop the violation criteria that the cities use to determine what constitutes a violation.

    10. Denial of Due Process

    The Sixth Amendment's Confrontation Clause gives the accused the right to be confronted by witnesses against them. With cameras, the driver is never confronted by a police officer ticketing him. The accused are not being provided with the opportunity to cross-examine or subpoena all camera equipment operators along with anyone who handled the evidence or the officer who issued the citation. Nor are they being provided with the opportunity to examine the design and operation of the equipment itself.

    11. Photo Enforcement Vendors Are Not Trustworthy

    • Arizona Secretary of State, Jan Brewer, confirmed that Redflex documents used in court to convict motorists of speeding in Lafayette, Louisiana had been falsified.

    • Many cities have all been caught shortening yellow lights to increase profits from red light cameras.

    • In Italy, a speed camera company was caught in a fraud scandal that involved 109 officials and contractors.

    • In January 2009, the makers of the T-Red brand of red light cameras were similarly arrested for fraud after prosecutors found motorists were being trapped at intersections with short yellows and improperly certified equipment

    • Redflex violated federal law by using radar units that were not FCC certified.

    • Redflex employees have been charged with assault, child pornography, and extreme DUI (while driving a photo radar van). They can observe your car, wife, and children and they can figure out where you live. They have access to your DMV records.

    12. Invasion of Privacy

    The cameras are high-resolution video devices that run 24 hours a day. According to officer King with Arizona DPS, "We can just about zoom in and see stuff on the dash."

    13. Affects Consumer Spending and Tourism

    Nationwide, cities have responded to threats from locals and out of towners who have vowed to stop shopping in areas with photo enforcement by removing equipment.

    14. Criminal Activity Has Become a Civil Matter, Not a Crime

    Local governments have skirted constitutional protections by classifying speed camera tickets as civil, not criminal violations. Efforts to challenge the tickets based on constitutional grounds that appear to have a chance at succeeding are simply dismissed in favor of the driver, swept under the rug by local governments before they can be fully adjudicated.

    15. Lucrative Photo Enforcement Favored Over Engineering

    Cities rarely conduct engineering studies to determine why a particular intersection experiences more accidents. Officials incorrectly assume that bad drivers flock to these intersections and that their behavior can be cured with the threat of tickets received weeks after the infraction. In reality, the same drivers are present in all intersections, and if a particular intersection has a high accident rate the reason is undoubtedly due to flaws or problems that can be corrected with proper traffic engineering. Such measures may include: adding signs, making signs clearer, more visible signs, changing road striping and indicators, adjusting light timing, and increasing signals more visibility. Until an engineering study is done, it is impossible to understand the underlying factors and thus impossible to objectively evaluate possible solutions.

    16. Doesn't remove any immediate threat to citizens like drunks, reckless drivers, or speeders.

    17. Creates distrust and animosity for local officials, law enforcement departments, and makes a mockery of our judicial system.

    Works for me.
    < McMillin & JCAR Policing The Bureacracy | Sales Tax Tyranny >

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    Frankly, it's quit an accomplishment (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Mon Jun 03, 2013 at 05:33:16 PM EST
    It's only taken 176 years for this state to become the thieving, nanny sh!stain of misery its government has become at the hands of two disgusting political Party's who have zero integrity, and are completely devoid of principle.

    However, this latest camera shakedown pales in comparison to the outright fleecing that Matt Lori has dreamt up again in his bifarceisan quest to broaden the criminalization net on what is clearly not applicable to highway law.

    "We've determined that .08 is the limit for driving a car. It should be the same for driving a boat or a snowmobile or an ATV. These are dangerous vehicles, and they're usually associated with family activities where people are with those kids."

    Two things here.  1) Lansing ONLY determined that they are whores for a $50 in an already donor state.  2) Both Lori, and Pagel, can shove that "for the children" crap up their ass.  Raising children is the parents responsibility - not a government provided bubble.  This is exactly how everyone has been lulled into the false security of the "first responder" nonsense.  If it's a "family activity," a responsible parent would already be in control of those "activities," and safety of their "children" - end of story.

    Law enforcement organizations support the changes, but prior efforts stalled in 2005, 2007 and 2011 amid opposition from beer and wine sellers.

    Thank God there is lobbying influence to counter this Bee-esS because it is blatantly obvious for the voters who see these schemes as what they are - nothing more than a money grab - they sure as Hell are being ignored by those sent to Lansing.  More importantly, why are my tax dollars funneled into LEO organizations having a say?  Those bastards work for me - sit down and STFU.

    Alcohol was a contributing factor in eight boating accidents in Michigan and one death last year

    That 1 death is 0.000108% out of the 930,000 registered boats in Michigan.  Note that is just the number of boats, and not the figure of how many users - do the math with three per boat.  How much more "safe" can it possibly get?  Bathtubs, and swimming pools wish they could claim such miniscule mortality rates in comparison to folks just trying to enjoy time on their watercraft away from a$$holes like Matt Lori, and his Progressive Party friend.

    Debate in Lansing is coming as the National Transportation Safety Board last month recommended states reduce drunken-driving blood-alcohol levels in autos to 0.05.

    Despite the failure of previous efforts to standardize the boating and ATV limits, Pagel said the bills now appear to have momentum.

    Lori said tolerances are changing and lawmakers may be more receptive to decreasing the levels.

    "We're going to give it another shot," Lori said. "Michigan is behind the times, and this is an issue."

    F*@%.  You.  Matt Lori.  This Federal bureaucrat promoted crap is what one gets at the state level when they elect a former LEO whose built his resume with his public sector union paychecks and only knows how to cling to his elected office pension with more "tough on crime" campaign propaganda.  Worked for Bart Stupak for years.  Hell, even with Bart selling his "pro-life" street creds to Nancy, and Barry, for his Obamacare vote, he still guaranteed himself a lucrative post slimy politician afterlife.

    Yannow, I really despise the bogus War on Woman crap, however, let's look at that 0.05 for a moment.  I'm not going to do your homework on this, look it up yourself.  1 drink, got that?  ONE drink for the average American female will make them legally intoxicated in the eyes of the law.

    How does that sound to you, ladies?

    Then how about this actually being disseminated by what is allegedly passing for journalism these days.

    Sobriety in 80% of accidents

    Nope.  It's them eeeevil, easily villainized 20% that is pointed to - not the true majority of the problem.

    In Michigan, the penalties for operating while impaired are the same on land and water -- a misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in jail, $500 fines, 30-day driving suspensions and 150 days of restrictions.

    Michigan Law on the waterways (page 44) is 0.07 already, if injury occurs it's a felony, but Matt Lori would never inform anyone of that truth with his feel good revenue generating base broadening scam.

    OABTW - sorry about the wee bit of threadjacking on Wayne Schmuck's Red Light corporate payola for legislation thingie, J-man.  It all makes my blood boil anymore, so the vent was necessary.

    Committee Meeting TODAY at 10:30am! (none / 0) (#4)
    by apackof2 on Tue Jun 04, 2013 at 07:53:04 AM EST

    You know what do do. I provided the list of all Committee members, just copy and paste. Be sure to cc the Clerk and tell her to enter your e-mail into public testimony.

    Better yet, show up if you can.

    House Standing Committee Meeting  

    Transportation and Infrastructure, Rep. Wayne Schmidt, Chair

    DATE: Tuesday, June 04, 2013

    TIME: 10:30 AM

    PLACE: Room 521, House Office Building, Lansing, MI

    HB 4763  
        (Rep. Schmidt)    Traffic control; traffic regulation; use of automated traffic enforcement safety devices at certain intersections; allow.


    Wayne Schmidt (R) Committee Chair, 104th District
    Ben Glardon (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 85th District
    Kevin Daley (R) 82nd District
    Kurt Heise (R) 20th District
    Bradford Jacobsen (R) 46th District
    Margaret O'Brien (R) 61st District
    Peter Pettalia (R) 106th District
    Dan Lauwers (R) 81st District
    Michael McCready (R) 40th District
    Marilyn Lane (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 31st District
    Scott Dianda (D) 110th District
    David Rutledge (D) 54th District
    Gretchen Driskell (D) 52nd District
    Tom Cochran (D) 67th District
    Charles Smiley (D) 50th District
    Mary Lou Terrien, Committee Clerk  mterrie@house.mi.gov

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