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    The critical need for a Select Committee on Benghazi *Action Item*

    By jenkuz, Section News
    Posted on Wed May 15, 2013 at 09:57:15 AM EST
    Tags: Mike Rogers, MI, Benghazi, whistleblowers, select committee (all tags)

    I don't know about you, but I kind of resent that I have to repeatedly beg a few men in a far off city to do the right thing.  

    Representative Frank Wolf has 146 Co-Sponsors to House Resolution 36, which calls for a Select Committee to investigate the attack on Benghazi.

    According to The Hill, while many of the members of the committees that oversee this issue have signed on to HR 36, the chairmen of those committees and Speaker Boehner stand against a select committee.

    The Chairmen in question are:

    Chairman of the Intelligence Committee: Mike Rogers R-MI
    Chairman of the Judiciary Committee: Bob Goodlatte R-VA
    Chairman of Oversight and Government Reform: Darrell Issa R-CA
    Chairman of Armed Services: Howard "Buck" McKeon R-CA
    Chairman of Foreign Affairs: Ed Royce R-CA

    More below..

    These five men and Boehner need to support a Select Committee so that focus on this issue is not lost due to competing scandals and liberal bombthrowers.

    As Former Senator and Presidential candidate, Fred Thompson wrote yesterday in, "Why We Need a Special Committee" at NRO:

    The stakes are extremely high for the administration, and it is likely to use everything at its disposal to thwart any investigation and resist disclosure. There are several well-worn tactics available to them, including ongoing criminal investigations and the veil of security clearances.

    The administration may purposefully direct information to the intelligence committee because they know it cannot be shared with other committees. When the White House and other executive offices are probed, claims of executive privilege can be expected. Legal battles may ensue. Material will be withheld with the excuse, "We've already turned over thousands of documents," regardless of their relevance or the importance of what is being withheld.

    There will be delay, delay, delay, then the release of select information late on Friday afternoon, to be called, when it is subsequently brought up in the committee, "old news." Or there will be information turned over to the committee then leaked, so the committee can be blamed, providing an excuse to slow walk or deny them further information. Every attempt will be made to discredit an investigating committee and its members.

    It seems to me that an administrative counter-offensive has begun through leaks to the press.  McClatchy is reporting that "officials" are saying that Chris Stevens rejected security twice before the attack.  Within the story, it is revealed that Chairman Issa may have known about the refusals.  There we have, in my opinion and as Thompson points out, "...information turned over to the committee then leaked, so the committee can be blamed, providing an excuse to slow walk or deny them further information."

    Patriots, especially from the States of California, Michigan and Virginia, need to contact the offices of the chairs of these committees, and they need to persuade them to support a Select Committee on Benghazi.  We need to squarely focus on this topic, amidst all the other scandals that are rocking the administration.

    The liberal news sites are saying that they are really concerned over the IRS targeting conservatives, (right), and are simply outraged over Obama tapping the phones of the AP, (sure), but what do they say about the murder of our boys in Benghazi?  A "phony" scandal. Just like, "What difference does it make?" or, "There is no there, there."

    Once again, it is up the nation's patriots to call, fax, or email the chairmen of these committees so that the truth of Benghazi is completely exposed.

    And by the way, if you do not see your congressman on this list of co-sponsors for Frank Wolf's resolution, you also need to get them on board asap.

    < The Corpse Is Still In The Morgue | Levin Exposed and Peters All Out >

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    I know (none / 0) (#1)
    by grannynanny on Wed May 15, 2013 at 12:09:27 PM EST
    the IRS and AP scandals are important BUT there was something sinister going on in Benghazi and 4 Americans are dead.  Don't let the other two scandals take this off the front page.  I want the 30+ people who were rescued from the consulate to come forward and tell us what happened.  And I want someone from the Pentagon and armed forces to testify as to who gave the stand down order and why.

    Good Gawd! Look at that... (none / 0) (#2)
    by Corinthian Scales on Wed May 15, 2013 at 12:25:53 PM EST
    Team R has three chairs hailing from the fine state that doubled-down on stupid with another dose of governor Moonbeam, habitually elects ma'am Boxer, Feinswine, Blinky Pelosi, and one far removed from "intelligence" anything that hails from the state that elected a stealth Democrat Nerd.

    JHFC!  What could possibly go wrong with that brain trust at the helm alongside Weeper Bo[eh]ner?

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