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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    RightMichigan.Com Man Of The Year

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 06:05:11 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Activism, RightMichigan.com, Right To Work, Appreciation, Man Of the Year, Tim Bos (all tags)

    If we had already established a long running Man Of The Year program, perhaps we could say we've found a Michigander of the Decade.

    He is not running for anything, so this is not an endorsement, other than that of conservative ideals, principles, and his grass roots activity in areas that should matter to us all.

    The first time I met Tim Bos, was at the back door of a conference room here in Traverse City in 2011 just prior to the June 30 public roll out of the Michigan Freedom To Work campaign.  It was an organizational meeting that was publicized enough to give us concern that some attendees might not be who they say.  If I am to be truthful, my first impression at the door was one of concern. I didn't know him.  As we started the meeting, any concerns faded, as I learned of his marketing and organizational background, his core beliefs, and the overall skills he brought to the table.

    I realized that this was a guy that gets it.  I also realized a serious commitment in the fight for Freedom To Work in Michigan by looking at the old Ford pickup he drove, especially at a time with gas prices climbing fast.  It wasn't the last time he would make the couple hundred mile treks into the hinterland just to advocate for the cause of FTW, as only a couple weeks later he returned, driving hours to offer his three minutes worth, in front of the Grand Traverse County Commission which was deliberating a resolution of support for it.

    His words might well have made a difference in the overflowing room; one we cannot know for sure however, but the resolution did pass.

    Continued below ~

    People talk of financial support for political parties, and causes, and often the check bearers of a few skins get more credit than the folks who become the mechanical force necessary to affect policy.  One can hardly calculate the value of the near daily effort by Mr. Bos, to reach out, not only with endless (and often expensive)  travel throughout the state for FTW and other conservative causes, but also to comment and dialogue coherently through the miscellany of media resources and outlets.  His presentations have educated thousands throughout the state, and he proudly stood guard on the capitol steps as the FTW legislation was being deliberated.

    And always nearby, the old pickup with a thirsty gas tank.

    With regard to his conservative leanings, a recent communication in support of new Party leadership in Michigan should strike a chord with Reagan disciples. As Ronald Reagan once bemoaned the 'pale pastels' of centrist Republicans, so too does Tim Bos.

    I am politically conservative, marvel at the wisdom and foresight of our deeply-caring forefathers, and honor our Constitution and the Founding Principles that shaped it, with reverence and commitment to protect them and the lifestyle and prosperity they guarantee for me, you, and every other American who has ever walked among us.

    As Republicans, we have many, many beliefs in common including the concepts of limited govt, low taxes, self-responsibility and unlimited opportunity.

    These used to be widely held and on display often in our elected officials and leaders, but like weeds gradually covering a sidewalk from both sides, the brightly colored and clear distinction between the two major parties has paled and become less obvious. And as a result, our party has suffered a tremendous loss of faith from it's supporters, support for it's candidates and representatives, and a dangerous lack of interest from the population in general.

    Respectfully written and truthful.

    Tim has been unafraid to expose himself by his activism for a stronger Republican Party, a stronger conservative grassroots, and a stronger State of Michigan.  His dedication, and resolve to those ends has earned at the very least our own respect and admiration.

    Because this is not exactly a 'Nobel Prize' selection, there will not be a Million Dollar check attached to any of our communications with Mr. Bos.  (Though ever so presumptively, we feel it is far more legitimate than those 'bread' winners, however) All we can offer is our sincere appreciation for his efforts and the desire to pursue them.

    We hope conservatives across the state can join us in giving back a little in the way of a "Thank You", a "Well Done", and a warm shake of the hand the next time they see Tim; our Man Of The Year.

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    I 2nd that (none / 0) (#1)
    by I Am A Man on Mon Feb 25, 2013 at 03:49:20 PM EST
    I see Tim commenting all over in the name of liberty and personal responsibility.  Thank you for your voice and your willingness to engage in the fight for freedom in the political arena.

    Wish I could have met you at the MIGOP Convention.

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