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    Raise the curtain.

    Good Justice That I Can Live With

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Fri Jun 29, 2012 at 11:55:07 AM EST
    Tags: Maura D. Corrigan ROCKS!, Amanda Clayton, Leroy Fick, Jeffery Fick, Lottery, Food Stamps, Welfare, Drug Screening, Government, Human Services, Abuse, Looters and Moochers, Parasites, Taxpayer Hammocks, Judge Judy, Officer Byrd, What Our Nation Is Creating, Take Down The Bird Feeder Already, Occupy, AG Schuette (all tags)

    A day late, but the Amanda Clayton looter trial follow up as promised.  via CBS Detroit

    A Lincoln Park woman who collected welfare benefits despite winning a big lottery prize pleaded no contest to fraud Thursday and likely will be sentenced to probation.

    Lawyers for Amanda Clayton, a 25-year-old mother of two, were disappointed that state prosecutors would not settle the case without a felony charge.

    "Ambitions often get in the way of good justice," Todd Flood told The Associated Press outside court.

    There is no dispute that Clayton collected about $5,500 in food aid and medical benefits after winning a $735,000 lottery prize, before taxes, last year. After Clayton was confronted by TV station WDIV, the state charged her with fraud and said she should have informed the Department of Human Services about her windfall.

    Clayton, who bought a new home and a car with her winnings, has said she felt entitled to the welfare handout.

    More here

    Didja notice that money quote?

    It came from the mouthpiece Elena Ford retained to make her .14 OWI and Child Endangerment arrest in Ferndale, without too much attention go quietly away with a slap on the wrist.

    "Ambitions often get in the way of good justice"

    No kidding.  That statement by Todd Flood is exactly why the legal profession is much despised today from the low-level Dewey, Cheatem & Howe shysters all the way up to the John Roberts untouchable lifelong fiefdoms playing spin-maker for establishment candidates.  Nonetheless, with Amanda Clayton, good justice was served, and Flood knows full well that with this case his profession is more or less guaranteed a prospective future client if Amanda Clayton manages to keep a few grand left to her name at the end of five years.  They set the Law, and they can make it go away Poof! like PFM.  Job security, baby.

    Bottom line with Amanda's situation is that Amanda made the state her husband with providing food for her and her God only knows where biological father created two children.  Nary a peep is ever mentioned about the father, is it?  So, in essence what we are dealing with here is: if that were a traditional family setting with what Amanda is guilty of .. she hit three quarters of a million after taxes, then concealed her windfall from her unsuspecting husband.  Stupid him for unwittingly working and providing blindly when old moneybags that he became entangled with is out buying a car and another house on the side.

    But dammit CS, no jail time?  No.  Hell no!  From my perspective probation is the only rational solution to protect the State Husband from more liability exposure to this ingrained looter mentality family.  Remember Amanda's mother, Euline?  I do.

    Amanda Clayton would not grant The News an interview and is "stressed out" from the international media attention her use of food stamps has attracted, Euline Clayton said.

    "I'm not saying it's the right thing to do," Euline Clayton said of her daughter's use of food stamps. "But it's nobody's business if she's not breaking the law."

    What a miserable failure of a mother.  Totally bankrupt, both ethically and morally.

    That opinion of mother Euline still stands.  Either Euline raised Amanda to be such the precious little snowflake that is to live in a bubble excluded from responsibility and Law, or they all are just another parasite that doesn't give a ratsass how they acquire their place in life due to Progressives social justice indoctrination resulting that "it's nobody's business" retort for their indefensible actions.  If I were placing bets, I'd would bet the latter.

    So, there really isn't much telling me otherwise that if Amanda Clayton went to the slammer for a year or so, that mama Euline would step in to oversee her precious little grand-babies because the biological father is never mentioned, then lo behold, Euline would claim hardship subsidy for two mouths to feed while the scamming daughter is locked up in the joint.  Far fetched?  Methinks more like predictable.

    Life isn't nor ever has been fair, but is what one makes of it.  That's a bitter pill to swallow for those who get caught making social safety nets their personal hammocks.  Probably even tougher to swallow if raised to believe taxpayer hammocks are normal life.  I also readily admit that I have some complaints, which I have openly aired about our AG here on RightMichigan, but this sure as hell isn't one of them.  Good Justice was indeed served for us taxpayers on this issue by the AG Office, and even more so, by DHS Director, Maura Corrigan, who first took action upon discovery of fraud.

    Conviction with recovery of looted taxpayer money, and we all aren't saddled with raising her chil'ren while she's locked up in the slammer?

    I couldn't be happier.  I thank them both.

    < Wait Until November | Debbie Stabenow - He's Talking About YOU! >

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