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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    $13,000 on Honeybaked Ham. $15,000 on Panera Bread. $50,000 at the Mariott. Why the need for an EM?

    By KG One, Section News
    Posted on Sun May 06, 2012 at 09:20:00 AM EST
    Tags: P.A. 4, P.A. 4.1, Financial Review Team, Democratically-Controlled School District, $26, 000, Jonathon Brown, Mischa Bashir, Jumanne Sledge, Debbie Vargas, Aimee McKeever, Dr. Walter Burt, Honey Baked Ham, Panera Bread, Godiva Chocolates, Edible Arrangements, Happy's Pizza, Nope...you'll need to click below to find out who it is. (all tags)

    In a story to sure rile up the Michigan Rising crowd and their sparse attendees from yesterday's rally in Lansing, yet another Democratically-controlled school district is about to go under.

    Who is it this time?

    {Click below to find out}

    Not quite on the level of a Shakespearian Tragedy, but it's pretty darn close.

    Democrats get elected to run local school district. Democrats run said school district into solid bedrock. Democrats lack the basic decency to acknowledge that they did any wrong or even that they are actually elected officials (seriously, I am not making that part up).

    This week it was announced that the Pontiac School District has lost so much money, there isn't a proper adjective to describe it.

    With a deficit that has exploded to some $26,000,000, you are bound to hear the same tired arguments from Democrats/elected officials.

    -    The poor economy has contributed negatively towards our tax base and we cannot generate    enough operating revenue for our current budget.

    -    We're constrained by the state and cannot raise taxes any higher to support the level of    government you're accustomed to.

    -    You're threatening our right to <strike>democrat leaders</strike> democracy.

    -    Gov. Snyder is the anti-christ.

    -    I can fix this when you gimme more money!

    What you WON'T hear them talk about is: Is there anything that they have done in this situation that caused them to end up in there in the first place?

    Try it sometimes? I have. It's fun!

    So how do you spend $26,000,000 more than you take in? Especially when you are running under a state-ordered deficit elimination plan?

    Let's jump into the DMC-12 and find out.

    Several months back, the Pontiac School District fired then interim Superintendent Jonathan Brown allegedly for bringing forward evidence of financial shenanigans in the district.

    Some of the allegations involved former Superintendent Mischa Bashir who ran the district prior to Brown's tenure.

    And did she ever take them for a run on the taxpayer's money.

    During her time as Pontiac Superintendent, she was issued a district credit card. And with it, charged this (from WXYZ Detroit):

    -    $3,000 at Happy's Pizza.
    -    $3,000 at Edible Arrangements.
    -    Approx. $15k at Panera Bread (no bad puns, please).
    -    About $13k at Honeybaked Ham.

    And get this:

    -    Over $52k at the Pontiac Mariott.

    Yes, you're read that correctly, The Pontiac Public School Superintendent dropped over $52k at a motel right down the street from the district offices!

    But as they say on TV: "Wait! There's more."

    Not only did the good superintendent rack up almost $300k in charges from '09-'11, but there are other interesting expenditures made to Superintendent Bashir.

    For reasons unclear, the district also cut her checks for (from WXYZ Detroit):

    -    Over $14k in June '10 to cover "additional administrative duties".
    -    Approx. $9k in July '10 to reimburse for "extra hours".


    -    About $18k to compensate for "additional duties".

    Sorry teachers, but we can't keep any reins on our superintendent's spending. We're gonna have to let some of you go. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    So, when thing went from bad to a'ight in the district you were hired to manage, what do you do?

    You quit your job, effective immediately, and go to another <strike>easily duped</strike> local district in need of effective leadership, that's what!

    Yes, you've read that correctly, when Pontiac's finances were heading south, so did Superintendent Bashir...to nearby Inkster Public Schools. There she received not only a nice health raise in base pay from $142k to $150k, with a nice $435/month car allowance to boot, but she brought some friends with her.

    As part of her new team in Inkster, Superintendent Bashir brought with her former right-hand man, Dr. Jumanne Sledge.

    But poor Dr. Sledge had a bit of a problem; he was also brought up in the allegations from former Pontiac interim Superintendent Jonathan Brown for funny business with federal Title 1 funds while he was back in Pontiac.

    This surprisingly caught the attention of the feds, whom in February of this year seized his '02 Jaguar and about $34K, and then in March, arraigned him on charges of embezzling some $236K from the district.

    So there you have it.

    Yet another example of Democrats not keeping tabs on the people they hired to operate their district.

    Turning a blind eye towards financial improprieties while apparently demonizing those who try and do their job.

    The other side may not like it, but it's either PA-4 or bankruptcy.

    It is also important to note that this also shows some inherent problems in PA-4.

    First, PA-4 is only invoked after an issue grows to the point it becomes a major problem. There is no mechanism for the early detection and correction of a problem. That is akin to seeing a seriously threatening storm heading your way and just standing idly by, not going anywhere, while thinking happy-happy thoughts to yourself.

    Second, there is no mechanism for punishing those who have caused the problems in the first place.

    Like I mentioned above, you had an Inkster School Board Member shown in one of the links above, actually denying that he was a school board member while on-camera.

    Exactly what other things will they deny after an investigation is conducted into a district (or city's) finances?

    How long will they deny not knowing about any financial irregularities going on?

    How long will they deny that they were "unaware' of any impending financial collapse?

    Why do financial "irregularities" at businesses and banks get you jail time in the private sector, yet in the public sector, you're allowed to walk away scot-free?

    Don't those same elected leaders have a fiduciary responsibility to the people who elected them into office?

    Just something to think about...

    < Even The Regulars Can Be Wrong | Going Robo: Calling Out Obama's War on Women >

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    by Rougman on Mon May 07, 2012 at 02:18:31 PM EST
    other people's money.

    • Yup. It's OPM by Corinthian Scales, 05/07/2012 02:20:46 PM EST (none / 0)
    • MY three words by The Wizard of Laws, 05/08/2012 11:00:38 AM EST (none / 0)
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