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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Plague Expected After Legislative Action

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Fri Apr 13, 2012 at 07:40:00 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Tom McMillen, Haircuts, Licensure, Repealing, HB5517 (all tags)

    Folks its Terrible!

    Imagine the the local barbershop as a rat infested den.  Rust draining down the wall from the mounted barber pole, seats with broken springs, and a floor covered with hair of the ages.  Add to this, a $10 cut that is more suitable to a couple of the three stooges.

    That is what some licensed barbers would have you think would happen if HB5517 passes:

    "Introduced by Rep. Tom McMillin (R) on March 22, 2012, to repeal the law that prohibits an individual from earning a living as a barber unless he or she gets a state license that, among other things, requires completing a 2,000-hour course of study at a licensed barber college, paying fees, and meeting other requirements imposed by a board comprised of incumbent barbers who have received political appointments to this board. This and House Bill 5518 would also repeal licensure mandates on barber shops and barber colleges. "

    Doesn't McMillin understand that there are 143 classes of hair follicles?  And that if the wrong scissor is used, the hair can be 'shocked' dead?

    Just kidding folks.  Everyone knows barbershops are where you go for the blood letting.  You know the old commercial jingle:

    "When Consumption hits and you are feeling like crud,
    Go see the barber, he'll drain it with blood!"

    Often heard during halftime of the arena sports battles.

    By golly those were the good old days.

    Continued below..

    Truly, these types of licensure requirements are designed to keep prices up on a profession.  An association is often developed to argue for restrictions on new entry into one field or another that provides a barrier to new entries, keeping demand in check with a limited number of 'professionals' to perform the work.  McMillin says
    "Its a classic case of barriers to entry. Most barbers work at shops -- and those shops have their reputation to protect.

    They better hire good barbers - if it took going to some barber school for 2000 hours, so be it...if its an apprentice type thing so be it.

    They decide...and ultimately consumers decide. and if some guy wants to give it a go and put a shingle out...and has never cut hair before in his life - go ahead. if he's no good, i doubt it'll go very well for him....but you never know"

    And its dangerous to the community because?

    Sure, scissors are a tool best handled by adults who aren't running.  A healthy environment is better than a non healthy environment.  The pro licensure folks need to tell us something new.

    I'll bet if anyone walks into a shop that has three months of hair on the floor, and unidentified stuff growing from the talcum dish, and maybe a guy with a strange sudden violent twitch of his arm or hand, they might insure well before getting that new pouf.  Its called a survival instinct. (or at least common sense)

    Rent seeking like this, limits those who would try to earn an income from putting food in their belly, and perpetuates the expansionist role of government.  There are certainly regulatory necessities within our state, but this is one of many that can go any day now.

    We applaud Representative McMillin's dedication to providing an environment that is decidedly more friendly to the average family and bread winner.  An equal respect will go to those who support and help pass this reasonable legislative effort that is already past due.

    Hats off for reducing the size of government intrusion in our lives Tom.

    < Thursdays Divertere: "I've Lost My A$$ in Wind Power" | Weekend Divertere - A History of Theft >

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    Well, it's a start... (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Fri Apr 13, 2012 at 03:24:23 PM EST
    Exactly how many of these are really needed let alone, justifiable?

    Accountancy, State Board of

    Acupuncture, Board of

    Aeronautics Commission

    Agriculture Preservation Fund Board

    Agriculture, Commission of

    Appellate Defender Commission

    Apple Committee

    Arab and Chaldean American Affairs, Advisory Council on

    Architects, State Board of

    Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission

    Asparagus Advisory Board

    Athletic Trainers, Board of

    Auctioneers, Board of

    Audiology, Board of

    Automobile Theft Prevention Authority Board of Directors

    Barber Examiners, State Board of

    Barrier Free Design Board

    BCBS Board of Directors

    Bean Commission

    Beef Industry Commission

    Blind, Commission for the

    Boiler Rules, Board of

    Capitol Committee, Michigan

    Carnival-Amusement Safety Board

    Carrot Commission, Michigan

    Certificate of Need Commission

    Cherry Committee

    Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board ("Children's Trust Fund")

    Chiropractic, Board of

    Civil Rights Commission

    Civil Service Commission

    Central Michigan University Board of Trustees

    Collection Practices Board

    Community Action & Economic Opportunity, Commission on

    Community Corrections Board

    Community Service Commission

    Complete Streets Advisory Council

    Construction Code Commission

    Construction Safety Standards Commission

    Controlled Substances Advisory Commission

    Corn Marketing Program

    Correctional Officers' Training Council

    Cosmetology, State Board of

    Counseling, Board of

    Crime Victim Services Commission

    Dairy Market Program Committee

    Data Collection Agency Governing Board

    Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Advisory Council on

    Dentistry, Board of

    Detroit Wayne County Health Authority Board of Directors

    Detroit-Wayne County Port Authority

    Developmental Disabilities Council

    Dietetics and Nutrition, Board of

    Disability Concerns, Commission on

    Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Board

    Early Childhood Investment Corporation

    Early Stage Venture Investment Corp.

    Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents

    Education Achievement Authority

    Education Commission of the States

    Electrical Administrative Board

    Electronic Recording Commission

    Electronic Waste Advisory Council

    Elevator Safety Board

    Emergency Managers

    Employment Relations Commission

    Ethics, State Board of

    Examiners in Mortuary Science, State Board of

    Farm Produce Insurance Board

    Ferris State University Board of Control

    Film Office Advisory Council

    Fire Fighters Training Council

    Gaming Control Board

    General Industry Safety Standards Commission

    Governor's Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports

    Governor's Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect

    Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Commission

    Grand Rapids - Kent County Convention Arena Authority

    Grape and Wine Industry Council

    Great Lakes Commission

    Great Lakes Protection Fund Board of Directors

    Grand Valley State University Board of Trustees

    Health and Safety Compliance and Appeals, Board of

    Health Information Technology Commission

    Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan

    Home Based Child Care Council Board of Directors

    Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Park Authority Board of Commissioners

    Idlewild Centennial Commission

    Intelligence Operations Center for Homeland Security, Advisory Board for the

    Interagency Coordinating Council for Infants and Toddlers with Developmental Disabilities

    Investment Advisory Committee

    Iron Industry Museum Advisory Board

    Judges Retirement System Board

    Judicial Tenure Commission

    Juvenile Justice, Committee on

    Lake Superior State University Board of Control

    Land Bank Fast Track Authority Board of Directors

    Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument Fund Co

    Law Enforcement Standards, Commission on

    Law Examiners, Board of

    Library of Michigan Board of Trustees

    Liquor Control Commission

    Long Term Care Supports and Services Advisory Committee

    Mackinac Bridge Authority

    Mackinac Island State Park Commission

    Manufactured Housing Commission

    Marriage and Family Therapy, Board of

    Massage Therapy, Board of

    Mechanical Rules, Board of

    MEDC Corporate Board

    MEDC Executive Committee

    Medicine, Board of

    Michigan Citizen-Community Emergency Response Coordinating Council (MCCERCC)

    Michigan Compensation Appellate Commission

    Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs

    Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) Board

    Michigan Education Trust Board of Directors

    Michigan Finance Authority Board of Directors

    Michigan Food Policy Council (MFPC)

    Michigan Freedom Trail Commission  

    Michigan Historical Commission

    Michigan Humanities Council

    Michigan State Housing Development Authority

    Michigan Tech Board of Control

    Michigan Truck Safety Commission

    Michigan Wheat Promotion Committee

    Military Appeals Tribunal

    Natural Resources Commission

    Natural Resources Trust Fund Board

    Northern Michigan University Board of Control

    Nursing, Board of

    Nursing Home Administrators, Board of

    Oakland University Board of Control

    Occupational Health Standards Commission

    Occupational Therapists, Board of

    Onion Committee

    Optometry, Board of

    Osteopathic Medicine Advisory Board

    Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, Board of

    Pain and Symptom Management, Advisory Committee on

    Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

    Pharmacy, Board of

    Physical Therapy, Board of

    Plum Advisory Board, Michigan

    Podiatric Medicine & Surgery, Board of

    Potato Industry Commission

    Professional Engineers, State Board of

    Professional Surveyors, State Board of

    Psychology, Board of

    Public Safety Communications Interoperability Board

    Public School Employees' Retirement System Board

    Public Service Commission

    Quality Community Care Council Board of Directors

    Real Estate Appraisers, State Board of

    Real Estate Brokers & Salespersons, State Board of

    Rehabilitation Council

    Residential Builders and Maintenance & Alteration Contractors, State Board of

    Respiratory Care, Board of

    Saginaw Valley State University Board of Control

    Sault St. Marie Bridge Authority

    Self-Insurers' Security, Second Injury Fund, Silicosis, Dust Disease, and Logging Industry Compensation Fund Board of Trustees

    Services to the Aging, Commission on

    Small Business Clean Air Act Ombudsman

    Snowmobile and Trails Advisory Council

    Social Work, Board of

    Soybean Commission, Michigan

    Speech-Language Pathology, Board of

    State 9-1-1 Committee (SNC)

    State Boundary Commission

    State Building Authority Board of Trustees

    State Canvassers, Board of

    State Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision

    State Employees' Retirement System Board

    State Fire Safety Board

    State Historic Preservation Review Board

    State Historical Records Advisory Board

    State Officers Compensation Commission

    State Plumbing Board

    State Police Retirement System Board

    State Ski Area Safety Board

    State Tax Commission

    State Teacher Tenure Commission

    Statewide Independent Living Council

    Strategic Fund Board of Directors

    Supply Chain Management Development Commission

    Talent Investment Board

    Task Force on Physician's Assistants

    Tax Tribunal, Michigan

    Transportation Commission

    Transportation Task Force

    Travel Commission

    Unarmed Combat Commission

    Underwater Salvage and Preserve Committee

    Utility Consumer Participation Board

    Veterans Facilities Board of Managers

    Veterans Memorial Park Commission

    Veterans Trust Fund Board of Directors

    Veterinary Medicine, Board of

    War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission

    Waterways Commission

    Wayne County Airport Authority

    Western Michigan University Board of Control

    Wetland Advisory Council

    Women's Commission

    Workers' Compensation Board of Magistrates

    Why stop there? (none / 0) (#2)
    by KG One on Fri Apr 13, 2012 at 04:40:43 PM EST
    Much like an addict addicted to crack, Lansing's desire to license and regulate everything it sees had gone into overdrive during the past several years.

    Do you think that the barber licensing is a joke?

    Check this out.

    Some time ago when I actually had some free time I'd pick up some McDonald's money by training people to operate heavy equipment (mostly semis).

    Getting the certification just to do that is a royal pain.

    First off, I needed to go through a background check and medical exam as part of the application process.

    No, the background check that I had aced to get my HazMat wasn't good enough for the Lansing. I had to spend more of my own money to get a brand spanking new background check done through a different agency.

    To make matters worse, when I renewed my certification, I needed to show up to the same company in person to submit a fingerprint sample. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but fingerprints don't change over someone's lifetime. But why should Lansing care? It's a great cash cow for the state!

    But wait, it gets better. My valid DOT card wasn't good enough for the state either. They wanted more forms for a doctor to fill out covering the same information my DOT card does.

    Go figure.

    But as they say on TV: "Wait! There's more."

    After doing that for some time, knowing what I did on the side, I had some friends and neighbors come up and ask me if I could teach their kids what they needed to know to get their Driver's License. After going over the manual for that, I told them I would do it for them (surprising, aside from a few minor differences there really isn't very much different between what they needed to know to drive a car and a truck). About a month later after commandeering an abandoned school parking lot, they demonstrated that they were ready and I told them to go in for their road test.

    EVERY ONE OF THEM I instructed had aced their road test.

    Now, here's the kicker!

    What my friends didn't mention before coming to me was that they had gone through a state-certified driving school. Not only did they do a piss-poor job of instructing them over three months on what they needed to know, but they wanted to hit them up for more $$$ so that they could try again for their license.

    I figured that I was in the wrong line of work, so I wanted to add auto to my certification.

    To do that (especially for teens), I needed even more background checks and to spend over $3,000 to "learn" how to teach people how to drive in the classroom, yard and on the road.

    I'm certain that there are other examples of Lansing shaking down and making things generally harder for the producing-class to get ahead. Almost sounds like an Ayn Rand novel, doesn't it?

    I just don't see very many republicans with the integrity to step up and do something about it.

    Their urge to license and regulate is just as strong with them, as it is with the democrats.

    Sad, isn't it?

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