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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Shakin' Foundations

    By JenKuznicki, Section News
    Posted on Mon Feb 27, 2012 at 07:19:42 AM EST
    Tags: Romney, Michigan, Santorum (all tags)

    Mitt Romney is showing his homestate what he has learned as part of the elite group of liberals in Massachusetts, how to play dirty.

    As Michiganders go to the polls on Tuesday, they are subject to a constant barrage of negative robocalls against Santorum, negative ads on television, and a constant mocking on facebook and other sites of Santorum's "Take one for the team" quote.

    I wonder if Team Romney thinks they'll have gained enough respect for people to vote for him IF he receives the nomination.

    More Below -

    I also wonder if Team Romney will use the same scorched earth policy in the general IF he receives the nomination, because I'll tell you, it's not inspiring at all.

    But those of us that worked hard in the 2010 elections and were told we really didn't matter to the bottom line by the Republican establishment know who his handlers are, and frankly, its pay back time.

    The priority of winning no matter what, the ends justify the means, is that people who have been loyal to the party for years are being trashed because of a difference of opinion.  There is no uniting factor behind this supposed "front runner," and I, for one am going to say what needs to be said.

    There have been instances in the recent past where you could say that the establishment faltered.  Michigan has the opportunity to shake the establishment to its core.

    Santorum is the only candidate that is high enough in the polls to win against Romney.  Delegates are awarded district by district, so it is possible Romney could take some delegates, but he doesn't have to take them all.

    If Romney loses Michigan, his momentum into Super Tuesday takes a huge hit, and as a result, so does Obamacare, and radical environmental policies, and the progressive tax, because, let's face it, that's what Romney represents, the Republican version of those policies.

    If you are for Newt, vote for Santorum.  Newt is not bothering with Michigan, and thinking strategically, it is better for Newt in the long run if Romney loses most of the delegates in Michigan.

    If you are leaning Ron Paul, you should know he and Romney have formed an alliance.  The press have made a big deal about Santorum's faith, are we to assume the Liberal Democrats won't completely wreck Romney over his faith?  I plead with you to vote for Santorum to take Romney down a few pegs.

    If you are a conservative Democrat who wants to vote for a good family man with a background similar to yours, from the rust belt and honest to a fault, vote for Santorum.

    If you want Obama's policies with a Republican spin, vote for "Team" Romney.

    < A Tale Of Two Rallies | When Bean Counters Are In Charge >

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    Romney is... (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Mon Feb 27, 2012 at 09:20:20 AM EST
    ...an out of touch, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, east coast Liberal blue blood.  You can start with his Vietnam pro-draft stance at Stanford while taking a Mormonolgy deferment in France, to his $1.3 billion in taxpayer subsidy for the '02 LDS Olympics he claims to have "saved", to strapping his dog to the roof of his car for 12 hrs on a family vacation, to yesterday when Willard decided to drag the black cloud he holds over the GOP with taking it down to rain out Daytona.

    Romney was at Daytona last year and said he also has been to the track in New Hampshire. Does he follow the sport?

    "Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans," he said. "But I have some friends who are NASCAR team owners."

    Willard has always lived in a Rockefeller bubble that has sheltered him from average Americans.

    Mitt Romney defines what is the elite jagoff
    .  Wanna bet $10,000 I'm wrong about that?

    And the Romney family have always done what they do by picking flesh from the bones of others.  In Michigan the Romney family has always had Party toadies to do their dirty work for them.  We all can thank Fat John Engler for giving Jennifer Granholm her pathway to governor when John divided the Party with pigheadedly pushing G. Scott Romney for AG.  Thanks for that disaster, Fat John.  Thanks for now promoting Mitt and a taxpayer funded goonion labor payola boondoggle bridge too.

    George Scott's ex-wife Ronna Romney?  Yup, thanks for Carl Levin.  Twice a loser for U.S. Senate from Michigan.

    Ronna Romney's sister, Terry Rakolta?  Ya, John Rakolta, there's another Romney family tied fiasco being probed by the FBI.


    Hmmm, now where have we heard that ChiCom name before?  Oh wait! That's right, Huawei is in Michigan.

    Indeed.  Crony capitalism by the ruling class at it's finest.

    Santorum 2012

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