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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    That BIG PUSH for Immigrants as the only Savior for the State

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Thu Aug 04, 2011 at 01:05:28 AM EST
    Tags: Too divisive, Work Visas, Nerd Solutions, Uncomplicated Problem, Change It, Suffer With It (all tags)

    Here's a slew of your savior poster children Governor Snyder.

    Nineteen Indians charged in $60 mn health care fraud in US

    US Federal prosecutors have charged 26 people, including 19 Indians, with participating in a scheme to defraud government Medicare and Medicaid services for the elderly of nearly $60 million in unwarranted prescriptions.

    An indictment unsealed in Detroit accuses Babubhai "Bob" Patel, 49, a Canton Township pharmacist, of using his ownership in more than 20 Michigan pharmacies to facilitate the fraud, according to Detroit News.

    Sorta fits within that "Role Model" agenda thing, eh?

    What was the line that Snyder and Ford's retired aging queen was peddling at WSU regarding immigrants?  Oh, that's right!  The GoverNerd is only looking for the "well educated".  Awwww, why looky here...

    In addition to the pharmacists and doctors, those charged include a psychologist, an accountant and several business associates from the area.

    According to prosecutors, Patel allegedly also used recruiters to find patients who, in exchange for kickbacks, would allow the pharmacies to bill their insurance for drugs and other services.

    The pharmacies were in Detroit, Dearborn, Southfield, Warren, Taylor, Berkley, Pontiac, Troy, Hazel Park, Oak Park, Waterford, Livonia, Commerce Township, Roseville, Bay City, Saginaw and Kalamazoo.

    Doctors, accountants, psychologist and pharmacists?  "Well educated" indeed.  Industrious too.  Damn near covered the entire lower part of the state.  Well, a little north from Saginasty on down anyway.  They were almost as organized as Talal Chahines' Lashish operation was, but not nearly as smart.  Talal fled the U.S. back to Lebanon before the the Law could slap the cuffs on him.  Talal's son Khalil?  Nope.  Still sitting in the pokey for another 15 years for an 'honor killing'.  Yessiree, muHAMmadanism in the good 'ol U.S. of A.  Then there's Talal's sister-in-law and wife... oy!

    Now, the GoverNerd mentioned something at the beginning of the WSJ.com article about Anglo names and the historical significance immigrants played in Michigan.  I know!  Let's play Where's Waldo looking through the indicted names.

    In addition to Patel, those named in the 34-count indictment are physician Paul Petre, pharmacists Dineshkmar Patel, Anish Bhavsar, Ashwini Sharma, Pinakeen Patel, Kartik Shah, Viral Thaker, Hiren Patel, Miteshkumar Patel, Lokeh Tayal, Narendera Cheraku and Chetan Gujarathi.

    Arpitkumar Patel, Sumanray Raval, Harpreet Sachdeva, Ramesh Patel, Rana Naeem, physician Mustak Vaid, psychologist and patient recruiter Sanyani Edwards and business associate Komal Acharya have also been named in the indictment.

    Uh-oh!  S.O.L. there on the Anglo thing in this, I reckon.  Oh, well.

    Remember folks!  Our tax dollars are now being explicitly used for rustling up Work Visas for 'Diversity' immigrants by Governor Snyder.

    The Michigan Department of Civil Rights and the Michigan Economic Development Corp. are working together through the Snyder administration's Global Michigan Initiative to find ways to team graduating immigrants with companies that might be able to help them gain a work visa by saying they'll hire them.

    "To translate that (student visa) into a work visa or another situation, they really need to be matched with some commercial opportunity," Snyder said. "''How do we find students that have those great innovative ideas and match them up with existing businesses or other startup people in Michigan to say, 'Hey, create a company together'?"

    To translate?  OK, got one for ya Snyder.  Start with looking out for the Home Team 1st, ya liberal jackass.

    The Republican governor declined to discuss federal immigration policy or the sweeps that have led to illegal immigrants being deported, sometimes tearing them away from their U.S.-born children. He wants the federal government to deal with the issue and opposes Arizona-style laws that allow police enforcing other laws to question the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally.

    "That's a divisive situation," he said, noting he opposes bills already introduced that would bring similar laws to Michigan. "Such negative issues . . . actually cause more trouble than anything."

    Now that's just an amoral no good bastard that belongs with USAG Eric Holder on Obama's Lefty side of the aisle.

    But, ya can't blame me.  I didn't vote for the liberal corporate snake that bought his way into the Party.

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