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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    What if.

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Thu Jun 16, 2011 at 10:56:12 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, DRIC, NICT, Snyder, Follow the money, The real reason, Who wins by default, Takeover (all tags)

    What if?

    What if Canada didn't care about the $550 million dollars it has promised to Michigan.

    What if it doesn't even have to give it up (the money)in the first place?

    What if the entire charade is to force what Canada has not been able to do, however hard it has tried through court actions for decades?  To force the Moroun family to relinquish its holdings on the ambassador bridge?

    A lot of questions:

    Ms Borges is hiding Canada's real goal: to buy out the Ambassador Bridge Company as the PM instructed his Ttransport Minister to do over a year ago in a secret mandate letter!

    Are being asked.  Read the rest.

    Oh..  and before you go, ask yourself what if

    Not saying, Just asking.

    < Fred Upton Introduces Legislation To Repeal His $50 Light bulbs | The Adventures Of Huckleberry Gillman >

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    The plot sickens...... (none / 0) (#1)
    by RushLake on Fri Jun 17, 2011 at 06:00:27 AM EST
    From today's Detroit News: http://detroitnews.com/article/20110617/POLITICS02/106170373/1022/Snyder's-bridge-authority-vote-to- miss-July-deadline

    Again, a perfectly good capitalist makes the point that he will spend his own money to build a second span. Why are big government Snyder and his big government buddies in Canada opposed? Big government.....answers itself.

    From yesterday's Detroit News: http://detroitnews.com/article/20110616/POLITICS02/106160389/-1/ARCHIVE/Michigan-Senate-leery-of-bri dge-pitch  

    From that article:
    "Where is this new traffic coming from?" to cross the bridge, asked Sen. Virgil Smith, D-Detroit. "Traffic is declining."

    From RushLake: Why does a big labor africanhyphenamerican democrat senator from Detroit have questions about the viability of the bridge? Perhaps because the Detroit pot hasn't been sweetened enough with tax dollars redistributed by Snyder.


    Parliament on March 23, 2011 (none / 0) (#2)
    by Corinthian Scales on Fri Jun 17, 2011 at 06:34:56 AM EST
    Canadian Transport Minister on March 23, 2011.  Listen closely beginning at approximately 1:12

    Read the entire writeup yourself.

    Oh and BTW.. (none / 0) (#3)
    by JGillman on Fri Jun 17, 2011 at 07:58:52 AM EST
    H/T to scales for this.

    Wow. Just wow (none / 0) (#5)
    by Corinthian Scales on Fri Jun 17, 2011 at 09:26:54 AM EST
    The levels of filth is just amazing.

    Let's start with Fat Jim and his Fix It Again Tony Board appointment.

    James J. Blanchard, Partner and Co-Chairman, Regulatory and Government Affairs at DLA Piper, one of the world's largest law firms. He is former ambassador to Canada, served two terms as governor of Michigan and four terms as a member of the United States Congress.

    Board selection method.

    Chrysler Group is managed by a nine-member Board of Directors with three directors appointed by Fiat, four appointed by the U.S. Government, one director appointed by the Canadian Government and one director appointed by the United Auto Workers' Retiree Medical Benefits Trust.

    Now, Sergio's interest in DRIC/NITC from last year.

    AG Schuette, hello?

    I want my tax dollars back.  Now!

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