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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Riemersma Is correct

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sat May 07, 2011 at 10:03:09 AM EST
    Tags: Jay Riemersma, Congress, Michigan, Debt, Debt Ceiling, Safety (all tags)

    The debt ceiling cannot be lifted.  In today's Ivory Tower special guest commentary, former US Representative candidate Jay Riemersma calls on the GOP controlled congress to do what is right and ignore calls to do "what has always been done."
    Riemersma points out:
    To make sense of this statement, we first have to set aside the ridiculous premise that "they've always done it in the past" should guide what Congress does today.

    Second, Congress has not always voted to raise the debt ceiling. When they elected not do so in 1995, the sky didn't fall and our economy did not implode. What's really being said here is, "We need to borrow more today so we can begin to have a conversation about saving tomorrow."

    Exactly.  At what point will we make those decisions? Next year?

    And frankly, unless our entire income is outgoing as interest, we will pay our obligations. The threat we will not is absurd. Going forward and adding to that interest burden hardly serves the better prospects of digging ourselves out, unless some have the fantasy that this asphyxiating administration will bring economic prosperity any time sooner, or later.  So shorting the next possibility of balance leaves only one other prospect, and that is collapsing the currency.

    The Michigan congressional delegation needs to hear from us, that no more debt is acceptable.  Not now, and not in the future.  

    Expanding our obligation now, merely adds to the reality we cannot control our spending. It burdens our children, their children and puts our future health and safety at risk. Expanding it now, or in the future tells us we have forgotten that debt is supposed to be a temporary tool only.

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    Thanks, J-man... (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Sat May 07, 2011 at 01:43:13 PM EST
    ..for bringing this matter front center.  In the early wee hours of today I touched on the debt ceiling issue in an other topic vent.  Folks better start looking at this for what it really is.  It's not a for the children, for their children or for their childrens' children argument any longer.

    It is NOW problem slapping everyone up side the head, and a whole gaggle of the folks in the now, if have been complacent, are going to get caught with their pants down around their ankles like a Francis Tarwater awaking in the field wondering what just happen to them by Teh once intoxicating 'Historic' Won that took them all for a ride in his lavender automobile.

    A few days ago amidst our national celebration,  I saw a posting that really grabbed my attention in its accuracy.

    Posted by Ann Barnhardt - May 4, AD 2011 6:50 PM MST

    Buried under all of the Bin Laden distraction was the biggest news story yet . . . and it has gone completely unnoticed.

    Click here for the Reuters story

    Treasury Secretary, Seditious Traitor and walking porcine anal sphincter Timothy Geithner announced (read DEMANDED) today that the U.S. debt limit be raised immediately by TWO TRILLION DOLLARS. Geithner indicated this will be the amount of additional debt taken on before the 2012 election - and the election was cited REPEATEDLY as a benchmark date. That's $125 Billion PER MONTH. What Geithner is saying is JUST RAISE THE CAP $2T now so we don't have to go through the charade of raising the cap quarterly, because we all know damn good and well that there really isn't a cap at all. The "cap" is just a Marxist linguistic manipulation designed to pacify the gullible thralls in the soon-to-be-exterminated bourgeoisie.

    There's your QE3, kids. The GDP of the US when Obama usurped the Presidency was $14 Trillion. They have already printed $5T, with AT LEAST another $2T slated. That's $7T. They have debased the US Dollar by fully HALF of the GDP and will do it in less than FOUR YEARS. The Dollar Index is into new lows for the move and is hovering just above the huge 2008 lows at 0.7100. When the Dollar breaks those lows at 0.7100, and it could be any day now, that will be the lower G.I. effluvia hitting the high velocity rotors.

    Time to stop worrying about fake pics of Bin Laden on the interwebs, kids. Your economy and way of life is about to be slaughtered and bled out on the altar of Marxist Totalitarianism.

    Damn right it is, Ann.  The House GOP must not raise our debt ceiling as like how they caved on their promised $100M in cuts.  It is enough of the GOP being indistinguishable from the DNC.

    Again, here is how our Michigan Reps. voted on our alleged "savings" continuation budget.

    Benishek, Dan, CD-1
    Camp, Dave, CD-4
    Dingell, John D., CD-15
    Kildee, Dale, CD-5
    Levin, Sander, CD-12
    Peters, Gary, CD-9
    Rogers, Mike, CD-8
    Upton, Fred, CD-6
    Walberg, Tim, CD-7

    Amash, Justin, CD-3
    Clarke, Hansen, CD-13
    Conyers Jr., John, CD-14
    Huizenga, Bill, CD-2
    McCotter, Thaddeus, CD-11
    Miller, Candice, CD-10

    And, to contact them simply click, here.

    The choice is yours with what one decides to do, but if one isn't planning on croaking in the near future, I'd get involved.  Now.

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