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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Sarah & Herman

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Tue Dec 27, 2011 at 08:38:42 PM EST
    Tags: Conservatives, 2012, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Primaries, President, Republicans, Excitement, Inspiration, Candidates (all tags)

    Here it is folks.  The end of the country as we know it.

    The lefties are in charge, their EPA is destroying business, the justice department is destroying our borders, the president is destroying our world standing as a super power, the treasury and fed destroying our currency, the previous congress has set the timer for self destruct on healthcare, and the current and presumably 'better' congress cannot even show the skills needed to stop the fiscal bleeding. Michigan's own congressmen have been stitching their fingers together ala super committees, and even the good doctor Dan has wrapped the gauze a little too tightly choking off the air that provides for common sense.

    How important is 2012 to you?

    Think death-star-about-to-blow-up-the-planet kind of important.

    "It's not impossible. I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home, they're not much bigger than two meters. "

    That word "impossible," of course, is for the pessimistic. I am being quite 'up' in my assessment as stated above.  My overall optimism was put in place a little this morning however.

    An article by John Hawkins on 7 Reasons Why Mitt Romney's Electability Is A Myth was a reminder that there are people who are more motivated by charisma, charm, and I might dare say 'gravitas', than by substantive policy concern. Hawkins starts off:

    "1) People just don't like Mitt Romney: The entire GOP primary process so far has consisted of Republican voters desperately trying to find an alternative to Mitt Romney. Doesn't it say something that GOP primary voters have, at one time or another, preferred Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and now even Ron Paul (In Iowa) to Mitt Romney?

    To some people, this is a plus. They think that if conservatives don't like Mitt Romney, that means moderates will like him. This misunderstands how the process of attracting independent voters works in a presidential race. While it's true the swayable moderates don't want to support a candidate they view as an extremist, they also don't just automatically gravitate towards the most "moderate" candidate. To the contrary, independent voters tend to be moved by the excitement of the candidate's base (See John McCain vs. Barack Obama for an example of how this works). This is how a very conservative candidate like Ronald Reagan could win landslide victories. He avoided being labeled an extremist as Goldwater was, yet his supporters were incredibly enthusiastic and moderates responded to it.

    Let's be perfectly honest; Mitt Romney excites no one except for Mormons, political consultants, and Jennifer Rubin. To everybody else, Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama is a "lesser of two evils" election where we'll grudgingly back Mitt because we won't lose as badly with him in the White House as we would with Obama. That's not the sort of thing that gets anyone fired up to make phone calls, canvass neighborhoods, or even put up "I heart Mitt" signs in their yards. "

    And concern over policy doesn't necessarily mean Romney is right either.  The point well made in this particular segment goes beyond even Mitt's ability to excite and make enthusiastic, those masses that are needed to beat the king of corruption now residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    More below ~

    The Obama campaign understands one thing better than many of the Republicans or conservatives do.

    'Flash' and a distinct magnetism sells.

    It sells action which gets votes.  Attention mongers like Lady Gaga or Michigan native Madonna have capitalized well on the ticket and album sales promoted by their news making, non standard self promotion. The A.D.D. inflicted voting populace is likely willing to subject itself to the childlike fantasies promoted by the left, and to the ultimate failure which soon follows, not because of well reasoned thought, but because like a sparkly light, or cone shaped bodice, it has grabbed their attention just long enough to make them forget the last time it happened.

    But we've had our 'flash' too.

    Sarah Palin, in 2008 electrified a dismayed conservative base.  Even 'moderates' felt the excitement with the addition of Palin as Sen John McCain's running mate for a period of time.  She was unique, articulate, and brought a perspective that was political rice to a famine inflicted Republican party. Her entry changed the polling to a positive for McCain, even with the ruthless negative smear attacks by the leftist media, until .. McCain tried to out-redistribute a master socialist organizer. Doing so, in one of the debates that was responsible for more TVs of conservative households .. to find destruction by projectile.

    That bucket of cold water, McCain, was enough to continue dousing Sarah Palin's refreshing conservatism right through to an Obama victory.

    The stand alone success of Sarah however, was not going to be tolerated.  Immediately, she became a threat to the newly won administration and its sycophant media support service for the 2012 race. She had to be crushed, because she elicited great excitement from conservatives.  It was Sarah's ability to get people motivated, and actually excited about politics is what Hawkins in the article referenced above, was talking about.

    But with the ever looming threat of a renewed smear campaign, she decided to not seek the Republican nomination this time around. Her family having been sullied already, and the thought that working to influence from outside might be as effective.

    And then there was Herman.

    Herman Cain, the truest non-politician of any in the race, not only met the standards which conservatives seek, but also generated buzz, and electrified the imaginations of those who have been perpetually tired of the same old politics.  From in-your-face non politically correct shock advertising, to actually having a plan that turns the apple cart over, this self made success channeled the desire of so many into a fast growing support base.  Adding to his unique approach to campaigning and promise set,  his life story, in its rags to riches way reads as American as any president since Lincoln, bootstraps and all.

    Anyone in his right mind would be proud to support Herman Cain.

    Which is why the destroyers had to see him gone.

    False claims in the 1990's brought about because of an intense scrutiny into our interpersonal workplace relationships.  A manufactured sexual advance claim by a financially hard up neighbor of the president's aide Axlerod. And another hard luck story with some seemingly legitimate legs, that come from a man's concern for a woman's welfare, and willingness to help someone ("a friend") who was down. Someone as it turned out, who apparently must have needed even more.

    We know the reasons.  We know why, and we have the usual suspects pegged accurately in all likelihood. But family comes first to conservatives.  So he made the decision to suspend his campaign. To relieve his wife of the concern of embarrassment, stress, anxiety, and exposure.

    Pretty much because he is something special, different.  And people sense it.

    They are drawn to it.

    The immediate popularity of Herman Cain could not have been more evident by the turnout at the event hosted in Traverse City.  An event that turned out more than 1200 folks in the middle of the week with about a day and a half notice.  An event that revealed even the initial attempts at sabotage of Cain's character were failing.  The excitement would only end after his stated withdrawal however.  Like Palin, he was feeling the need to continue, but only to influence policy from the outside.

    Governor Sarah & Businessman Herman, both characters of immense interest to us, and both holding the potential of leading this nation away from the path paved with the failure of best intentions and unconstitutional action.  Both inspiring traditional Americans and conservatives with a reminder of what we were, and that we may even have a chance to regain it.  Both of them reviving the psyche of the biggest collection of Stockholm syndrome 'independent' moderates, and already driven conservatives since Reagan.

    For all the good that other candidates in the Republican field represent, and for all the misery our current president has promised this nation, we may find ourselves again wondering what happened to our country.  After the election in 2012, will we again be cursed with an Obama administration?

    To be clear, I will stand behind any republican candidate that becomes the opponent to the redistributionist in chief.  But, we have yet to see the magic of a Sarah or Herman materialize from the remaining pack.

    And unless we do, its all over.

    < Who are the "Michigan Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility"? | Slowing Down The Coronation Train >

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    Official: Ron Paul is toast (none / 0) (#1)
    by Corinthian Scales on Tue Dec 27, 2011 at 10:16:27 PM EST
    There is a reason the loons at Stormfront love Ron Paul...

    WASHINGTON - Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul's past statements are coming back to haunt him - and this time it's about the US' role in ending World War 2 and the Holocaust.

    Following a controversial revelation by a former aide to the congressman, saying that Paul "wishes Israel didn't exist," another blogger said Tuesday that in 2009 Paul went on the record as saying that if he were the president of the United States during WWII he "wouldn't have risked American lives to end the Holocaust."

    Rest here

    Why the GOP allows the crazy old kook to campaign on their ticket is beyond me.

    Frankly, Zo sums up Ron Paul perfectly.


    Love the post, thank you! (none / 0) (#2)
    by maidintheus on Wed Dec 28, 2011 at 07:54:50 AM EST

    Contrasting histories. (none / 0) (#6)
    by KG One on Wed Dec 28, 2011 at 01:51:05 PM EST
    Looking at what to expect next year, I'm seeing a number of parallels on the GOP side with the 1964 election.

    You have moderates pretending to be conservative (i.e. Willard) and/or moderates with marital issues (i.e. Newt) playing the role of Rockefeller.

    Then there's everyone else who is actually conservative in the Goldwater role.

    There is mutual disgust between these true conservatives and the blue blood moderates (gasp, from the northeast), which doesn't bode well for next fall.

    The democrat side is hard to get a read on yet because of who may, or may not, be running next year.

    The progressives aren't very happy with Pres. B.O. because he's not socialist enough for them. There are grumblings about people stepping up to challenge a sitting president in the primary just like Kennedy did back in '80. That does wonders for party cohesiveness in the general.

    Even his own strategists are preparing for an exodus of former supporters, a'la "Reagan Democrats.

    Unless we get another candidate appearing at the last minute with the same characteristics as Cain, I'm sorry Jason, but I don't share your optimism with the choices available.

    We know exactly what we'll get from Obama.

    The GOP "moderates", a.k.a. democrat-lite, will be no different.

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