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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Too Good For Us.

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Fri Dec 16, 2011 at 12:19:19 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Republicans, US Senate, Debate, Absent, Pete Hoekstra, Clark Durant, Front Runner Flu, Politics (all tags)

    Driving the point home about exposure, and the options we have, the United States Senate race in Michigan is becoming a prime example of all that is wrong in the Republican machinery's selection process.  The elite attitudes that exist not only in the establishment Republican circles, are all too often exhibited by those who will be asking for our financial and logistical support in the coming year if successful in the primaries.

    And while I recognize the value of Reagan's 11th commandment, there is a lesson that needs to be given.

    Yesterday, our local party chair talked about how we need to pull together to support and elect Republicans.  Especially given the election's importance, and how badly we need to get rid of Obama.  Most agree with that assessment.  We need to rid ourselves of Obama, and all the legislative creatures who allow him to continue his destruction of our country.

    And to do so, it takes cooperation from our elected officials who fly under the Republican banner, and especially those who would presume to occupy particular seats in congress or the Senate, or even the presidency.  Cooperation that certainly showed during the Herman Cain event a month ago.  Mr Cain showed up, drew over 1200 folks from our tiny area of the world, and allowed the local party to get info from interested Republicans that will be oh-so-important in the year to come. Information that allows us to reach out and inform of special events, fund raisers, and get-out-the-vote efforts that can make the difference in any of several races when needed.

    We helped Cain, and Cain helped expand the party influence.  We would do the same thing for a Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann, etc. visit, even if Cain were the top guy and still in the race.   Its good to look at all of the messages, and let local Republicans choose who best represents their views.  Frankly its the BEST way to advance the Republican vision.

    But apparently some of our politicians are too big for the party. At least our tiny part of it.

    More Below ~

    While we as local party affiliates are going to be expected to pony up manpower and resources for the general election in 2012, it was apparently too much to expect the presumed front runners in the Michigan US Senate race to return the favor by participating in a simple exchange of ideas; a debate sponsored by the GT GOP in Traverse City last week.

    The Grand Traverse County Republicans held a primary debate December 7, 2011.   I have posted the videos on RightMichigan.com and here. Two chairs were conspicuously empty.  Clark Durant, and Pete Hoekstra.

    The perceived rankings and ability to challenge the meat puppet Debbie Stabenow seriously in the upcoming US Senate race, appears to have rendered discussion of ideas moot.  Why bother with the riff-raff when there are fundraisers to attend?  Other candidates with low name recognition would merely siphon off a little from the glorious popularity that is so hard earned through the hawse-pipe of politics.  Is this right, Mr Hoekstra?  Especially when its "your time."  I guess from a STRATEGIC point of view, lending credibility to those other unknowns might be counter productive, so ignoring an entire squadron of footsoldiers in the hinterland is OK.

    Why bother with an argument in the realm of other folks ideas when all you have to do is effectively turn their microphones off?

    Its true.  The first question asked by the local news team: "Will Pete Hoekstra be there?" Answered "Probably not" only realized a lack of coverage for the event.  So not only are Republican/conservative ideas not being discussed more in the local media, the support for the local party recruitment suffers as well.  They are apparently too good for us now.  One wonders how responsive they might be once elected?  If either Hoekstra or Durant are willing to brush off those who are expected to work for their campaign in the general, then what might they do once elected?  A fair response might be that they were at fundraisers.  Sure, why not? I believe most of us would understand that they have to raise money, but if that is important when they should be talking about ideas, will the lobbyists alone be getting their full attention while they are in elected office?

    Or is there the other possibility that Hoekstra or Durant fear a round of questions emanating from some place north of (the safer) Ann Arbor, or southern Michigan campaign finance grounds?  Who are they really?  Why will they not stand on one side or another of those who would challenge THEIR ideas and not debate?

    Because to do so, would once again demonstrate the emperor's inability to dress appropriately.  Clark has no political history, but is being backed by NPV Saul nowadays.  Maybe we might find out his sympathy to that disastrous end.  And the other guy?  To be sure, Pete's record would certainly come into question. And by golly let us not assume for a minute that he would be willing to show off his political physique; which might be a grotesque hollowed out shell with a distended belly of big labor special interest.

    We see it here.  We get it.  Not a big enough market to worry about.  Insignificant.

    Check.  No position comparisons necessary up here anyhow.

    But in the end, caution should be exercised.  Some will only work to elect candidates who openly embrace the proper exchange of ideas, liberty and constitutional ideals.  Not very likely the pompous spoiled son of political machinery that continues to deliver lip service and contempt for the supporting efforts of so many of us "little folk."

    < Huntsman-Gingrich Debate | Mic Check! Mic Check! >

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    A2 might be safer but all their real votes (none / 0) (#1)
    by maidintheus on Fri Dec 16, 2011 at 01:01:55 PM EST
    are right here. They should be aware of the need to encourage voter turnout everywhere.

    As for Saul, he could have done a lot to eliminate the charges against Steel but instead, Saul looked like a typical entrenched liberal white elitist.  

    Wait a minute... (none / 0) (#2)
    by Corinthian Scales on Fri Dec 16, 2011 at 01:33:08 PM EST
    ...I saw what you did there.

    STRATEGIC.  Pete TARPstra's only real hope is to use subterfuge like lowball fundraising goals and campaign in hiding like the One Fluff Nerd did.

    That Pete and John I tell ya... crafty establishment bastids.

    Durant?  Nope.  Don't know diddly-squat about him much other than legend in his own mind Maximum Bob Lutz penned some flapdoodle for him.  Saul's a detriment for him too.

    Let's be fair here . . . (none / 0) (#8)
    by Kevin Rex Heine on Mon Dec 19, 2011 at 04:03:42 PM EST
    . . . and let me start by saying that what I'm about to say shouldn't be construed as a defense of Pete Hoekstra, but rather as a different perspective.

    First, I absolutely agree with KG and Scales (and damn near every other regular contributor to this site) that Mr. Hoekstra has a considerable amount of explaining to do.  However, my question is, are we willing to listen to the answers he might offer?  The take I'm getting from most of the tea party movement in Michigan is . . . maybe.  And that's not that the ones I've spoken with may or may not listen, rather it's that some have already made up their minds that they don't want to listen (and others will gladly give him a fair hearing, as long as he's willing to come clean on whatever the issue is in question).  And the mixed message seems to be part of the problem.

    I'm pretty sure that no reasonable person would fault Pete for being unwilling to walk into the rhetorical equivalent of an ambush, especially since some leaders within the Michigan Tea Party Patriot Network have openly threatened to "pour gasoline" on his campaign and then light the match.  Character assassination in absentia isn't exactly helpful either.  It's fair to point out questionable elements of someone's public record, but only if you provide an honest opportunity for defense.  Likewise, it's fair to point out where you differ from your opponents, but insistence on using those differences as a hammer is ultimately counterproductive.

    I did get a few minutes earlier today to talk with Pete's campaign manager, and he provided me with a copy of the tea party events that Pete has attended since September, and has already booked through the filing deadline (May 15th, 2012):

    September to present (as of 19 December)

    • 9/2 - Hillsdale Tea Party Express Rally
    • 9/3 - Milford Tea Party Express Rally
    • 9/29 - Senate Forum in DeWitt
    • 10/10 - Tea Party Town Hall in Kalamazoo
    • 10/10 - Tea Party Town Hall in Lansing
    • 10/10 - Tea Party Town Hall in Farmington
    • 10/26 - Meeting with Willow Run Tea Party Leaders
    • 11/4 - Tea Party Meeting with Willow Run Tea Party
    • 11/28 - Mid Michigan Tea Party Patriots Meeting
    • 12/4 - I-Caucus Interview
    • 12/6 - Cass County Tea Party Town Hall
    • 12/9 - Lenawee 9/12 Forum
    • 12/11 - Alpena Tea Party Town Hall

    Upcoming (already booked)

    • 1/7 - Plainwell Patriots Meeting
    • 2/20 - Western Washtenaw Tea Party Meeting
    • 5/8 - Independent Tea Party Patriots Forum

    I also understand that the event organizers of the debate and convention (scheduled for January 14th) are working out some details, and that the word is that Pete is supposed to be attending.

    It's no surprise that in a state with an active tea party presence, there are a great number of requests for Pete to attend this or that event.  I think we'd all agree that there must be some balance between meeting with tea party groups, meeting with local republican groups, raising money, and going on the news and talk radio.  However, Pete is doing and has done a pretty thorough job of crisscrossing the entire state since he decided to run.  And, according to his campaign manager, the only day that Pete is off during any given week is Sunday.

    One other point.  All of this fuss and fluff about which candidate the tea party network (or any of us, for that matter) ought to support isn't going to matter much if that candidate can't make the primary ballot.  Ballot access for a Michigan U. S. Senate candidate must be accomplished through a nominating petition (signature-gathering campaign); there is no "filing fee" alternative.  If you happen to think a particular candidate ought to be on the primary ballot, then feel free to get off your duff and circulate some petition pages on that candidate's behalf.  In my experience, door-to-door advocacy can be something of an eye-opener.

    May 15th of 2012 will give us a better idea of the field we have to work with.

    It would be helpful to say bye to Lil' Debbie (none / 0) (#10)
    by maidintheus on Mon Dec 19, 2011 at 07:33:20 PM EST
    I just hope people ( not the two of you specifically but everyone) will not insist on winning every skirmish but keep our eye on the end goal. It is nonsensical to think or demand a whole enchilada. It's a process. Seed time and harvest is how this world works...then the ear in the corn. Right now, we're doing a lot of reaping...tares. We're not going to get instant strawberries or any other sweet fruit.

    The Marxist actually know this and they openly teach it and work it. They don't expect to win every battle but they want to do whatever they have to do to win the war. Though they've twisted everything, from history to their actual intent via mass manipulation, they're still utilizing a lot of the basic things.

    I hope that people will step up their game, put long lists of demands aside and just make some inroads.

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