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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    No Sleep Button

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sat Nov 12, 2011 at 01:00:50 PM EST
    Tags: Congress, Michigan, Business, Super Committee, Dave Camp, Fred Upton, Taxes, Debt, Bureaucracy (all tags)

    You cannot shut this off.

    Hi Dave, Hi Fred, Have you recognized yet, that you have an impossible task?  Have you noticed that "increasing revenues" seems to be impossible? Does it seem hopeless?

    It ought to.

    Obviously, as two of six members tasked with the overwhelming task of reigning in an upwardly spiraling debt situation, you hold a great deal of responsibility.  And with only 11 days till the collapse of your hopes to accomplish this without crushing business, and raising taxes on those making over a dollar a year, the realization that there is nothing of which you are aware that will solve this problem, must keep you awake at night.

    Therein lays the problem.

    You both don't know, because you have failed to listen in the last couple of years, as the good folks who have marched, protested, changed the face of the congress you occupy, have told you how.  It is not a part of your understanding.  were you asleep?  You didn't listen to those folks in 2008 when you had an opportunity to say no to the use of taxpayer funds to prop up businesses that needed to fail.  You didn't listen to good Republicans who now mourn the loss of moral authority with regard to improper payoffs to corporate supporters and masters, which BTW has given the current president cover for his own abuse of our treasury.

    And you didn't listen when the majority of the country once again said "NO!" to raising the debt ceiling once again in a way that serves only to feed the beast which will ultimately consume us.

    ~ Below for more ~

    No, not listening is bad enough.

    But then you also forgot.  At least YOU did Dave Camp.

    You forgot about what you said to the 912 Group in Traverse City.  All 90+ of us who were there when you said you would see Obamacare defunded if you couldn't repeal it.  This congress can vote to repeal, but it has no say beyond its walls.

    But it still can strike the checkbook. Perhaps lip service is still the best tool of the consummate politician.

    And now, the clock is about to strike 12, and that tool cannot save this country from what MUST come eventually; a stripping of services so severe that the federal government will no longer be able to properly secure our safety and sovereignty.  Our government will no longer be able to perform the rudimentary functions it is actually designed to perform.  All the while, those socially devolved folks who have relied on handouts, social welfare and cash for their basic subsistence will likely riot.  Generationally accustomed to redistribution, or thinking that it can somehow work, the leeches that have been created by great society policy will likely topple all efforts to maintain a civil society for decades.

    And by golly, a couple of Republicans from Michigan have played their part in the whole affair.

    And now Dave, Fred, you guys get to play along as if a trillion dollars in cuts will be enough. A trillion dollars that STILL leaves a deficit spending mechanism, and continued growth of the overall debt which ultimately is the ball and chain on future generations.

    You had a chance to say no.  You've had MANY chances to say no. Debt is crushing this great nation.  It cannot be allowed to go higher.  At all.

    You can have sleepless nights, or realize that a very sharp fiscal knife, combined with a solid repudiation of the president's executive restrictions is your best solution.

    But I do not criticize without offering alternatives, and ideas.  The time has arrived for some very bold actions.  Here are a few suggested solutions.

    Defund the executive branch by 65%
    Czars have no constitutional basis.  A small cabinet which advises the president on economic, defense, and social policy is appropriate, but the multitude of unaccountable policy making officials which usurp congress' authority is astounding.  A president was elected. CZARS were not.  Congress needs to rip up the checks which pay their salary.

    Defund the EPA by 95%
    the EPA has been an 800lb gorilla on the backs of jobs providers since its inception.  Its abuse of authority extends beyond what is allowable by the constitution.  By eliminating most of its funding, it becomes a documenting service without the ability to interfere with legitimate entrepreneurial efforts.

    Defund the Energy Department by 95%
    Our dependence on foreign oil has fed our enemies.  The energy department has not led has a single positive effort in reducing our need for foreign supplies, and is now being used by the current administration to crush the economy by encouraging the most inefficient (green) energy sourcing.  THAT sourcing by the way, which has other negative impact and requirement for foreign provided resources. It too can be a documenting service for statistical analysis.

    Eliminate the Education Department completely
    There is NO compelling reason to have this bureaucracy in place.  It merely conflicts with state efforts to educate our children.

    Realistically examine our defensive construct globally.
    We may be stretched thin, and defense will have to assume some of the burdens in cost savings.

    Eliminate the NLRB completely.
    The creation of the NLRB marked the beginning of a socialist movement and its mandate by government.  Collective bargaining is a right; as it is a right for people to peaceably assemble and speak as a group.  It is also the right of an owner to fire every damned one of them so he or she might properly mange THEIR PROPERTY.   The savings on the institution's cost alone would be worth it, but the underlying problems associated with federal control of a business through the NLRB would go away spurring new growth.  Further, eliminate the federally mandated minimum wage so that those who do not have skills sufficient to provide value to prospective employers will be able to develop them at lower wage levels.

    Eliminate the BIA

    Are the reservations STATES or SOVEREIGN NATIONS?  Its time to decide.  We fund heavily these "sovereign" nations with grants and promises to aid.

    Eliminate or drastically reduce  unemployment benefits.
    Eliminate the encouragement to remain unproductive, or put a shorter time period on it with additional limits on lifetime benefit (for those who seasonally collect)

    Immediately recommend the elimination of the federal tax code, and put in place a 9-9-9 plan or fair-tax type of plan which assess responsibility to all citizens.

    As nearly a half trillion dollars is spent merely dealing with the IRS and other tax issues, the economy would respond favorably with reduction in the 88,000 pages of the current code.

    Eliminate ALL BLOCK grants.
    Funding for all the little local social programs that add up to great cost to the tax payer should end.

    Rid the nation of Obamacare and any mandates like it.
    There is no excuse for an obviously unconstitutional punishment of the citizenry to still exist.  It is raising the cost of medical care, and reducing our ability to get it.  That cost will result in lowering of our nations wealth and ability to pay for the growth in the economy we desire.

    Reduce ownership of national resources.

    National park growth has eclipsed the need to retain for future generations. Selling off some these lands would generate revenue immediately, as well as provide a stronger tax base for local communities. Some states have considerable amounts of their land in federal trust.

    Look at entitlements for real.
    Argument can be made that seniors have paid in to the system, and should get something out of it. Bottom line is the great big ponzi known as social Security has reached its limit. As unpopular is it might be, the rollback of social security needs to be a consideration. A year by year reduction, or allowing those who have been paying in to the system to opt out at some point should be a consideration.  I am 46 years old, and would GLADLY give up any claim to social security payments if only the federal government would stop taking it from me.

    Alternately, medicare accounts via choice with no government payouts to providers might be a way to control costs.  Using a formula that examines insurance costs to determine vouchers for that insurance would provide the most efficient way to cover cost of senior health care. Ridding ourselves of the medicare bureaucracy would save incredible amounts.  Further WASTE would be controlled by the private providers using the medicare vouchers.

    This is a start.  JUST A START

    And it is a minimum.

    The ultimate solution of the debt itself needs to be addressed by growing the economy.  New taxes will not do that.  Allowing the debt to go up anymore will not do that.  Debt is temporary, yet it is treated as if it is normal.

    The clock is ticking and there is no sleep button on this alarm.

    Its about time to wake up.

    < Saturdays Divertere: The Soviets and Islam | LIAR! MI Senator to Tea Party Organizer >

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    Hey Jason (none / 0) (#1)
    by grannynanny on Sat Nov 12, 2011 at 08:06:01 PM EST
    O/T - but was up in TC the past few days assisting with a family medical problem/appointment. We usually try to do a girls weekend coinciding with Christmas shopping every year with friends from the east side of Michigan and this happened to work out to do both.  Did a tour of the "Asylum"  - kinda creepy - especially with all of the OWS types that seem to run the shops and "occupy" the Asylum.  I just find it amazing at how completely liberal TC has become over the years and as I mentioned last year after my visit - it is showing in the "UNOCCUPIED" buildings that now are prevalent in a once bustling little gem on Lake Michigan.  Very sad.  So, I have decided that after one visit to San Francisco a couple years ago all I have to do is go to TC to see all the liberal weirdos I will ever need to see without the expense of going to San Francisco.  It's in my own backyard.  Hang in there Bud in the land of fruits and nuts!

    We could see it coming a mile away (none / 0) (#2)
    by Rougman on Sun Nov 13, 2011 at 12:03:47 AM EST
    This is just another example of the GOP being snookered in the political process by people who really don't care how they win.  

    Sure, at least I'll cling to one small snippet of optimism--the Repubs were dealing in good faith when they helped set up a committee that supposedly had the power to come up with some small cuts over the upcoming months.  However, and this is where the pessemism comes in, those GOP boneheads should have been smarter than to be part and parcel to a doomed-to-fail negotiation that would result in disproportionate defense cuts when, and this is where it gets really sad, your opposition WANTED TO CUT DEFENSE ALL ALONG!

    The Good Lord in Heaven must be shaking his head at the stupidity of mankind.

    Oh, granny, I travel to TC a couple of times a month and don't get nearly the bad liberal vibes you seem too.  Then again, rule number one is "no politics at the craps table."

    Four more years of Obama? (none / 0) (#3)
    by KG One on Sun Nov 13, 2011 at 07:39:42 AM EST
    As I see it, you've got two options here:

    First, you display some actual leadership for a change. It's past time to get aggressive with addressing the national debt and spell out some real savings here.

    This laughable $1.5-trillion over ten year target is like shooting rubber BB's at a freight train, it won't make any difference.

    And with the democrats taking their marbles and going home, someone needs to step up.

    There are recommendation out there. Jason ticked off a number of them above. There are a few more here. Gov. Perry even made another one recently by zeroing out foreign <strike>welfare</strike> aid.

    On a side note, I personally love that last one because of the maalox moment it gave the Levin Boys when I asked each of them where they had the authority to give out so much money to other countries when we could use it more here.

    I've yet to get a good response.

    Or (and what I'm actually betting money will really happen), for fear of P.O.'ing the entitlement crowd, Camp & Upton will sit on their hands and let the "Grand Bargain" (read: Faustian Deal) take effect.

    Sorry True Believers, if you hitched your wagons to the republican party expecting them to act fiscally responsible, you've made the wrong choice with these two.

    Which in the end is what the progressives want.

    The media will grab and run with that story harder than they did with the Cain sexual harassment shakedown artists they haven't really gotten any traction out of to make Pres. B.O. look...presidential.


    Yeppers (none / 0) (#4)
    by Corinthian Scales on Mon Nov 14, 2011 at 12:01:21 AM EST
    I always thought that you jumped the gun with yanking this down.

    This past weekend . . . (none / 0) (#5)
    by Kevin Rex Heine on Tue Nov 15, 2011 at 09:45:35 PM EST
    . . . my siblings and I were discussing this very matter.  All of us agreed that every cabinet department and federal agency that has no constitutional justification for its existence should be shut down immediately.  Every department and/or agency that is constitutionally justified should start with a zero-base budget.

    Work outward from there.

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