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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Say NO To Bailouts For Unions

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed Aug 11, 2010 at 02:35:16 PM EST
    Tags: Pelosi, Teachers, Unions, MEA, paybacks, Crooks (all tags)

    The recent play by Speaker Pelosi to call back legislators for that last bit of "work to be done" was an obvious ploy to satisfy big labor concerns and get those checks written for Democrat candidates that are facing a presumed SLAUGHTER in November.  

    Everyone knows why she did it, but without the proper context, its hard to argue against such things as continuing pay for teachers who are "going to be laid off," or what it might actually cost us in the end.  A look at whether or not teachers might be laid off has been done before by Michael Van Beek in his Series for the Mackinac Center:

    "Finally, union contracts dictate that school districts notify employees of potential layoffs prior to the end of the school year. As a result, many more "just in case" pink slips are issued than the actual number of layoffs. Not surprisingly, the warnings get more attention than their later non-execution. In fact, the actual student-to-employee ratio of 8-to-1 has remained unchanged over the last 10 years."

    In other words the mewling by the MEA generally serves to win its its political game more than the practical ends, as the perennial situation has remained the same for a decade.

    But there is still an issue with the state accepting more in funds from the federal government.

    First and foremost, is that we will all be paying THAT bill eventually anyhow.  Secondly it is a "reward" for the loyal service provided by the MEA for get out the vote efforts etc..  But thirdly, it should be noted that it only moves the problem back a year, and serves only this election cycle.  And whether money accepted by the state for "education" is even used for that part of the budget, is up for debate.  Money being fungible sees gifts with a tendency to find their way as rewards to ANY constituency that has best served the "giver."

    The check might well not see ANY change in the funding of education anyhow.

    Amazing however, is that such important rewards should be handed out by this administration for "cash strapped" states like Michigan, when only TWO years ago (Almost literally to the day) her disregard for the cash strapped citizens who couldn't fill their gas tanks or were failing to pay their mortgages by doing so, found her ignoring the pleas for a single LAST VOTE that Would have lowered the cost of fuel at a time when gas was $4+ a gallon.

    I guess there are always differing motivations, but most always they have more to do with power and money, and less about good governance.

    We should reject any money offered by the federal government from this most recent action.

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    Just read again. (none / 0) (#1)
    by maidintheus on Sat Aug 14, 2010 at 11:25:30 PM EST
    This is as great the second time. Very nice work.

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