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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Texting out this blog while in a high speed pursuit

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Fri Jul 02, 2010 at 01:59:19 PM EST
    Tags: texting ban, cell phones, 4th amendment, police, harrassment, always answer NO I wasn't texting MR nice man with the badge, Fail law (all tags)

    Some decisions shouldn't require a great deal of thought, but people are still making the wrong choices.

    If you regularly text while driving, its safe to assume you have made a few other stupid mistakes in your life.  There is an element of common sense involved, and a great amount of responsibility as well.  If you hurt, maim, or kill someone because you have not given your full attention to the act of driving what could be an instrument of death, you fail.  You lose, and perhaps not so much as those who suffer the losses of YOUR actions, but your life will change.


    Women Fard, Guys Gawk, nearly all of us have eaten food so easily picked up from a drive through dollar menu, and yes.. its hard to find anyone who has not at least taken a cell phone call while operating the family wagon, pick up or Coup De Ville.  In fact I would argue that most gals from the tender age of "daddy give me the keys" use earrings to mount their personal communication devices to the sides of their heads.

    And the camel's nose, always searching for a new and deliciously imposing way to insert itself into our lives, seems to lift the tent's edge all too easily nowadays.  And it has really bad breath.

    The Texting ban in Michigan is now a full fledged reality.  It is ILLEGAL to text and drive.  Further.. the POLEEECE can pull you over for it, if they think you are doing it.

    But still.. they have to ASK YOU if you were..

    You see, the law really doesn't lay out the mind reading aspect of law enforcement's abilities, and how they are seldom wrong.  They must be able to first psychically determine that you aren't hammering out a quick entry to make a phone call, or decide whether in fact you are truly doing the dirty deed... of TEXTING...  buwahahaha

    Huh.. you would think the lawmakers would have figured THAT out before sending the Queen Bee of the hive of Lansing Hair brains (Jennifer Granholm) out to O-Land for the great signing.  Yeah Oprah, Obama, and "O-MI-GAWD-HE-HAS-A-GUN"  ..land.

    Maybe they did..

    Given the original limits of the Seatbelt law, smoking restrictions, and how they have morphed into new wonderfully oppressive past times for our otherwise respectable law enforcement, we can see where this might "CALL OUT" for an even greater definition..  One that includes the obvious answer of a complete bans on phones altogether.

    That or under skull implants.

    Indeed, we have yet another 4th amendment victory to be sure.  Thank you very not.

    < Why is a republican joining forces with the Michigan AFL-CIO and other unions to push for a tax? | Dingell sees "no cure" for Michigan >

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    Why not "out" those responsible? (none / 0) (#1)
    by KG One on Sat Jul 03, 2010 at 07:35:55 PM EST
    We all know that democrats like nothing more than cradle-to-grave government intervention. It's hard-wired into their DNA.

    Republicans, or more accurately republicans, should know better.

    Doing a quick check of PA 59 & PA 60 of 2010, there are a disturbingly large number of those republicans on the "yea" column.

    Since this is an election year, and since many will be stumping for your money and support, check on the list below and then ask your elected official what they were smoking that day when they chucked their philosophy out on North Capitol?

    PA 59 votes in House:

    Ball (R)    Bolger (R)    Booher (R)    Caul (R)    Crawford (R)
    Daley (R)    DeShazor (R)    Elsenheimer (R)    Genetski (R)    Green (R)
    Haines (R)    Hildenbrand (R)    Horn (R)    Jones, Rick (R)    Knollenberg (R)
    Kowall (R)    Lori (R)    Lund (R)    Meltzer (R)    Moss (R)
    Opsommer (R)    Pavlov (R)    Pearce (R)    Proos (R)    Rocca (R)
    Rogers (R)    Schmidt, W. (R)    Schuitmaker (R)    Scott, P. (R)    Tyler (R)
    Walsh (R)

    PA 59 votes in Senate:

    Birkholz (R)    Cassis (R)    Cropsey (R)    George (R)    Gilbert (R)
    Hardiman (R)    Jelinek (R)    Kahn* (R)    Nofs (R)    Pappageorge* (R)
    Patterson (R)    Van Woerkom (R)     

    * - Bill sponsors

    PA 60 votes in House (sponsored by Rep. Gonzales-d):

    Ball (R)    Booher (R)    Calley (R)    DeShazor (R)    Haines (R)
    Hansen (R)    Hildenbrand (R)    Jones, Rick (R)    Knollenberg (R)    Lori (R)
    Lund (R)    Marleau (R)    Meltzer (R)    Moss (R)    Opsommer (R)
    Proos (R)    Rocca (R)    Schmidt, W. (R)    Scott, P. (R)    Tyler (R)
    Walsh (R)

    PA 60 votes in Senate:

    Birkholz (R)    Cassis (R)    Cropsey (R)    George (R)    Gilbert (R)
    Hardiman (R)    Jelinek (R)    Kahn (R)    Nofs (R)    Pappageorge (R)
    Patterson (R)    Van Woerkom (R)     

    I know that many of these officials and their staff/supporters lurk on this site.

    This would be a great opportunity for them to get off of their complacency, get on their computers and let us know why they voted the way they did.

    Testing, schmexting... (none / 0) (#2)
    by rdww on Mon Jul 05, 2010 at 09:14:51 AM EST
    The real problem here is giving LEOs one more reason to pull people over and demand that they produce their license, resgistration and insurance.  Ask them "Why?" and end up handcuffed in the back seat of a Ford Crown Vic.  What we really need is to make it far more difficult to submit us to the Paperwork Molestation.

    • Crap! by Corinthian Scales, 07/06/2010 10:07:34 PM EST (none / 0)
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