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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Retaking The Breakfast

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Wed Jun 30, 2010 at 10:43:00 AM EST
    Tags: Conservatives, Grand Traverse County Republican Party, Michigan, Governor's Breakfast, Traverse City (all tags)

    There is little doubt that the Republican party has had a renewal in the last year and a half, as conservatives rejoin, engage, and invigorate its ranks.  Many independents, and even some folks who are tired of being associated with the Socialism of the Democrat party are refilling the ranks of the GOP, and reconsidering the false premise of redistribution and its adverse effects.

    Most long time readers here should recall such wonderful conversations about third parties, independents etc..  I know I do.  And even before the dust settled on the miserable failure of 2008, it was clear that the political future in Michigan would be complete with a new conservative breed and a little different take on WHEN we can make a difference.

    The time is now.  August 3, we make some important choices on where we will be going, who will be our champions, and what values they carry in our stead.  They will be listening best RIGHT NOW.  If you have anything to say, to offer, to contribute.. it is time.  The primary will set the tone.  The general will determine if your vision carries on.

    With that said..

    The Grand Traverse Republican Party for the years when Republicans held the governor's mansion, put on "Governor's Breakfasts" on the last day of the National Cherry Festival at the Park Place Dome in Traverse City, MI.  It was a tradition, and it rallied leadership to come together, meet up-and-coming new political hopefuls, and maybe get a little insight from a variety of high profile speakers as well as the sitting Republican Governor.  To be sure, it was a "can't miss affair".

    Sadly, its been a time too long where the breakfast had to take on a different title of "Leadership Breakfast." Though not a bad name or theme, it is certainly a step back from the prestige of having the breakfast named after the executive office bearing the brand of the Michigan GOP.  And even as Michigan suffered under the failed leadership of our current governor, the attendance at the breakfasts was not all it could be.

    Next year..  this will change.

    The breakfast is promising to be a new symbol of the leadership in the conservative movement, and the resurgence of the Michigan Republicans.  And the GOP is certainly promising to regain an opportunity to fix all that is broke in Lansing.

    We know however, that it cannot be the same GOP..  It must be a revitalized GOP with new conservative faces, ideas, and guiding principles, and one that works hand in hand with the veterans that have kept the flame lit even in the strongest political winds.  It can be a new GOP with the strength of the old structure, and a new mission, but it will be a better GOP with the energy of new activists, and organizers.

    And ultimately, it will be the retaking of the Governor's Breakfast title, that will bring a cheer to those in the Grand Traverse Republican Party, and those in the Michigan GOP on a summer morning in 2011.

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