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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    The Elections Were Last Month

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Thu Dec 16, 2010 at 10:46:42 AM EST
    Tags: Michigan, GOP, Conservatives, Newsletters (all tags)

    Are you ready for the next one yet?  I am trying to be.  And I hope those conservatives who have successfully gained respect and position within the Republican framework are preparing for what might be the next most defining battle of our freedoms: the election of 2012.

    The left is, and is certainly ramping up an offense already.  Between the effort by the Democrat controlled congress to impose a two year budget that hamstrings the incoming legislators,and the MSM's attempt to make sure that Sarah Palin has NO possibility of running for the nation's top office.

    It seems they are drawing a line.  A line that we will erase handily if we stay on principle, and stay unified.

    Today's pontificating is not about the mama grizzly's election chances or the ongoing ignorance of the electorate's will however.  These things we expect.  Its what makes the left so 'special'.  'Stupid voters' always do the wrong things in their eyes, and they know best.

    Today we talk about merely a small part of the grass root efforts necessary to build an unimpeachable fortress around the gains made this year, and real efforts to repair the damage caused by an unchecked progressive mental disease.

    Today, lets talk about written outreach.

    Recently the Grand Traverse GOP had its board elections, and like all of the other GOP organizations throughout the state has selected its executive committee, new (some same) officers, and looks at the new political environment with new eyes. The game has changed somewhat.   In some areas whole boards were replaced, and in others the faces remain the same.  In all areas however, it would be a blind and learning disabled local party leader who does not understand these basic things:

    • The country and state is still in trouble.
    • The fight for Conservative Republican principles is just starting
    • Too many people have learned the WRONG reasons for government
    • The 'tea party' movement is not a fad.

    Idleness, lack of information, and ignorance of what works is no longer acceptable.  Creativity, outreach, and education is paramount if we are going to build a bigger base in the face of media disinformation, and general misrepresentation of our principles.  The printed word is very powerful.  It can draw on emotions, inform in a focused manner, lead one in a particular direction, and because composition allows for a planned result, is often more compelling than that which is spoken. It is the basis upon which speeches are made, newscasts are streamed, and dramas unfold.

    And it is a tool that each one of us can use to promote liberty, conservatism, and the Republican, rule-of-law ideals in which this country was founded.

    Its time to get those Michigan local Republican party newsletters going.  And in them, each local party needs to have included the following:

    • Something (coming events, schedules, announcements) that draws in NEW participants, promotes the principles of conservatism, and keeps people looking for the newsletter.
    • Awards and achievements.  People LIKE to be stroked.  Keeps them involved if they feel appreciated
    • Principles explained.  Perhaps in a small manner that reminds folks WHAT they are fighting for and WHY.  Maybe a great quote by a respected conservative Republican leader .
    • A contribution solicitation / Membership renewal plea, and cut out.
    It takes money to run the local party, have a place to meet, fund special events or buy advertising.  This last item also requires that you consider a PRINTED and MAILED copy.  Emailing is great.  It saves money, is easy to process, but A. Not everyone gets email, and B. Its better to have something that is picked up, held and considered with more than a glance at a subject line.

    I have been charged with pulling together the newsletter up here.  Hopefully, we can use it as a large part of the outreach and growth of the party for our 2012 battle.  In a fight against the MSM, and those who have an interest in growth of government, it will have to be our own media efforts that garners support.

    So get the presses rolling.

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    Yes, I am ready and waiting. (none / 0) (#1)
    by LookingforReagan on Thu Dec 16, 2010 at 12:13:01 PM EST
    Can't wait till 2012. We have to enlarge the organization that got us victories this year. The Tea Party. Can't rely on the RNC, RSCC, or the RCCC. They have nobody in charge that gets it. We have lots to do. But with a target rich environment we should do well. We need to give Debbie Stabs-us-now the boot but that can only be accomplished by nominatiing a candidate from the outstate area. Not another moderate from the Socialist corner in Wayne and Oakland county. My pick for this race would be soon to be former State Senator Cameron Brown.
    As far as Sarah Palin is concerned a couple of comments are in order. In regards the attacks by the Commie Lib Progressives. They attack that which they fear the most. And they fear Sarah Palin mightily. She haunts their sleep and their waking hours. She is the closet candidate we have to Reagan. Not only are the CLP's beside themselves with worry, the Republican Party elites know they would not be able to control her and that frigthens them greatly. She took on the establishment in Alaska and won. Now they are afraid she will do the same to them. One thing they need to remember and never forget. If it were not for Sarah Palin being on the ticket in 2008 many voters, myself included, would not have gotten out of bed and walked, drove or rode to the polls to cast a vote for McAmnesty. She was the ONLY reason I voted in 2008. She is the only candidat this party can win with.
    But with 23 Democrats having to stand for re-election we have a chance to gain at least 18 seats in the US Senate, as most of those being up are some of the most vulnerable Democrats. We also have a chance to expand our majority in the house. There is much to do. We have to guard what we have won and go for more. I look to the Tea Party and other Conservative organizations to give us the foundation for more victories.

    Very good (none / 0) (#2)
    by jenkuz on Sat Dec 18, 2010 at 10:37:58 PM EST
    Will work on that here in Presque Isle.  Maybe in the mold of Hillsdale's publication Imprimus, ask in every mailing if the receiver knows of anyone who may like to receive a newsletter as well.  Can't hurt.

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