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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    After Action Report: Lansing,MI Independence Day Tea Party

    By apackof2, Section News
    Posted on Tue Jul 14, 2009 at 11:22:09 AM EST
    Tags: tea party, Lansing, MI, Capitol, Grassroots in Michigan, tea party 2009, July 4, Independence Day, grassroots (all tags)

    Should be titled "Long After Action Report"

    I took a little break :)

    The tea party was a huge success as we had up to 1,800 in attendance by Capitol Events count. That is amazing for a holiday weekend however, that is not the only amazing aspect.

    By choice, the only national listing site the Lansing July 4 tea party was listed on was the only true grassroots national listing site,Teapartygrassroots.com

    Teapartygrassroots.com is the only national listing site that,to my knowledge, doesn't "data mine" for names, that is your name is added to their group just by visiting the site looking for a tea party or event.

    Astroturf vs. Grassroots

    The Lansing, MI Independence Day Tea Party was also a true grassroots event.

    Everything done in the planning and executing for the tea party was by volunteer effort.
    No PACS, national groups, 501c etc.

    The hope was that by returning to the grassroots efforts of the first national tea parties held on February 27, the example would be that ordinary citizens,could and would step up to the plate and become activists if given the opportunity and be able to have a successful event(s)

    In addition,by obtaining sponsorship from some entity or organization,it only feeds into the hands of the left who charge engineering of Tea Parties by right-wing groups or the Republican Party.  

    That hope was realized and I am very grateful and proud of all the volunteers who worked so hard on this tea party!

    The July 4 Tea Party Newsletter hand out may be downloaded and/or printed out HERE

    All eight videos of the Lansing, July 4 Tea Party may be seen at Grassroots in Michigan HERE

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