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    Raise the curtain.

    Playing Identity Politics in Macomb County

    By Theblogprof, Section News
    Posted on Mon Mar 09, 2009 at 09:52:36 AM EST
    Tags: discrimination, macomb, politics (all tags)

    cross-posted at theblogprof

    Ah yes - the party of identity politics (in full view during the democrat primary this last year) - the Democrats - are at it again in Macomb County. Separating men from women, black from white, straight from gay, young from old, educated from non-educated, etc ad infinitum. Today it's gender. From the freep this morning: Best workplaces for women sought in Macomb County.

    Taking a page from Fortune magazine, Macomb County should soon have its own list of best employers for women. The Macomb County Commission on Women is releasing a 10-question survey to businesses to learn what policies make a company good for women workers. The questions relate to pay, employee benefits, diversity and female advancement..
    Basically - pay equity. That old chestnut. More:

    The survey results will be the culmination of a six-month project developed by the commission to highlight the issue of pay equity in Macomb County and to recognize businesses that engage in best practices. Information compiled during this project will be made public.
    Nothing like a bureaucracy getting involved in the business community. Does the questionnaire even get at the truth, or just someones perception of it? Don't you think some people will figure out the best way to game the questionnaire anyway, such as is done in school rankings which end up producing artificially inflated numbers for many schools? And that's not even mentioning that "pay equity" is a gigantic lie. Thomas Sowell, a brilliant economist, has produced many columns on the subject. He wrote an entire book on the subject: Economic Facts and Fallacies. You can look around on the web for some interesting snippets, but here are just a few:
    Q: We've frequently heard, and will hear much more I am sure if Hillary is the Democratic nominee, that women make 76 cents for every dollar a man makes. Can you give us a basic rundown of why that discrepancy exists?

    A: There are lots of reasons. Men and women do not work the same number of hours. They do not work in the same occupations. They do not work continuously the same, and so on.

    You know, if it was really true that you could hire a woman for three quarters of what you could hire a man with exactly the same qualifications, then employers would be crazy not to hire all women. It would be insane to hire men. Not only would it be insane, it would probably put them out of the business because the ones that were smart enough to hire women would have such a cost advantage that it would be really hard for the others to compete.

    There are lots of gross differences between men and women and other groups and some of them shocked me when I first started doing the research. For example, I found that young male doctors make considerably more than young female doctors. But, when I dug into it a little deeper, I discovered that young male doctors work an average of 500 hours a year more than young female doctors. Obviously, a doctor that works 500 extra hours is going to make more money than the other doctor.

    A very reasonable explanation, no? Here's a short video of an interview with Sowell:
    John Hawkins has more on his interview with Thomas Sowell back in February '08. (it's very good)

    Point here being - "pay equity" is a scam designed to separate the genders. Divide and conquer. Something the Democrats have gotten exceedingly good at in especially the most recent elections. This news from Macomb should not be surprising based on the "lack of diversity" (another favorite buzz-phrase of Democrats) in their leadership (22-6 in favor of Democrats). Groan...

    Related to the above is this article, also from the freep: Appointment process to be more open for Macomb County boards. What's the relation to the above, you might ask? This:

    People who want to serve on Macomb County boards and commissions will no longer have to get a signature from a county commissioner on their application.
    That being said, who do you think resides on The Macomb County Commission on Women above? I mean - they had to get signatures from a heavily Democratic majority on the County Commission, no? Democrat Party. Identity politics. They go hand-in-hand...

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