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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

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    Fred Upton just sent out an email blast (none / 0) (#8)
    by Conservative First on Fri Jun 29, 2012 at 06:14:38 PM EST
    citing this post.  It uses the Right Michigan logo.  The complete text follows.


    ICYMI: Conservative Blog, Right Michigan, posts analysis on Sixth District race

    The Chairman of the Michigan Federation of College Republicans, Jeff Pfeifer, posted his analysis of our race on the conservative blog "Right Michigan." Here is the analysis:

    "The Republican U.S. House primary in Michigan's 6th District is gaining some attention, with former State Representative Jack Hoogendyk challenging Congressman Fred Upton. The Washington Post highlighted this primary as one to watch and columns promoting Jack Hoogendyk have been published on Red State and Right Michigan. Jack Hoogendyk and some of his allies are trying to make the case that he is the next Richard Mourdock, the conservative who defeated Senator Richard Lugar in Indiana, but Jack Hoogendyk is no consistent conservative and his campaign has been a disaster.

    Jack Hoogendyk talks a good conservative game, but his record tells a different story. Hoogendyk voted for a billion dollar stimulus touted by Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm that would let a board of bureaucrats' handout our money to the corporations and special projects of their choosing. According to the highly respected Mackinac Center for Public Policy, this bill authorized government ownership of private businesses. Hoogendyk voted twice for higher property taxes, six times for Granholm's revenue enhancements and a gas tax increase. He voted dozens of times for failed Hollywood subsidies and for a full variety of green energy subsidies. In the State House, Hoogendyk was one of a handful of members to vote against stronger punishments for extremely drunk drivers (the 1% who cause 50% of the alcohol-related traffic fatalities) and against a voluntary email notification so families could know when a convicted sex offender moved into their neighborhood.

    As for Jack Hoogendyk's campaign, he personally has made two huge blunders that were recently revealed. First, Jack Hoogendyk, who is the treasurer of his own campaign, failed to report almost half his campaign spending in his first quarter report to the Federal Election Commission. Once he was caught, he filed multiple amendments to correct the supposed oversight, but his cash on hand figure is down to $39,000. Second, Jack Hoogendyk personally was collecting petition signatures to get on the ballot, but he was caught turning in signatures he claimed to collect on a day he was actually in Washington D.C. After days of questions, Hoogendyk's campaign manager admitted Jack Hoogendyk signed multiple petitions as the circulator when he was not the circulator. We are waiting to see if law enforcement will be investigating this matter.

    Those of us who closely observe southwest Michigan politics know these facts about Jack Hoogendyk's record and campaign tactics, and you deserve to know as well so you don't waste your time and resources for a candidate like him.

    The incumbent, Fred Upton, Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, is leading the effort to repeal Obamacare, as a whole and piece-by-piece. Fred Upton has been a thorn in the side of the President's EPA bureaucrats and he is effectively fighting to stop `cap and trade' energy taxes and thwart these anti-free market and anti-business regulators. He is voting repeatedly for trillions in spending cuts, opposing tax hikes and relentlessly pushing the Keystone Pipeline and more American energy production. It seems to me that conservatives should be praising Fred Upton for his excellent work advancing the cause and tenaciously challenging the Obama Administration instead of digging up old votes to try to justify going after him. The voters in Michigan's 6th District agree, as a recent poll commissioned by the highly respected publication "Inside Michigan Politics" showed Fred Upton leading 74% to 26% over Hoogendyk. My prediction is that Fred Upton wins handily becaus! e he is doing the job of fighting for economic growth, less government, more freedom and opportunity for all while many here view Jack Hoogendyk as an extremely flawed and inconsistent career candidate just looking for a new title and a job."

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    Paid for by Upton For All of Us

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