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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Royal Oak - Next To Fall?

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Sun Nov 03, 2013 at 12:23:55 PM EST
    Tags: Michigan, Royal Oak, Jim Crow, Homophilia, Ordinances, Local Governance, Constitution, Privacy, 1st Amendment, 5th Amendment, Special Rights, Morality, Neo-Morality, Neo Plantation (all tags)

    I feel for the residents of Royal Oak Michigan.

    The not-so-benign cancer of Homophilia is metastasizing again in yet another community that will not likely consider the effects of the day's new Political Correctness movement. The question being asked of Royal Oak voters is yet another false one.  It has been asked so many other times in other communities across the state, with supporters equating non-support, as having 'Jim Crow' like bigotry. Outside money and activism is being concentrated in Royal Oak, not to stop any rampant queer-hunting problem, but to continue a well planned city-by-city effort by those outsiders to maximize the acceptance of homosexuality as an activity that requires no decision making or choice.

    In other words Royal Oak?  On Tuesday, its apparently time for you to get your freak on.

    Special rights for a behavior identified identity and related higher incidents of mental and physical affliction is truly what is on the ballot. Organizers even admit it is an outside effort, and has an ultimate mission:

    "Those in favor of the human rights ordinance, leading a campaign called One Royal Oak, said their effort is a single step in a well-funded statewide effort. They want to add similar ordinances to a growing list of Michigan communities, which now numbers 29, according to Unity Michigan Coalition, a Kalamazoo-based political group behind many local gay rights initiatives."
    And before this conversation becomes defined as 'hate speech' or 'bigoted,' lets remind folks that no one can identify a single example of "rights" not available to those who engage in homosexual acts.

    No one.

    In fact, the entire argument is merely one that forces acceptance of that chosen behavior no matter its consequence socially or medically. Their argument itself is one for ending freedom of association, of First Amendment rights, privacy, and due process. And as much as I would love to NOT have to engage in this argument, from time to time it is clearly necessary.

    Go below the fold for more

    Conservatives and libertarians, should take note that even those who are of age-of-consent and admit openly to engaging in such activity, are not unanimous about forcing others to accept their decisions.

    As Traverse City was debating this issue three years ago, there were arguments on both sides.  One openly homosexual man made it clear he disagreed with the ordinance of the day that conferred Special rights to a group identified by its specific activities. A manager at a local restaurant chain, he openly admitted he was 'gay,' yet argued that the ordinance under discussion was a violation of the Rights of business owners.

    And he was correct.

    In that same meeting, a woman who by today's standards has every claim to special considerations painfully pleaded for the commission to reconsider allowing such a thing to go forward:

    And some folks just call the cries for this ordinance "whining."  It seems one wheelchair bound Traverse City resident understands "rights" better than most of those who were present and are truly able to enjoy real liberty, yet cannot accept the cost for their choices.  TC Resident Laura says:
    "I am in a wheel chair  I am not going to whine about it.  I am not afraid of anyone.  I have two brothers that are gay and I am not afraid of gays, friends etc.. I feel its my obligation to speak, and I am against this ordinance .. it shouldn't be a special selected group of people..  If i get fired I am not going to find a lawyer and sue.  Its LIFE and that's my feeling on this."
    Indeed..  Our litigious society has made it so easy to become a victim.  A cross-eyed look in the wrong environment can render a business owner's personnel decisions moot, if made while making a hiring or firing.
    Indeed, it has.

    Voters in Royal Oak will face this as so many other communities in Michigan have.

    They will be chastised for bigotry if it fails or applauded for their willingness to embrace all manner of diversity if it passes.  To 'normalize' in the minds of Royal Oak generational youth, a deviant activity of choice, its citizens will give up their own choice of belief and morality.  They will cede their Right to make decisions on hiring, associations, leasing, religion, and morality to yet another government regulation.  They will allow outside influences to proselytize acceptance of THEIR morality as an acceptable alternative to one that promotes true freedom and choice of consequence.

    And failure to do so, will invite other attempts in future votes until they have been made complicit with the ongoing agenda of breaking down family institutions; a place where government serves its people no more, but becomes the enslaver, punishing the 'Thought Crime' of leaving the plantation of neo-morality.

    Where it becomes the ultimate Jim Crow arbiter.

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