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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Ecxuse Me, Could You Spare Some Exchange?

    By JGillman, Section News
    Posted on Fri Jan 18, 2013 at 10:59:21 AM EST
    Tags: Health Care, Michigan, Exchanges, Obamacare, Ste-Run, 10th Amendment, 9th Amendment, Unconstitutional, Wrong Then, Wrong Now, Sellout, Rick Snyder (all tags)

    Our mitten shaped shire will be begging off the teat of that which has more milk than thou hast. Tis true, a benevolent king hath offered a ransom worthy of consideration and disbursement amongst the villagers. ~

    True to form, It seems Michigan's governor Rick Snyder is all about cronyism.  Up or down. About "partnerships", and complicit deal making with bigger government, and BIGGER business. Big. Big. Big.


    The insurance behemoths that will briefly exist under a 'marketplace' of insurers will likely make a lot of folks quite well-to-do.  Though we should have little problem with entrepreneurial folks and making a buck, it is worth noting it ain't gonna be Joe six pack, but carefully selected recipients of the public's new expense of an insurance exchange.  As this develops, pay careful attention to the 'players', and note that prior to 2010, many of the businesses handling billions in insurance premiums didn't exist.

    Same show. Same suckers. New ringmasters.

    Step. Right. Up.

    And the governor of our state is as-they-say, "all in". He apparently views such matters as one might view a Siamese twin sharing the same heart. So when the poison in the federal government is injected, we all feel the 'euphoria'. From the Detroit News:

    The Michigan health insurance exchange required by federal law got a boost from Washington Thursday with a $30.6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for planning and implementation.

    The Michigan Affordable Insurance Exchange will be an online marketplace where insurance firms compete to sell low-cost health insurance to consumers. Gov. Rick Snyder hopes to form Michigan's exchange in partnership with the U.S. A blueprint for the plan is due to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Feb. 15.

    The state is STILL going to be involved, when all we have to do, is say "Go do it yourself". OR, something a little more terse; "f--- ---".
    Michigan last year missed a deadline to try to form its own exchange because Republican legislators saw the move as backing President Barack Obama's 2010 massive health care overhaul.

    You think?  It was the point of not carrying it out of committee.  We don't want it. Its NOT constitutional, no matter what 5 of 9 of the judicial junta at the top says.

    The Detroit News article also notes a number of other states that have accepted grants to implement the exchanges. The language going forward is the same that they have used to try and sell this pig excrement they call affordable care; a misnomer if one ever existed.
    "These states are working to implement the health care law, and we continue to support them as they build new affordable insurance marketplaces,"Sebelius said.

    "Starting in 2014, Americans in all states will have access to quality, affordable health insurance and these grants are helping to make that a reality."

    Which is unadulterated BS.  Affordable Quality health care in our country has been forevermore damaged by this 'act' and the willing accomplices to its passage. Could we improve it? Yes, by getting government OUT OF THE HEALTH business entirely. And since the passage of the AFA, we have been paying 50% increase on our insurance premiums, our workers have been dropped from policies, and some of the insurance carriers who called for AFA implementation are wondering if they backed the right plan.
    Under the Affordable Care Act, states can create their own state-run exchange or partner with the federal government to create an exchange.

    If states don't choose either option, a federal exchange will be imposed on them.

    A far better option.  Not ours. THEIRS.
    Gov. Rick Snyder supports a state-run exchange, but couldn't get support from the Republican-controlled House and Senate. ..  He hopes once the partnership is up and running Michigan can convert to a state-run exchange, Snyder spokesman Kurt Weiss said Thursday.

    Which would be a DISASTER for Michigan.

    What Snyder is selling for a 30 million dollar grant, is the ability of Michigan small business to give the middle finger to an overreaching federal government. In fact other state leaders are showing the advantages of telling the Federal bureaucracy where they can shove this infringement:

    Now that Republican Governor John Kasich has decided Ohio will not establish its own health insurance exchange, small business owners with more than fifty employees may have legal recourse to block a potentially ruinous requirement to provide employees government-approved health care plans.

    Maurice Thompson, director of the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law in Ohio, says the state's small businesses now have standing to sue the Internal Revenue Service to block a new tax the IRS is imposing in order to force business to provide health care coverage.

    Kasich gets it.

    Because it will be owned by the Feds, Ohio business owners are NOT SUBJECT to its rules. The affordable care act specifies state-run exchanges in its legalese.   Only 18 states at this point are subjecting their businesses to the penalties mandated by the Obamacare fiasco.

    Why then would Governor Rick Snyder subject our businesses to such rules?

    Call him and ask.



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