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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Send The Bill To Target

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Wed Jun 06, 2012 at 07:27:22 PM EST
    Tags: City of Detoilet, Rick Snyder, Anti-Right To Work, Will VETO R-T-W, DRIC-NITC, Light Rail boondoggles, Massive Federal debt is not a factor, Obamacare Health Exchange, H-1B Visas, EB-5 Citizenship, Wholesale Gas Tax, Registration Fees, Government Funding, Dave Bing, Cowardly with Detroits Financial Disaster, Progressives, Been there done that with Granholm, Roger Penske M-1 rail boondoggle, Billionaire Welfare, Target Fireworks, DIA, Other Peoples Money (all tags)

    So it goes... yesterday it's Penske, today it's Target.

    via The Detroit News

    The Target Fireworks will go off as planned this month, but the cash-strapped city will get help from county and state authorities to help keep downtown secure, Mayor Dave Bing said Wednesday.

    Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties and the Michigan State Police have committed to helping with public safety and offsetting security costs estimated at about $700,000, Bing said in a statement. This year's fireworks are set for June 25.

    "After assessing the considerable public safety costs, we have reached out to and received the support of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb sheriff's offices and the Michigan State Police to help ensure that this year's fireworks display would go on as scheduled," Bing said.

    Bing added the city will need help with other big downtown events.

    Rest here

    Is there anything that Bing and the city can do without using other peoples money?  Amazing.  Target decides it wants to get some advertising by propping up an event in a war zone, and the public gets stuck with paying for their zookeeper.

    It's so comforting to know that our money swirls into the toilet in Lansing that's known as the State Treasury.

    < Nothing to see here folks...move along. I said MOVE ALONG!!! | Damage Control On The Chinese Steel >

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