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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

    Proposal 5 and Article V, Section 18 is Marriage Made in Heaven for Michigan

    By Corinthian Scales, Section News
    Posted on Fri Oct 19, 2012 at 12:12:17 PM EST
    Tags: Prop 5, Limits, Rick Snyder, MEDC, Crony Capitalism, A123, LG CHEM, Kakistocracy, Green Subsidy, Progressives, BAD Behavior, SB-992, Bobby Schostak, Massive Federal debt is not a factor, Epic FAIL, now a Port Authority too?, Tax Hiker, One Term Nerd, Agema start scouting, 2014 (all tags)

    Fact is folks, Michigan has been blessed with our Balanced Budget Law... partially.  However, with every term of vote buying, and interest lobby bought off congresscritters we send to Lansing, proclaiming that R is for reverse, and D is for driving into a ditch, our bloated budget habitually reflects that like a teenager with a new license to the family car - the keys need to be restricted from exposure.  As it should be, most youth behaves carefree with their new power to blaze their own trail on the open roads, however, that still leaves mom, and dad held responsible for the family car.  It's a fact of life - when the little darlings have a fender bender caused by doing things other than paying attention to the road, any damage caused comes out of the family wallet to fix the car.

    Yessirree.  Article V, Section 18 is merely PLPD coverage on the family car.  Out of pocket repair bills is exactly the exposure that every Michigan family faces with handing the keys to their little darlings behind the Lansing wheel.  What's that?  A smart family should know to also carry collision, or, Full Coverage if entrusting others with risks to the family vehicle?  Well, with just checking the old inbox, that is the message that the good folks over at the Michigan Capitol Confidential are driving home on Prop 5.

    The idea behind a Tax Limitation Amendment is to make it more difficult for the political class to pilfer the pockets of taxpayers. Research -- most notably by scholar Mancur Olson -- has shown time and again that in democratic nations the wishes of an electorate are often ignored by narrow special interests that seek costly "favors" from the government. Politicians all too frequently accommodate those favors (be they subsidies or tariffs or spending hikes or other items) in part because their contributors and powerful constituents support them. Increasing taxes also is often a path of least resistance.

    Constitutional restrictions are an effective way to handcuff politicians and stymie the special interests who lobby them for more money. Academic research on balance seems to show that such restrictions do check the growth of government and tax burdens, too.

    Amen!  So, the natural question must be asked, why is it that the biggest opponent of Prop 5, Rick Snyder, a CEO, and CPA mind you, is behaving like a teenager who incessantly tells dumb 'ol mom and dad who are liable for his actions that he can text and drive?

    The funny thing is with Halloween approaching, skeletons do come out of the closet...

    Well, just yesterday the MI-GOP propaganda machine was brazen enough to point fingers of blame for government picking losers in our backyard: A123.  Boy howdy!  That video sure is all - rah-rah Go Team - republicans are good, and those socialist wealth redistributing Dems are evil, isn't it?  Unfortunately, what the spin-meisters at Team Schostak central subvert from truth is that when one points a finger that they best damn well be on the righteous ground, or they only have a hand pointing a finger with three fingers underneath pointing back at them.  As we also learned from yesterdays colorful exchange.

    Jeez George, have a seat next to Newt, and Nancy on the green sofa.  Frankly, the chicken or the egg coming first matters little when crony capitalism quacks like a loser duck.  Seriously, is it any wonder that Mr. "I've abandoned Free Market principles," once upon a time had John Engler, on his VP shortlist?  With Engler creating the crony capitalism MEDC machine who John, appointed Rick Snyder, to found in 1999, the business philosophy, and mentality certainly is there for George's VP shortlist consideration.  

    Think I'm kidding?  Hardly.  There is blood in the water, and the corporate welfare crowd on the republican side know it's theirs.  Why else would Magic Mike in charge of the MEDC conceal video footage of what Engler, and Snyder, foisted upon us taxpayers?  Too condemning for the rah-rah it has an R after its last name mentality?  I sure hope you feel the heat - you earned it.

    And, out pops that skeleton.  Have any of those teenagers entrusted with our keys riding along with Snyder behind the Lansing wheel demonstrated they can text while driving?  The Nerdpublican majority tells us that they haven't learned a damned thing.  Hell, they're seeking even more corporate welfare as I type this.

    Time to take away the keys, folks.

    Vote YES on Prop 5

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