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    Who are the NERD fund donors Mr Snyder?

    Raise the curtain.

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    So, you see it as... (none / 0) (#5)
    by Corinthian Scales on Sun Sep 15, 2013 at 02:42:37 PM EST
    ...I do, too.  This smokescreen of plausible deniability now being run by Strategic National is typical John Yob playbook damage control for an extraordinarily vulnerable Rick Michigan.

    Hide the Nerd King's intentions, as Strat Nat similarly kept the nerd in hiding during the 2010 gubernatorial primary, and as was done by Strat Nat with Pete TARPstra throughout the 2012 U.S. Senate primary.  Sorry but, that just doesn't play anymore for young Johnny Yob.

    The Nerd has a record now that's clearly relentless Progressive action.  Bigger budgets, higher taxes, higher fees, more regulations, expanding government, its dependency, and anti-2A.

    When the Yob crew mentioned above, along with Boobie ShowStak start up with their "return to the Granholm years" meme, it will be viewed by me as them all shooting their wee little Parthian arrows.

    Gov. Granholm, 2003-2010  Avg.  High  Low

    Proposed expansions  16.25  24 ('08)  7 ('05)
                                        6 ('03)

    Proposed limitations  3         ('09)   0 ('05)

    Gov. Rick Snyder, 2011

    Proposed expansions: 9

    Proposed limitations: 3

    Gov. Rick Snyder, 2012

    Proposed expansions: 5

    Proposed limitations: 1

    Gov. Rick Snyder, 2013

    Proposed expansions: 8

    Proposed limitations: 2

    [22 expansions (not counting Snydercaid) vs. 6 limitations. To date, 4:1 - that SUCKS]

    Proposed 2013 Expansions

    1. Increase road/infrastructure spending by $1.2 billion. [No reductions/accountability - prevailing wage, etc., remains. Raise taxes is solution]

    2. Allow local options for municipalities to increase taxes for road maintenance. [defer tax hikes locally]

    3. Expand and codify the Educational Achievement Authority. [more bureaucrats]

    4. Make a major budget commitment to include as many children as possible in Great Start/Early Childhood initiatives. [MEA/NEA rejoices]

    5. Increase skilled trades training. [public university aristocrats frown]

    6. Create an insurance fraud authority. [let those scram artist corporations police themselves]

    7. Increase the number of state troopers. [I "need" more goonionized Central Authority jackboots running 'round the state like I "need" a case of collective bargaining hemorrhoids]

    8. Create a "next generation" 9-1-1 system. [more bureaucrat employment for Homeland Security - MSP FUSION Centers and NSA purposes]

    Proposed 2013 Limitations

    1. Streamline licensing regulations for veterans who obtained training while in the military as truck drivers, mechanics or EMTs. [Whatever. It's all out of control, anyway.]

    2. Capping unlimited lifetime personal injury protection auto insurance mandates. [until I see significant reductions on premiums for policy holders - f#@% that]

    Memo to one particular Yob flunky... go blow this idiocracy out your ass.

    The MIaGoPC'd flagship Hippalectryon Nerd with mule ears is not getting my vote in '14.


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